How Single Dads Celebrate Father's Day

How Single Dads Celebrate Father’s Day

Do you know how single dads celebrate Father's Day
Want to know how single dads celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate all the important men in our life. It’s an opportunity for family unions and gatherings. 

Picking out the perfect Father’s Day gift and writing a heartfelt message in a cute card may be a given, but it’s also significant to make sure that his special day is full of activities that’ll bring him closer to his kids. There are various ways to celebrate the father figures in your life. 

According to the 2016 U.S. Census,  single dads make up 2.5 million in the US. If you want to focus on your single dad, we’ve got some ways to celebrate this special man in your life. With a bit of preplanning, you can show your single dad the love and appreciation he deserves. 

Here are a few tips for celebrating Father’s Day with a single dad. So, how single dads celebrate Father’s Day? 

How Single Dads Celebrate Father’s Day

Cook his favorite dish

How single dads celebrate Father's Day yearly
How single dads celebrate Father’s Day?

What’s better than cooking his favorite recipe by yourself? Find out his favorite food and take over the kitchen. He’ll definitely be impressed by your thoughtfulness. 

Serve dad a special brunch

The greatest way to start off Father’s Day? Sure, prepare a full of your single dad’s favorite brunch recipes. Dads like to eat bacon and drink Champagne every morning, right? Make a tasty brunch a dad thing this Father’s Day.

Plan a family workout

It's great to know how single dads celebrate Father's Day
How single dads celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to do whatever your dad loves most. Hit the trails or jog along the water together. Since it’s his special day, ask him what he’d like to do, then make it happen. If the weather is not favorable, let him choose an at-home workout that you can do. 

Do his chores while he gets a massage

It’s true that single dads always have a list of chores that never end. He probably spent plenty of time cleaning up your mess since you were a kid. And now it’s time you should take over some of his chores. 

To make him feel like a king, you should take him to a spa. This gift is even sweeter if you’ve finished all the work before he goes home. He will be sure to appreciate you. 

Plan a surprise party with the whole family members

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How single dads celebrate Father’s Day?

There is nothing happier than to have all the family members on his special day. Surprise him with homemade goodies, cute DIY Father’s Day cards made especially for him. 

No party is complete without food, so prepare a list of foods and serve him the best selection of his favorite dishes and drinks, and don’t forget to take photos and videos to save these cherished moments. 

Just simply tell your single dad that you love and appreciate him.

You needn’t always give dads luxurious gifts in the store. Sometimes, the words from your heart are the best gift. Simply tell him how much he means to you and how you feel about him. Your single dad will feel that all his efforts are recognized and appreciated. 

Go picnic and go kayaking

How do single dads celebrate Father's Day annually
How single dads celebrate Father’s Day?

If your single dad likes to be immersed in nature, then you should spend Father’s Day outdoors with him. One of the most popular activities is kayaking. You can explore the lake while you’re taking in the gorgeous landscape. 

If your dad enjoys fishing, remember to bring the necessary fishing gear. You can relax and cast from your kayak.

To make the most of your day together, you should pack a picnic. You can prepare premade foods, drinks, some snacks to recharge your stomach. 

Go Beer Tasting

If your dad is a fan of whiskey, consider taking him to a beer festival or beer tasting events. It’s a great idea to take him to a distillery for a tour. He’ll surely be excited to see the process of his favorite drink. 

Give him a meaningful gift

Looking for how single dads celebrate Father's Day
Many people probably wonder how single dads celebrate Father’s Day.

Single dads are too busy to care for their kids that they forget to do what they love. He often buys things for you than to get something for himself. This Father’s Day, give him something that fits his interest and hobby. The gift doesn’t necessarily to be expensive. If you’re looking for practical and budget-friendly gifts, consider our cool list of gifts for dad. 

Go for a Bike Ride or Hike

Why not join fun outdoor Father’s Day activities on his day? You and your single dad can go for a ride bike or hike. Father’s Day falls in June, which is pretty mild temperatures. The weather is really favorable to strap on those hiking boots or biking shoes and spend some time outdoors. If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry. There are various places that offer bike rentals such as the local park or sports activity center. 

Watch a movie

How single dads celebrate Father's Day? Do you know
How single dads celebrate Father’s Day?

Whether your single dad loves a side-splitting comedy or a sentimental movie, there is a list of good flicks to watch on this Father’s Day. From classic movies like Finding Nemo to powerhouse action dads like Liam Neeson in Taken, this list of interesting Father’s Day movies will brighten his day. 

Catch a game

There is nothing greater than taking him to his favorite sporting event. Obviously, the action is much more fantastic when it’s happening in from of you. So if your single daddy has a favorite sport, take him to an event for Father’s Day. Many stadiums offer Father’s Day deals; so don’t forget to check it regularly to score discounted tickets. 

Go to a car show

How single dads celebrate Father's Day this year
How single dads celebrate Father’s Day?

Is your single car fanatic? Find a nearby show of fantastic vintage hot rods or the newest electric car and go there with him. He’ll surely smile all the trip. 


Fatherhood is not an easy task, especially for single dads- there’s no debate there. They have to face various challenges in life. So Father’s Day is a great chance for you to celebrate your single dad in your life. Let’s make his day memorable with our guide now. We hope that this guide helps you to know how single dads celebrate Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day!

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