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How Independence day celebrate around the world

How Independence Day Celebrate Around The World?

Firework. Everything red and white and blue. The sweet smell of grilled meat. These are all typical symbols of the independence holiday in the United States. But how Independence Day celebrate around the world? Let’s take a look at how to celebrate the independence of different countries around the world.

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How Independence Day Celebrate Around The World?

Around the world, countries celebrate their independence through various holidays and cultural celebrations. Usually, these holidays are the best time for us to show our patriotism. Also, it’s the same day to party with the locals and, importantly, learn about their history and culture. And if you wonder how Independence Day celebrate around the world, ​here is a list of countries with fascinating independence celebrations.

The United States – July 4th

Americans often show their patriotism by flying flags, and even wearing red, white, and blue colors to celebrate the 4th of July. Parades, backyard barbecues, and fireworks are used to celebrate Independence Day around the country. 

How Independence Day Celebrate Around The World?
How Independence Day Celebrate Around The World?

New York City’s annual fireworks show (conducted by Macy’s) attracts more than 3 million live viewers and is considered the nation’s largest Independence Day celebration.

India – August 15th

On August 15, 1947, the three-century British rule of India ended. And on this day every year, Indians commemorate the historic event by adorning their homes, offices and schools with the colors of the Indian flag. Citizens attend morning ceremonies where they sing the national anthem and pay their respects in front of the flag.

How Independence Day Celebrate Around The World?
How Independence Day celebrate around the world? How about India?

Independence Day is also a time when families gather to watch the annual flag-raising ceremony, televised live from the Red Fort in New Delhi. At the end of the day, many people head to parks, rooftops and other public spaces to fly kites, a national symbol of freedom in India.

Bolivia – August 6th

How Independence Day celebrate around the world? Do you know how Bolivians celebrate this day? Bolivia throws its two-day celebration with parades, gun salutes, fireworks, music, and festivals. The main event of Independence Day is the military parade on August 6. This day is a national holiday in Bolivia known locally as Dia de la Patria. The most prominent celebration is in the Bolivian capital ‘La Pez’.

South Korea – March 1st / August 15th

South Korea celebrates Independence Day on two different and important dates. August 15 is known as Gwangbokjeol, commemorating South Korea’s independence from Japan and the establishment of the Korean government. This day includes national ceremonies, displaying the flag and singing the official independence day song called Gwangbokjeol Nor.

How Independence Day Celebrate Around The World?
Do you know How Independence Day celebrate around the world?

March 1 is known as Samil Jeol, commemorating the independence movement that helped liberate South Korea from Japan, while also remembering those who died in the rebellion. To celebrate Samil Jeol’s day, the Declaration of Independence was read at Temple Park in Seoul.

Mexico – September 16

In Mexico City, people gather at the Zocalo square. On this day, all over the country, houses, buildings, cars are decorated. Flags are hung from houses and buildings. Colorful lanterns are the highlight of this day, you can see lanterns in most cities.

How Independence Day celebrate around the world?
How Independence Day celebrate around the world? This is Mexico

Celebrations reached a climax when the President of Mexico arrived at the Zocalo, at 11 a.m. on September 15, to re-enact Father Hidalgos’ call for Independence to his followers. Then the President rang the bell just like Father Hidalgo did, then the crowd proudly shouted the names of the heroes. Finally, they end it with a final shout of VIVA MÉXICO! Colorful fireworks light up the sky as the ceremonies come to an end.

France – July 14th

July 14 marks the assault of the Bastille prison in Paris, the site of the beginning of the French Revolution. Bastille Day is considered France’s National Day, and is celebrated with various traditions, such as military parades and fireworks. But the biggest celebrations take place from 9 p.m. to around 4 a.m., when fire stations open to the public and host dance parties that raise funds for fire stations across France.

Indonesia – August 17

In the morning, the eyes of all Indonesians are on the National Palace, where the solemn flag raising ceremony takes place to honor the republic. Immediately after the ceremony, street festivals hold and often include fun games and concerts.

How Independence Day Celebrate Around The World?
How Independence Day celebrate around the world? In Indonesia

On this day in Indonesia, it’s all about the traditional game called panjat pinang. This game requires a tall nut tree, prize crates and lots of oil. The stems are cut and positioned vertically with the top prizes oiled to make them slippery, thus harder to obtain. Players use each other’s bodies as stools to climb to the top of each structure to grab the goods.

Australia – January 26th

Officially known as Australia Day, the celebration honors the birth of the first British settlement in Australia. On this day, each major Australian city has its own unique way of celebrating its national day: Sydney celebrates with world-famous regattas; Perth with its huge fireworks display; Melbourne celebrates People’s March, to celebrate the nation’s diversity.

During that time, people from all over the country walk together and wear colorful costumes, to celebrate the unity of Australia. Across the country, many concerts are held, with performers from every genre imaginable.

Norway – May 17th

Independence Day in Norway celebrates the signing of the country’s Constitution. On this day, children play a special role. In the capital, Oslo, children will pass by the Royal Palace, where the royal family will wave to marchers from the balcony.

How Independence day celebrate around the world?
How Independence day celebrate around the world? – In Norway

In most cities, local schools organize games, activities and raffles with great prizes, as well as selling cakes, ice cream and soft drinks. In the evening, people gather with family and friends to have dinner or have a barbecue.

Philippines – June 2

The traditional flag-raising ceremony kicks off the celebration of Araw ng Kalayaan in the Philippines. Vacation is a time dedicated to family. Filipinos enjoy lively, food-filled gatherings of food, family and friends to commemorate the day Emilio Aguinaldo declared independence from Spain’s centuries-long rule.

Costa Rica – September 15th

Traditional dance takes center stage on Costa Rica’s Independence Day. Unlike other countries in the Americas, there was no struggle for independence in Central America. Exhausted by the war with Napoleon Bonaparte, and several wars in Latin America, Spain actually supported Central American independence because the region had become a burden.

How Independence day celebrate around the world
How Independence day celebrate around the world? In Costa Rica?

Above are the ways to celebrate the independence anniversary of some countries around the world. Now you know how Independence Day celebrate around the world. So, how does your country celebrate this day? Let me know in the comments section.

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