How Father’s Day Celebrate in Mexico

Father’s Day is one of the greatest chances for children to express their love to the superhero father in their life. And in different countries, people have different ways to celebrate the day. Wonder how Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico? Scroll down to find out the answer! You will discover many exciting things about the way people in Mexico celebrate the day.

Is Father’s Day a Public Holiday in Mexico?

In Mexico, people have celebrated Father’s Day since 1950. However, Father’s Day is an observance to honor dad, not a federal public holiday in this country. It falls on Sunday, 20 June 2021 and many companies still follow regular opening hours in Mexico.

how Father's Day celebrate in Mexico

Since pre-conquest times, Mexico has been known as a patriarchal society. However, the fact is, Father’s Day is not as popular as Mother’s Day in this country. While about 78% of households are found to celebrate Mother’s Day, only a little more than 50% of Mexican households are known to celebrate Father’s Day. According to an article, the options of Father’s Day cards are so limited. Statistics from retailers as well as other sources also indicated that only about 75% of United States households celebrate the day. Let’s get to know how Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico.

How Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico?

Statistics from Walmart point out that sales on Father’s Day are only slightly higher than that on Valentine’s Day. The Mexico City tourism president explains that the difference in spending is because the fathers are those who provide the only income for the family. Often, they choose not to spend money on themselves for their day. However, this depends on different areas of the country. There are regions where women also bring the main income for their families.

Though the day is not celebrated as much as Mother’s Day, there are interesting activities to honor dad and appreciate their sacrifice on Father’s Day in Mexico. So, how Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico?

Yes! Father’s Day is truly the day for children as well as grandchildren to get meaningful gifts for their beloved fathers and grandfathers. While the little ones often prepare gifts in school, the older can use their saved pocket money to buy gifts for their dad. Some people choose to leave the city for a picnic with their family on Father’s Day, others head to a restaurant for a celebratory dinner with their loved ones. Also, they prepare beautiful songs and delicious foods to celebrate the day. 

1. Gift-Giving

how Father's Day celebrate in Mexico

Gift-giving is the very first answer to how Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico. Just like it does for Mother’s Day, the country organize more activities than its Northern neighbors to celebrate Father’s Day. Though the day has never been considered an official holiday, people in Mexico often choose meaningful gifts for their Father on the third Sunday in June.

After an exchange of gifts, dads, moms and children usually play badminton if they can find the net. They also exchange hugs and sing together a traditional song for the day. The grandchildren will bring homemade cards and say “Felicidades, abuelito.” Store bought cards are not really popular as they are more expensive and typically in English.

2. Cooking for dad

how Father's Day celebrate in Mexico

There are many children who don’t choose to celebrate Father’s Day with gifts or cards. Instead, they celebrate the special day by having Dad’s favorite food and then letting him watch his favorite soccer game in peace in the afternoon. And for their children’s effort to cook their delicious food, dad will surely feel so happy on a day just for them! This also answers how Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico.

3. Celebrating Father’s Day at school

how Father's Day celebrate in Mexico

Generally, the school year in most of Mexico schools is extremely long. This means that students are not out for summer by the time Father’s Day comes around and most schools will organize different events for their children to celebrate Father’s Day the following Monday. Those activities are often considered to be a bit more dynamic than those for Mother’s Day. The most popular events for kids are usually sack races, tree planting excursions,  father/child soccer games, and sometimes it can be a little bottle of tequila in the gift bag. These are wonderful activities of how Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico.

4. Running Contest

Some community organizations also hold some events dedicated  to Father’s Day. There is another exciting activity that makes Father’s Day in Mexico different from that of other countries. On the special day for the super dad, many people take part in the 21 kilometer race in Mexico city. The race is commonly known as the “Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan.” Especially, the purpose of this activity is to raise money to help protect forests.

how Father's Day celebrate in Mexico

Celebrating Father’s Day during pandemic

How Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico during pandemic. In previous years, there was a Father’s marathon known as Carrera Dia del Padre. However, such activities will be canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The mothers also warn the grandchildren: “No abrazos!” No hugging grandpa this year. Everyone avoids being crowded together so they can keep social distancing. All will wear face masks when taking part in any Father’s Day event.

A warning issued before Father’s Day 2020 indicated that celebrating Father’s Day may have a very expensive price. This is a warning from health authorities on the eve of Father’s Day, which was on Sunday, June 21 in Mexico. People are asked to reflect and not to celebrate Father’s Day as they’ve experienced negative effects after Children’s Day and Mother’s Day, where the number of infections shot up.

Finally, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to express your love, appreciation and gratitude to your beloved dad. New dads, old dads, granddads, dads-in-law, stepdads, all of them deserve to receive your love! We admit that there are always million fatherly types out there, and there are also many reasons for us to show them how much they mean to us on Father’s Day. In this hardest time of all over the world facing COVID-19, we hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. And although it’s hard to participate in different activities for Father’s, don’t forget to treat your dad with a special gift or do something to surprise him.

That’s all about how Father’s Day celebrate in Mexico? What do you think about it and what are the outstanding Father’s Day traditions where you live? Feel free to share with us and visit our gift for dad collection if you are looking to surprise your superhero dad with the most thoughtful gift this Father’s Day.

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