Celebrate Father's Day without Dad

How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without Dad?

“When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape.” – Dave Attell

When we think of “father”, we always think of love, guidance and support. That love doesn’t fade away after he dies – in fact, our admiration often grows as we get older.

Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate our relationship with dad. Unfortunately for those who have lost Dad, Father’s Day is going to be pretty tough. Going through your first Father’s Day without a dad may feel impossible. While you don’t always feel this way, you can both deal with your grief and pay tribute to your father.

So, on Father’s Day, how do you celebrate someone who means so much to you. How to celebrate Father’s Day without Dad – especially if this is your first Father’s Day without your dad or grandfather? 

How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without Dad?

Many of my readers have asked me how to celebrate Father’s Day without Dad. When Father’s Day arrives, you may be amazed at the power of pain. However, it is important to remember that you will get through this. Here are some suggestions to help you manage the loss while honoring your father.

Seek Support

How to Celebrate Father's Day Without Dad
How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without Dad?

Although you may think you want to be alone on Father’s Day, isolating yourself on this day can make you feel worse. Try to spend the day or part of your time with someone  who cares about you. Have dinner, go to the movies with family members or find a bereavement group to attend on Sunday. Ask other members how they deal with this and how to celebrate Father’s Day without Dad. You not only spend time with the people who understand what you’re going through, but also learn valuable coping skills.

Memorialize Your Father

The desire to commemorate those who have passed, perhaps by creating a memorial monument or plaque, is part of human nature. Memorials help you manage your loss and sadness by serving as a lasting, physical symbol of a loved one’s continued presence. You can also celebrate your father’s life by:

  • Donate to charity or volunteer on his behalf
  • Plant some trees or memorial garden
  • Design a special tombstone
  • Make a memory book

Give a gift to another family member

Follow these tip to know how to celebrate Father's Day without Dad
Follow these tips to know how to celebrate Father’s Day without Dad.

Giving gifts to others not only brings them joy, but it is also a great way to bring joy into your life. Even though you can’t give Dad gifts anymore, you can still spark the gift-giving spirit even after he’s passed away.

Think of another family member who could use a gift. Your mother, sibling or grandparent may also need support during this challenge. Giving gifts to loved ones is a wonderful tradition.

Write a letter to your dad

Meeting and talking to father is something most people do on Father’s Day. Although your Dad has passed away, writing to him wherever he is can be a powerful grief reliever. This is a popular way for healing emotion after the death of a loved one, so if you’re still wondering how to celebrate Father’s Day without Dad, why don’t you include this way in your Father’s Day tradition?

celebrate Father's Day without Dad is going to be pretty tough
celebrate Father’s Day without Dad is going to be pretty tough

In your letter, don’t hesitate to share details. Share what happens in your life, family news, global events or dad’s favorite sport club. It can be fun or emotional, the choice is yours. While maybe it feel strange to write your dad a letter at first, you may get lost in the words.

After you finish writing your letter, you can share it with others or keep it to yourself.

Organize a family meal

The simple anwser for the question: “How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without Dad” is host a family meal. Getting to know each other as a family gives you much of the support you need on Father’s Day. Inviting friends and family to a gathering in memory of your father will help keep his memory alive and well.

You can have a dinner party, a barbecue, or even a movie night. Have fun with it. Think of the kind of events your dad would love to attend and start from there.

Use this time to share your feelings, talk about your favorite memories, and get the emotional support you need. Knowing that you’re not the only one who misses him will help you get through this time.

celebrate Father's Day
Have you ever celebrated Father’s Day without Dad

Visiting his grave

Finally, many people use Father’s Day as an opportunity to visit the final resting place of their loved one. If you haven’t visited your father’s grave since the funeral, this could be a chance to bring flowers and have a few moments of peace.

If you write your dad a letter, take it to the grave and read it to your dad. You can also tell funny stories or sing his favorite song, say a prayer or meditate. All these actions are easy ways to show your respect and nostalgia for your father. Graveyards are often a quiet, reflective place to rest after the chaos of everyday life.

celebrate Father's Day without dad
Celebrate Father’s Day without Dad

Do your Dad’s favorite activity

Did your father have any hobbies? Maybe he always spent his weekends hiking or he liked to create new dishes. No matter what he loved, why not consider continuing his hobbies on Father’s Day? This is the time to remember the moments of you and your Dad. Doing these things will help you feel closer to him.

You can do your activities at home or go to your dad’s favorite place. Whether it’s by the beach or in nature, take time to remember him while you’re there. Maybe there’s even a place he’s always wanted to go. Why not make the trip now? Life is short. Take advantage of every moment while reflecting on your memory of your father.


Coping with grief is never easy. Holidays and anniversaries will make grief worse, especially in the first year after losing a loved one. If you recently lost your father, you will feel lonely, scared because of the first Father’s Day without him by your side.

So, you may feel lost and don’t know how to celebrate Father’s Day without Dad.

However, don’t suffer it in silence. There are a few actions you can take to change your perception of this time of year. Whether you’re creating a new tradition or spending time with friends and family, Father’s Day is a time to cherish the memory of your dad. Celebrate his life by making Father’s Day a new part of your life. The people we love are always with us, so don’t be afraid to celebrate this day in a way that means something to you.

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How about you? How to celebrate Father’s Day without Dad?

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