Discover how do we celebrate Halloween in Austin

How Do We Celebrate Halloween In Austin?

Halloween is all about spooky events, creative costumes, and delicious candies. That’s why it is understandable that this is one of the greatest times of the year. When it comes to this special occasion, a lot of people wonder “how do we celebrate Halloween in Austin”. Let’s get to know more about this!

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin?

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin?

Best Halloween Gifts In 2021

On exploring outstanding activities to celebrate Halloween around the world, it’s important that you find thoughtful Halloween gifts to cherish your loved ones. Get inspired with the following items!

10 best ways on how do we celebrate Halloween in Austin 

Austin, the capital city of the U.S. state of Texas, has long been famous for exciting ghost stories, which many people may look for on Halloween Day. But that’s not all! Besides a good ghost story, this city also comes with a wide range of festive ways to celebrate Halloween. The coolest Halloween Austin events will certainly make you excited!

Halloween on 6th Street

Halloween on 6th Street

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin? We won’t forget Halloween on 6th Street. This is where Austin’s biggest Halloween party takes place annually. On Halloween, people will wear costumes and come to this place to see the most incredible Halloween costumes!

Austin Ghost Tours

Joining in a tour of Austin Ghost Tours is a popular activity on how we celebrate Halloween in Austin. For many years, Austin Ghost Tours has brought wonderful experiences to curious people by guiding them through lots of streets of Austin as well as the memories of the past.

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin - Austin Ghost Tours

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin – Austin Ghost Tours

People get interesting experiences in this Halloween activity. It is a great chance for them to discover different haunted buildings and stories from Austin’s past and present! There are many options to choose from. It can be the Ghosts of the Capitol, Old Pecan Street, or Ghosts of the Warehouse District.

House Of Torment 

If you are living in Austin, then you may be familiar with House of Torment, right? Every Halloween comes around, we don’t forget House Of Torment – the pioneer in the “haunted” entertainment of the country.

House Of Torment

House Of Torment in Austin

House of Torment has brought us wonderful experiences with spine-tingling themed attractions for the Halloween season. They offer all the best things from terrifying storylines, all-new outdoor games, to a revamped food menu. All are ideal for Halloween celebrations. 

Believe it or not, there are people who are too scared to go to the House of Torment Haunted House. Everything from the scene set-up, sounds, and even smells will bring you the most spooky Halloween experience.

Heading to a pumpkin farm

Well, how can we miss pumpkin and everything about it on Halloween Day? When carving pumpkins has been a popular tradition around Halloween, there are many other ways to celebrate the day with pumpkins. Heading to a pumpkin farm, why not?

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin - Head to a pumpkin farm

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin – visit a pumpkin farm

This is how do we celebrate Halloween in Austin. Be with family & friends, go to a pumpkin farm to pick pumpkins and take beautiful photos there. If you don’t know where to go, you can take Barton Hill Farms into consideration. 

Halloween Gathering

There is no doubt that Halloween gatherings can make a great part of how do we celebrate Halloween in Austin. And while many people do this at home, some decide to make it different by going to a farm for a family-friendly Halloween celebration. 

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin

Campfires, hot chocolate, and cute animals will make the day even more memorable. Kids often dress up in Halloween costumes while adults bring their favorite adult beverages and prepare picnic foods for the evening. For a wonderful experience, you can trust Berkeley Farm!

Escape Hour

This is one more exciting activity to celebrate Halloween in Austin. Escape Hour Austin is known to be an exhilarating real-life escape experience. 

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin - Escape Hour Austin

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin – Escape Hour Austin

Engaging in this activity, you will be locked in and have to find possible ways to get out of elaborately designed rooms. You will stay with friends or like-minded individuals in those rooms and your mission is to work together to escape. Also, you will explore hidden clues, secret codes, and solve fun and sophisticated puzzles. 

Nightmare on Jail Hill Haunted House

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin

Many people would like to explore haunted houses on Halloween Day. That’s why they find out Nightmare on Jail Hill Haunted House at the Old Williamson County Jail at 312 Main Street! 

This is rumored to be a haunted jailhouse that held prisoners from 1889 through 1990. The event is organized from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. each night. And children under 8 years old are not allowed to join in.

Halloween children’s concert

Halloween children's concert

Lots of children in Austin are fond of this event. It is both creepy and fun. This exciting concert is designed with frightfully fun symphonic music that can stimulate young eyes and ears (ages 2–10).

In this concert, the whole family will put on their favorite costume as well as experience “boo-tiful” music performed by their Austin Symphony Orchestra! 

Halloween dance party and costume contest

How do we celebrate Halloween in Austin

Choose spooky costumes and be ready for the Halloween Dance Party and Costume Contest. That’s how do we celebrate Halloween in Austin. Those parties attract people with the best goth, industrial, and synthpop music all night long!

Nightmare on Gibson Street

Halloween activity - Nightmare on Gibson Street

Gibson Street Bar always brings a spooky spirit there because it transforms for the entire month of October. That explains why people in Austin choose this place to celebrate Halloween Day.  

The bar stands out with over-the-top Halloween decor, marked with an entrance that would petrify Freddy Krueger himself. Many guests are recommended to visit here and experience frights throughout the week.

Above are the best activities on how do we celebrate Halloween in Austin. Halloween is coming up! If you are in Austin, it’s time to find the best ideas to celebrate this special occasion. We deeply hope that we’ve provided you with great inspiration to have a memorable Halloween with your family and friends!

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