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How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton

How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton?

President Joe Biden was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania in November 1942, and later in New Castle County, Delaware. On Election Day, Biden was spending time in the Pennsylvania city where he called home. President Trump then remarked that Joe Biden “abandoned Scranton,” let’s have a look at how long did Joe Biden live in Scranton. 

How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton?

Wondering How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton
How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton?

Joe Biden was born and grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania in November 1942. Biden’s family lived in the Green Ridge neighborhood of Scranton until he was 10 years old. In 1952, Biden’s parents moved to Wilmington, Delaware. 

His family was part of a major exodus when the steel mills closed. Called the “Electric City,” Scranton never fully recovered. Today the population is around 76,000, almost half what it was at its peak.

Despite only living there for the first 10 years of his life, Joe Biden still considers Scranton his hometown. He is supposed to come back to Green Ridge, where he was raised, quite often.

The Biden family’s Scranton roots

Want to know Wondering How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton
How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton?

The Scranton roots of the Biden family were deep. In 1885, Joe Biden’s paternal great-grandfather, Patrick Blewitt, left Ireland and migrated to Pennsylvania City. He was an engineer who seemed to have helped design the city’s modern streets.

Biden’s parents and both grandparents met in Scranton.

He lived in the city until 1953, when his father, who had come to Wilmington to clean boilers for a heating and cooling company, decided to move the family there. But Biden went on spending most of his summers and vacations with his mother’s family in Green Ridge, the predominantly Irish Catholic Scranton neighborhood of his childhood.

Throughout his 2020 Presidential Election campaign, Biden has acknowledged his “humble upbringing in Scranton” that made him the person he is today.

Biden said on a trip to the town in 2020: “No matter where I’ve gone in life, I’ve always been led by the values Scranton instilled in me at a young age – values of hard work, faith, and a commitment to the middle class.”

In a 2010 interview with GQ, Biden said he regularly visits Scranton and says that he will appear “anytime Scranton needs something.”

“I don’t know how to say no to them. It’s true. I really don’t know. You know, it’s still home,” Biden said. 

He came back to Scranton at least half a dozen times during the 1970s after becoming a U.S. senator from Delaware, Scranton Times-Tribune clips show.

What did Trump say about Biden’s hometown?

Looking for how long did Joe Biden live in Scranton
How long did Joe Biden live in Scranton?

Hours before Joe Biden accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, President Donald Trump held a campaign rally just outside Biden’s childhood hometown and accused him of “abandoning Scranton”. When Biden’s family moved out of Scranton, he was 10 years old.

Addressing supporters gathered in Old Forge, Pa., Trump spoke this about Biden and Scranton:

“He keeps talking about, ‘I was born in Scranton. I lived in Scranton.’ Yeah, for a few years, and then he left for another state. You know the state. But this Scranton stuff. That’s why I figured I’d come here and explain to you one thing. But I think you people know it better than I do. He left! He abandoned Pennsylvania. He abandoned Scranton.”

Literally less, Trump has argued that Biden abandoned Scranton because of his support for a free trade policy, which has contributed to the weakening of the city’s manufacturing sector. 

Still, Biden’s appeal as the “hometown boy” in Scranton remains strong to this day. 

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