Are you getting your cubicle festively ready yet? Take a look at these great ways how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas that we share below. We’ve got plenty of easy cubicle Christmas decorating ideas, samples, and ideas to help make your cubicle take the spotlight of the office this holiday season.

How To Decorate A Cubicle For Christmas

The leaves have fallen, the pumpkins have long gone, and Thanksgiving has arrived, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to start thinking about Christmas decorations! Because Christmas is such a lovely time of year, it makes sense for people to have their cubicles tastefully adorned. Whether you are working from home or in the office, is a terrific way to stay motivated over the holiday season. Let’s start spicing your room with these simple Christmas cubicle decorating ideas.


1. Traditional Christmas hearth

You can use a wreath or two, strings of lights, and a warm hearth, all these are all part of a traditional Christmas design. It’s amazing when get the warm glow from a candle with LED candles.

This is an office cubicle decorating idea with a large area. To set up, all you need is one whole empty cubicle wall and spacious surroundings.


2. Deer Wall Decal

You’ll need red, brown, and green paper to make this idea. Cut out a number of identical reindeer from brown paper using a template. The figure you come up with will be determined by the size of the area you’re covering. 

Don’t know how how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas, this idea is a good choice.


3. Create A Christmas Village

The more the merrier when you come to decorate together! This is your chance to involve everyone in the office, regardless of religious affiliation. You can simply adorn a group of cubicles or a single door if you have some humbugs in the office. You may also make it as teambuilding by holding a Christmas decorating contest.

Make sure in your cubicle there are enormous lighting candy canes, plenty of fluffy snow, and plenty of lights.


4. Using paper snowflakes to make a winter wonderland

When it comes to how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas, there’s no law that says you have to stick to red and green. It’s sometimes easier to choose a color scheme and adhere to it. Gold and silver, as well as blue, and white, are excellent choices. Line the tops of your cabinet walls with colored garlands for a quick and easy way to add festive brightness to your office.

Paper snowflakes are one of the best ways to transform your cubicle into a winter paradise! You may have a coworker cut some for you and then hang them from the ceiling.


5. Magical gingerbread castle

Looking for office cubicle decorating ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Wow, surprise your coworkers by transforming your office into a magical gingerbread castle. Obviously, this will take some time and effort, but so do all the best ideas.

Cardboard, colorful self-adhesive paper, fake snow, and a few hours of creating will suffice. You can also have your design printed on PVC to quickly decorate the cubicle. What’s to stop you? You deserve to be surrounded by Christmas cheer wherever you go, including at work!


6. The origami Snowman

A happy snowman can brighten anyone’s day, especially when he’s in your cubicle! Cut out snowflake decorations from white paper, or buy them in the store this approach to make them if you’re an origami lover.


7. Sign Candy Land 

Candy Land is one of the best Christmas cubicle decorating themes, because of its joyful and brilliant colors, which provide a nice respite from the cold and bleak winter months. You could make decorations out of cards and a signpost with wording like Sugar Plum and Lollipop Lane written on it.


8. PVC Christmas tree

The addition of a free-standing PVC Christmas tree to your workplace will be one of the simple Christmas cubicle decorating ideas. You can choose between a small one for your desk and a larger one to set next to it.


9. Cover the cubicle walls with brick wall stickers

Cover the cubicle walls with brick wall stickers if you’re looking for simple Christmas cubicle decorating ideas. Then, to create a cozy environment, hang Christmas decorations such as garlands and stockings.


10. Santa hat 

Any Christmas décor should include a Santa hat. What if you hung pictures of your employees printed on  Santa hats from the ceiling?- It might be the centerpiece of your funny Christmas cubicle decorating ideas. To guarantee the decor looks its best at the conclusion of the Christmas season, use PVC, styrene, or similar strong material.


11. Decorate with a wreath

Make your holiday more special by decorating your cubicle wreath! This is one of the easy cubicle Christmas decorating ideas that you can do yourself. Styrofoam or other comparable material can be used to make a shaped circle. Then, using adhesive, stick some of your favorite leaves or cherries together.

Of course, if your colleague like it and you want the wreath to last the holidays, you need to tight superglue it on the door! You may also make any style of wreath you want by combining various elements. Just let your imagination flash!


12. Christmas tree

It’s can not forget how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas, without a Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be placed inside the office; instead, place one right outside your door. Adding artificial snow to the scene can give it a magical feel. Try something other than the standard trees if you truly want to have a different feeling.

Some places such as music stores, coffee shops, and other creative enterprises might have creative ideas for it, you could reference.


13. Welcome signs

Welcome signs are the best idea for how to decorate an office door for Christmas if you’re still thinking about how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas.

They can be created out of a variety of materials and customized to your exact specifications. You may always hire an expert to create one for you, or you can do it yourself using the internet.

14. Use decal decorations to decorate a cubicle

Window decals are simple yet effective on how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas. They’re usually composed of opaque or clear vinyl with unique printing, bringing you a lot of freedom in terms of how you create them. They’re simple to put up and take down, try it!


15. Hang small ornaments on the windows

You can hang small ornaments on the windows of your cubicle, just like wooden letters which come in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. The main thing you should do is to keep them all in the same design and color palette to avoid a jumbled appearance.


16.  Apply snowflakes to the windows

Do you enjoy the beautiful cityscape on Christmas Eve? We’re all like it. Apply adhesive city and snowflake silhouettes to your windows to make them a part of your decorations. You would enjoy the holiday spirit even if you are working in the office.


17. Christmas decorations with stars and tree cutouts

Stars and tree cutouts will give your windows a refined beauty. These DIY cubicle Christmas decorations are ideal for those who are looking for inexpensive ways how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas. Don’t forget to add candles or light bulbs on the windowsill to add some holiday magic.


18. Use wallpaper with a Christmas theme

These basic yet imaginative office Christmas décor ideas can make your office floor stand out. Make sure the texture matches the Christmas decorations you’ve picked for your office wall.


19. Use toy train line

To up the ante on your office holiday decorating ideas, Use toy train lines all around the place you’re planning to decorate. In a quiet corner of your office, you can build a tiny world of Christmas.

If you like the idea above but think it will be inconvenient for your team, railroad print stickers are a good alternative. They’re equally as cool, take up no space, and you can stomp on them with ease.


20. Quote prints

Easy Christmas decorations for the office walls are quote prints. Your walls will look amazing with the proper design and a few complementary decors like ornaments, lights, and candies.

Another option for displaying quotes on your office walls is to have them printed on wood. The nicest part is that you can save them and utilize them for next Christmas. I’m sure there are a few frames or paintings in the office that no one ever looks at. Wrap them up like a present on Christmas day, and you’ll have a festive mood booster in no time!


21. 2D Christmas trees- idea for a small cubicle

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Offices To reduce space, use 2D Christmas trees and other decorations. You have some flexibility here, ranging from wood to PVC. You may use easel backs to make them stand upright or mount/hang them on the wall.

Stickers can be used to embellish walls, floors, windows, doors, and other surfaces. They’re simple Christmas decorations for the office that don’t take up much space and won’t damage surfaces when they’re taken down.


22. Copper Pipe Candle Holder

Are you looking for DIY cubicle Christmas decorations?- Copper Pipe Candle Holder is a great idea for you. Make a candle holder out of copper pipes. It’s ideal for use as a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table. Besides that, you can also have it on display all year.


23. Black paper tablecloth

Instead of using a fancy tablecloth, use a Black paper tablecloth instead. You can decorate it as you want: you can use paintbrushes to show your inner mind and design you want, this also makes cleaning up after the holiday dinner just became a whole lot easier.


24. Lined Candle Jars

Lined Candle Jars will Bring to you a good smell of Christmas perfume and a splash of orange color to welcome Christmas, line your large glass candle jars with dried orange slices. It will make a little strange but significant effect, and it will only take a few minutes of your time.


25. Decorate your cubicle with elf photographs

This is one of the cubicle Christmas decorating contest ideas. Before Christmas day arrives, take pictures of all of your coworkers so that they are ignorant of your plans. Cut off the heads of your coworkers from the photos and glue them on the bodies of elf photographs.

Decorate your cubicle with fake snow around the base, presents strewn about, lights strung across the ceiling, and a huge elf sitting in a corner, surround is a lot of elf photographs.

Allow others to find themselves by hanging images of your employees dressed as elves about the cube. To further emphasize your theme, wear an elf outfit to work on the day of the event.


26. DIY Door Bells

To make the bells, stack mini molds and Bundt pans to form bell shapes; affix together using epoxy, hot-glue small ornaments to the bottom to create the clappers, then, glue ribbon loops and a bow to the top for hanging on the wall or wherever you want.

Add a swag of greenery, if desired. Hang these “bells,” on the front door or over the mantel of your cubicle.


27. Mini pine tree

Add greenery to other unexpected places in your house, such as each stair tread, outdoor, window, or table, in addition to the giant evergreen in your living room. If you don’t want to deal with watering, fake trees are a good option.


28. Make a Pom-Pom Wreath

Though the bright color palette of pom-poms is absolutely on-trend for a modern celebration, so this DIY wreath would also look great in a conventional red and green palette on Christmas day. You need to use attach pom-poms to a foam wreath form with a hot glue gun. Good luck!


29. Faux fireplace

Warm up your cubicle with a fireplace and have a fantastic Christmas! It’s not as tough as it appears to create a fake fireplace around your computer screen. All you’ll need are a few cardboard boxes, some wrapping paper, and whatever extra decorations you choose or you could buy in the store online.

This is a brilliant Christmas décor idea for your work cubicle that will blend in well with your workspace.


30. Use LED string lights 

Use LED string lights to create vivid swirls in your office windows. They’ll provide a warm glow to those long, gloomy winter evenings, lifting everyone’s spirits. You can be as creative as you want with your holiday designs.

While you’re doing your job at the office, add your company name to give it a boost in the eyes of your colleagues.

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Hopefully, you have a lot of ideas for how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas day by the ideas Tshirtatlowprice shared above. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas, so if you’ve previously decorated and want to show off, don’t afraid to send us images!

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