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Discover how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico

How Independence Day Celebrate In Mexico

You may have heard a lot about Cinco de Mayo, a day of celebration that commemorates the victory of Mexico over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. But have you ever wondered when Mexican Independence Day is? Though the day seems to be not as well-known as Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day is a very important holiday on the Mexican calendar. How Independence Day celebrate in Mexico? Scroll down to discover all about the national public holiday of this country!

Explore how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico

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When is Independence Day celebrated in Mexico?

Mexican Independence Day falls on September 16. This is an important holiday that celebrates the brave fight of patriotic Mexicans against Spanish rule.

Independence Day is a public holiday in Mexico, meaning that the general population of the country have a day off on the special occasion. Banks, schools, government offices and most enterprises are also closed during the holiday.

Independence Day in Mexico

On Mexican Independence Day, they may close or restrict some roads and streets to make way for several large celebrations. People who have intention of travelling via public transport during this time should check with public transit authorities to get updated with any timetable changes.

How Independence Day celebrate in Mexico

Mexican Independence Day commemorates Mexico’s declaration of independence from Spain in 1810. That is a special day full of national pride, colorful parades, mariachi concerts, fireworks , food, dance and music. 

National flags are flown in many places in Mexico to celebrate Independence Day. There is a wide range of public areas in cities around the country that look so outstanding with flowers and different decorations in colors of the Mexican flag – red, white, and green. Let’s go into the details of how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico through various activities organized on this special day!

The president rings a bell

how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico

This is one of the most solemn ceremonies in how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico! On the day before Independence Day, the Mexican president recreates “El Grito” in front of so many Mexican.

Mexican all over the world commemorate the historical milestone of their country when a brave priest in the village of Dolores rang his church bell and then made a powerful speech. That was a very important speech setting the War of Independence from Spain in motion. Even the President of Mexico also takes part in the celebration by ringing that same bell — now over 200 years old — live on TV on the evening of September 15. This tradition takes place from the balcony of the National Palace.

Fireworks and folk dancing

dancing - how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico

For a very long time, fireworks have been considered one of the most indispensable traditions when it comes to how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico. Independence Day in the country is celebrated with everything from fireworks to rodeos and brass bands. In addition, mariachi performances and traditional folk dancing are attractive activities that are widely organized in many streets of Mexico. 

Military parades

Another popular tradition of how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico is the parade. In Mexico city, a military march going to the memorial of Hidalgo is a popular activity to celebrate Independence Day.

Traditional foods

Chiles en Nogada - food of how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico

Independence Day in Mexico is also a great chance for families to gather and hold parties. And on such a wonderful day, some signature dishes like Chiles en Nogada are indispensable parts of how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico!

People in Mexico love having Chiles En Nogada on their Independence Day. The food becomes so popular thanks to its cream sauce, parsley, and poblano chiles, giving it the same colors as the Mexican flag.

Some traditional foods are specially prepared to celebrate Independence Day in Mexico are menudo (a beef stew known as a hangover cure), pozole, birria de borrego (spiced lamb), and queso fundido. And tequila is known as one of the most popular beverages for those imbibing on this occasion!

There are many interesting activities on how Independence Day celebrate in Mexico. What do you think about the way Mexicans honor their national holiday? Also, if you are looking for the best Independence Day gift for any special one in your life, you can contact us for help. We will make every effort to support you!

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