How many ways you can call mom on Mother's Day?

How Many Ways You Can Call Mom? – 8 Cute Nicknames For Mom

How many ways you can call mom? Why do some languages have so many words for the same thing? Can you learn to say mother in a foreign language?

Mom – It’s an age-old role and while we have dictionary definitions of what it means to be a mother, all of mothers are not the same and neither are the words we use to address them and speak about them. There are a lot of synonyms for mother and the roles of the mother that we can use when talking about the women who raise children.

Scroll down to read my post and find some that can expand your vocabulary.

How Many Ways You Can Call mom?

Have you ever thought about what exactly makes a person be a mother? Yes, of course there’s giving birth, but that’s not the only way. When you think of “mother”, you can also envision a stepmother or adoptive mother. Whoever your mother is, be sure to show their appreciation as often as possible.

And if you’re wondering: “How many ways you can call mom?”. Here are 8 words to call your mother.

how many ways you can call mom
How many ways you can call mom?


Let’s start from the mother ship. Proof of self from mother can be traced back to before the year 900. In Old English, the term “modor” was used to refer any elderly woman, especially those considered to be in a lower class. Nowadays, “mother” can be used as a noun, adjective or verb. This word is thought to come from the natural “ma” sound babies make.

Evidence of the use of “mama” in English does not appear much later than the mother – in the 1570s. This informal term for mother, possibly spelled with an additional M (mother), also used as a slang term to refer to an attractive woman. 

A common variation of the word – mommy – is Americanism, which can be traced back to as early as 1900.


While the first definition of progenitor is quite basic – “a biologically related ancestor”. The second definition is also pretty suitable for mothers: “the first person or thing indicates a direction, origin of something or acts as a role model, predecessor; precursor.”

Progenitor  entered English around 1350-1400 from the Latin word progenitor, which means ” the founder of family”. The word genitor also means “parent”, but it is used more often to refer to the father than the mother.

How many ways you can call mom at the present


If you wanna be more formal, you can call a mother as a matriarch. Defined as the “female head of family or tribal line”. The first evidence of the word can be found around 1600.

It is made up of two combinations: matri- (meaning mother) and -Arch (meaning chief, ruler, leader). When a family, society or another group is led by women , it is called a matriarchy as opposed to the male-led patriarchy.


They call the human mom is mama bears for a reason. They are fierce protectors for their childs. Try to break their kid’s heart and hear them roar. But we think that bulwark, a synonym for guardian, is even more fierce.

This word comes from the Middle High German word bolwerc, where combined Bole means “plank” and werk means “work”.

This makes more sense when we consider the first definition of the word: “a wall of earth or other material built for defense; citadel. Bulwark has been around since the 1400s.

how many ways you can call mom
How many ways you can call mom? Nicknames for your mom


The first definition of the verb “nurture” is “nurture and protect”, which summarizes a mother’s job quite well. The second and third definitions are also noted: “for support and encouragement, as in the training or development phast” and “to bring up, train and educate”. 

Nurture, introduced into English around 1350-1400, originated from the Latin word “nutrire”, meaning “to feed”.

How many ways you can call mom?
How many ways you can call mom? Cute nicknames


Although not likely to be canonized, many people will say that their mothers are saints. The second definition of a saint – “a person of holiness, virtue or kindness” – certainly applies to many mothers.

The word saint comes from the Latin word sanctus, meaning “sacred”. A synonym for saint, glorified soul is another synonym you may want to include on that Mother’s Day card. 


Although most mothers don’t design any buildings, it is the third definition of the word architect that fits the letter T: ” designer, maker, or creator of anything”.

Because they do everything from dinners to to play-date plans and about a million things in between. Introduced in English around the mid-1500, architect has Greek roots combining forms archi- (meaning “first or major ”) and tect (”craftsman or builder”).

Other synonyms for architect seem to be relevant to mothers as well, including initiator and primary promoter.

how many ways you can call mom
Know how many ways you can call mom to show your appreciate her


No one is more indomitable than a mother to polish one of her children. This adjective means “cannot be subdued or overcome, as human beings, will, or courage, ”and anyone who goes against a mother on a mission knows it well.

Indomitable comes from a Latin word meaning “not untamed.” It entered English around 1625–35.


Although not officially a synonym, but perhaps the most suitable word for a mother is a superwoman. Talk about superpowers! Who but a mother can smell dirty diapers from a distance and save the day with just the right words? Okay, many fathers can do it too, but now we’re talking about mothers, and we think that most of them deserve the gown.

Some of the synonyms for female superheroes are pretty cool: headliner, leading lady, and superstar.

Well, above I answer the question that many people ask “How many ways you can call mom?”. Hope your article is useful to you.

How many ways you can call mom on Mother's Day?
How many ways you can call mom on Mother’s Day?

And now, a little bit about Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother out there! In our country, we always celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. 

People call their mothers on the phone, send flowers, and small gifts. If people live near their moms, they can go out to brunch or lunch together at a nice restaurant. 

Others also give and send greeting cards to their moms. 

If you don’t have any ideal about the gifts for mom, you can visit our website, go to the category: “shop your holiday” or “gift for mom” and pick the gift that best suits your mother.

How many ways you can call mom? And do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your hometown? If you do, how do you celebrate? Share in the comment below!

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