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how to decorate school for Independence Day

How To Decorate School For Independence Day?

As the Fourth of July is the national public holiday in the United States, schools are closed and students can have more time to participate in different activities. And in that heroic atmosphere, adding some patriotic colors to the school for the great holiday is among the greatest activities that many kids are looking for! Finding how to decorate school for Independence Day? Just follow our suggestions right below to get inspired! Don’t forget to include your students in this activity if possible.

how to decorate the school for Independence Day

Determining how to decorate school for Independence Day?

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How To Decorate School For Independence Day

Patriotic Bulletin Board

how to decorate school on the 4th of July

You can find many different ways to decorate school to celebrate Independence Day. One of the most popular decor ideas in most schools is to create new changes for the bulletin board. 

Students can completely do this, with the help and guidance of their teachers. A lovely bulletin board decorated with cute little national flags is perfect to show patriotism and national pride. Also, don’t forget to include in the board the most meaningful message related to the Fourth of July.

As you might know, when it comes to Independence Day decorations in the United States, the three colors red, white, and blue are all you need!

The following picture is another incredible Fourth of July themed decor idea for your school. Decorate the bulletin board with footprints and handprints in blue and red – the main colors of the American flag! Students can write their names on the board. This is an expression of their participation in decorating the classroom in such a wonderful way.

how to decorate school on the 4th of July - best school decor ideas

Fireworks are one of the greatest parts of Independence Day celebrations! Why don’t we put these lovely firework patterns on the classroom board? This is also an ideal way to decorate the school on the 4th of July”.

fireworks pattern - how to decorate school on the 4th of  July

Classroom decoration

Let your students be creative and complete amazing works of art! That’s exactly how to decorate school for Independence Day. They can join in the decorating process by cutting and sticking small American flags to the wall. Also, they can also nest red, blue, and white trims together. And because the kids are too small to hang these decorations up high, the teachers will do these things for them. 

classroom decor - how to decorate school on the 4th of July

How to decorate school for Independence Day – add patriotic patterns to the classroom

4th of July themed door decor

Take door decorations into consideration if you are searching for how to decorate school for Independence Day. Anyone passing by your classroom will be amazed and delighted with these wonderful decorations. The door decorated with motifs like the American flag is one of the great ways to celebrate the national holiday.

how to decorate school for Independence Day - door decor

Door decoration – an important part of how to decorate school for Independence Day

Patriotic Activities for kids

Besides discovering how to decorate school for Independence Day, teachers should also let children engage in different patriotic activities. Check out the following ideas to organize the most exciting programs for kids!

patriotic activities for kids

Patriotic parade

Besides watching the military, the students can take part in patriotic parades themselves. Teachers need to plan a Fourth of July parade and have students use old clothing as well as art supplies to make creative costumes. That could be the costumes representing an important person or any idea related to the nation’s independence. Lead your parade to a nearby hospital, nursing home, or preschool child care facility.

Patriotic poems

Not just teaching kids how to decorate school for Independence Day, guiding them how to create a patriotic poem is also a very meaningful activity that teachers should focus on. Give them suggestions with some samples of poems from an assortment of children’s books or the Internet. Then list the following words on a chart: Independence, flag, red, white, blue, sparkler, freedom, holiday, firework, parade, July 4th.

Patriotic presentations

Divide the class into small groups. Let students in each group write a story about Independence Day and then explain it to the others. 

As it might turn out to be quite difficult for them to start at first, teachers should give students some creative scripts. For example, it can be about the first Fourth of July parade, the history of Independence Day, your favorite dishes for the national holiday, and other things related to the country’s Independence Day.

Explain to the children that these are all the words related to their country’s Independence Day. Have students use any of the words above ( or other words they may think about) to write patriotic poems.

Patriotic murals

Plan this program and let the students paint a mural about Independence Day. It can be a mural depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a fireworks show, a Fourth of July parade, or a memorable summer picnic with their friends. All are the optimal ideas for this patriotic activity!

We believe that your children will be really interested in decorating their classroom and school. So, if you are wondering how to decorate school for Independence Day, just refer to our suggestions below and guide your students to do it with you. It’s among the most wonderful ways for the kids to show their national pride and patriotism!

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