how Father's Day celebrate in Italy

How Father’s Day Celebrate In Italy

Father’s Day is a special occasion to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds as well as the influence of any father figure in the world. Due to cultural diversity, different countries have their own traditions to celebrate Father’s Day. Wonder how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy? Believe it or not, Father’s Day in Italy is very exciting. Just keep reading as what we are going to reveal right below might surprise you.

When is Father’s Day in Italy?

how Father's Day celebrate in Italy

In Catholic Europe, people have celebrated Father’s Day on March 19th since the Middle Ages. That explains why Italian Father’s Day falls on March 19th instead of moving around the calendar to a convenient June Sunday like most other countries. 

How Father’s Day celebrate in Italy

1. Little Gifts For Dad

The heritage of Italy gets its roots in Catholicism. This lets us know why so many feasts and festivals in this country recall a religious event. Here, we want to mention the case for the celebration of Italian Father’s Day which is also Saint Joseph’s day, the day to commemorate the earthly father of Jesus Christ.

Father’s Day in Italy falls on March 19th; the same day as St.Joseph’s Day. It is also known as the Festa di San Giuseppe or “The Feast of St. Joseph”. This is a special day in honor of Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary, and the “earthly father figure” of Jesus.

gifts for dad

Catholic tradition emphasizes that Saint Joseph embodies an ideal father who is strong, strong, pious and able to fulfill his wonderful role in the family. In addition, he is known as the protector of paupers, woodworkers and orphans.

An American in Rome revealed that the religious origins of “Festa del Papa” have faded over time and gradually become a general celebration of fatherhood. On this special day, the most commonplace you can see in Italy are favors, little gifts for dad, and plenty of sweet treats. These are popular traditions on how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy.

2. Cards and poetry are great part of the day

Cards and poetry are indispensable things on how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy. People think of Saint Joseph as the ultimate dad. That’s why his day became representative for all the fathers in Italy. Just as what they usually do to honor mom on Festa de la Mamma, a large number of school children in Italy will write special cards as well as drawings for their beloved dad on Father’s Day. Sometimes, their cards are filled with meaningful poems and rhymes, which makes their dad really happy.  

cards for dad

A great thing is that schools will foster these wonderful activities on Father’s Day. This helps the kids get the best preparation for an important activity of the day.

3. Enjoy Biscuits Together

This is how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy. So different from any other country around the world! If you have learnt about Italian culture, then this might not surprise you. It is, even though Festa del Papa falls during the week, not on Sunday, it’s still a great chance for every family member to enjoy a special meal together. As daily life in Italy reveals, it’s a meal that is full of cakes and biscuits rather than savory fare. It sounds quite attractive for us, right?

father's day in Italy

If Father’s Day falls on the weekend, a lunch with the family is what dad appreciates so much. Moreover, it can also be a memorable trip to the countryside in case the weather supports them!

4. Take Care Of The Poor

Taking care of the poor also indicates how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy. Because Father’s Day falls on the same day as Saint Joseph day, people in Italy also consider this time as a special occasion to celebrate and honor the Saint’s name. The activities take place mostly in the South, where in more than a village people still follow the tradition of taking care of the poor in honor of Saint Joseph. 

5. Light Big Bonfire

father's day in Italy

You can also find other lovely traditions that express how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy. One of them is to light big bonfires. In some areas of the country, people will light big bonfires to celebrate the day. The origin of this tradition is from the rural custom of burning the harvest’s residuals, purifying the soil, and then waiting for the spring.

6. Burn A Puppet

One more impressive activity on how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy is to burn a puppet that is the symbol of winter. In this way, people show that they want to say goodbye to all the toughest months and welcome a new spring that will bring prosperity.

Traditional food cooked on the Father’s day

A tasty lunch is exactly how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy. You will always see a delicious lunch put on Italian tables when they celebrate any special occasion. Surely, Father’s Day is one of those days and there are always famous recipes for this special day. There is no doubt that the most popular products belong to cakes and biscuits.

Father's Day in Italy

The most famous and favorite culinary symbol of Father’s Day is The bigné di San Giuseppe. Being a sweet pastry that is filled with cream, custard, or jam,  this food looks quite the same as a cream puff. It is favored in almost every region of the country.

Another famous recipe in traditional sweets made for Father’s Day in Italy is the delicious zeppole di san Giuseppe. This is known as deep-fried pastries filled with a kind of custard cream and topped with black cherries. This wonderful recipe also reveals how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy.

Though Father’s Day takes place anywhere in the world, it is such a special day for any of us to express love, appreciation, and gratitude to the best Father in our life. You have now discovered how Father’s Day celebrate in Italy. What do you think about the way Italians celebrate their Father’s Day? Due to the pandemic, this year it will surely be hard for us to celebrate Father’s Day as usual. However, don’t forget to treat the Dad in your life with the best gifts for dad and spend more time with your family if possible.

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