How Do You Celebrate Father's Day

How Do You Celebrate Father’s Day

How do you celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it comes once every year. So, how do we celebrate Father’s Day, and how to make Father’s Day special and memorable? It’s true that gifts are always the perfect way to express how much you love and appreciate your father along with a loving heartwarming Father’s Day card. But the best gift Dad actually wants is that the quality time you spend with him on this special day. That’s why we’ve included some of the best things to honor the important men in your life. 

Of course, Father’s Day might be a little different this year because of the coronavirus outbreak. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have some quality time with Dad and plan some great Father’s Day activities, right? 

How Do You Celebrate Father’s Day

Go for a Bike Ride

How do you celebrate Father’s Day

A fun way to get outside while social distancing is to take a bike ride. Father’s Day falls right in the middle of summer, so the weather is sunny and warm. It’s the perfect time to do some physical activities and sightseeing- and bike rides let you do both. Riding bikes not only enhances your health but also creates cherished and happy moments with your dad. Head to a park or a bile path running through a natural space, or drive to the suburb. It’s a healthy way to honor dad’s day.  

Pack up a backyard picnic


What’s better than impressing Dad on this special day by preparing a picnic in your small yard. Don’t forget to bring some sandwiches and a blanket. He’ll surely enjoy the sunshine and some fun backyard games. 

Cook something together

How do you celebrate Father’s Day

Cooking might be confused if it’s the first time you cook. But it will be the most precious gift that brings fun and cherished moments. Spend a few hours cooking his favorite meals. You and your dad can go out together to buy the necessary ingredients, and then luxuriating in creating the most amazing meal of the year. It’s one of the most fascinating family activities. Many fathers are good at cooking, it’s a great idea to let them take charge for dinner, you can support and enjoy the rewards. 

Fire up the grill


Father’s Day is the best time to grill a tasty barbeque. So, why not bring out the charcoal for the grill and enjoy a big party? Let your father in the party show of their grilling skills, then play some badminton, relax under a tree and enjoy a drink of watermelon. It will definitely be a great day. Don’t forget to bring a camera to grab excellent moments and photos. 

Have a movie marathon

How do you celebrate Father’s Day

If your father is keen on movies, why not let him choose his favorite movies and have the whole family watch them together? Make popcorn, turn off the light, and enjoy dad movies. Don’t forget to prepare some snacks and cool drinks. This is a great activity to show dad that his tastes are appreciated. 

Go bowling

How do you celebrate Father’s Day

Does your father enjoy bowling? Bowling is a fantastic activity beloved by people of all ages. For many people, there’s food, drinks, and the delightful soundtrack of pins being blasted out of the way by a bowling ball with a perfect spin.

Host a beer tasting

How Do You Celebrate Father's Day- beer tasting

On Father’s Day, help your father cool off with a refreshing pint. What’s greater than drinking a glass of cool beer in the afternoon. You can plan an afternoon of sampling different craft beers. Your dad will be excited to hear that. 

Play in the water

How do you celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day falls in June, the prime time to play in the water. It’s warm but not exhaustingly hot. Swimming, kayaking, rafting, tubing are popular activities that many people choose to celebrate this special day. Dad can’t resist cooling down in the water with a fun float. 

Go Camping

How do you celebrate Father’s Day

If it’s safe in your area to go to a socially distancing camping ground, make use of the chance to get outside. There are a lot of fun things to explore on a camping trip. Help your dad pitch a tent, and prepare food on this special day. Your whole family gathers to stargazing. That’s so romantic, right? 


Father’s Day is a great opportunity for us to give back to our beloved father and grandfather, show them how we appreciate all they’ve done for us. There are thousands of gifts you can give to your father, grandfather, fathers-in-law, and more. But as we may know, what our fathers want most on this holiday is to spend a day surrounded by the people they love. So, try to spend time and enjoy great memories with your dad. How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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