how do they celebrate Mother's Day in France

How Do They Celebrate Mother’s Day In France?

Many people think that celebrating Mother’s Day is just unique to the United States. But it’s not. Each year, people from many countries all over the world also honor the matriarch of their household on their own special day, French included! In this post, we are going to be with you to discover how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France. If you’re visiting France on this special occasion, it can be fun to combine Mother’s Day traditions with sightseeing or exploring the city.

When is Mother’s Day in France?

Mother's Day in France

Unlike many other countries where Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, people in France celebrate Mother’s Day on the last Sunday in May. In case the day falls on the same day as Pentecost, Mother’s Day is moved to the first Sunday of June. 

Mother’s Day 2021 takes place on May 30. This is a wonderful time of the year when every flower in Paris seems to suddenly be in full bloom, creating a perfect picture to celebrate Mother’s Day and let your mom feel super special on a day just for her!

History of Mother’s Day in France

Mother’s Day’s starting point in France is different from that of the English-speaking countries. The history of French Mother’s Day dates back to the 1800s. The day at first was adopted as a way to honor the mothers of large families whose husbands had fought in World War I. 

The origin of the Mother’s Day celebration in France is said to date from the Napoleon era. In 1806, the French emperor established a special day to honor the mothers of large families. This celebration was later revived after World War I. An official Mother’s Day was held by the city of Lyon with a view to honoring the widows whose husbands died during the war. It was not until 1929 that the French government officially recognized Mother’s Day. In 1941,  the French Vichy decided to choose the last Sunday of May as the official Mother’s Day. 

How do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France?

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in France

A lot of people wonder how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France? Is there any special activity to celebrate the day?

Just like any other country in the world, Mother’s Day is a great occasion to spread happy Mother’s Day wishes to any beloved woman in our life. Send the best wishes to her with the phrase “bonne Fête des Mères,” or if there is someone you know more intimately, you can express your wish by a less formal way like “bonne fête Maman.”

Normally, French moms receive flowers, cards, as well as many other meaningful gifts for mom from their kids or friends. Sometimes, families have specific plans to have a celebratory outing to celebrate the day. One more thing we can’t help mentioning is food. This is a super important part of the Mother’s Day celebration. That’s why Mother’s Day in France ensures a special and delicious meal, either made at home or out at a restaurant.

Let’s get to know more about the most outstanding things to do for Mother’s Day in France!

Go out for lunch

Mother's Day in France

This is one of the warmest ways French families celebrate Mother’s Day. Enjoying lunch together at a classic French bistro is such a great thing. There are many French bistros that offer specials during Mother’s Day, perfect with a bottle of nice French wine. It’s important to pick a spot that’s suitable for people-watching.

Give gifts to mom

Mother's Day in France

There is no question that gift-giving is one of the most popular things on how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France. On Mother’s Day, French people prepare meaningful gifts for their moms. You can find thoughtful gifts for mom at every price. The most common presents are cards, flowers, jewelry, clothes, and perfume. Generally, French people spend around forty euros on a gift to their mom on Mother’s Day. In addition, moms are so happy to know that young children also try to prepare secret gifts at school for them.

Grab some flowers for moms 

Mother's Day gift

Preparing flowers also indicates how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France. It can be said that nothing can express “Happy Mother’s Day” like a bouquet of beautiful flowers. During May, you can see flowers everywhere in Paris. Parisian streets are lined with blooming flowers. In fact, you can find florists in almost every neighborhood. They will offer lovely choices ranging from simple pots to lavish bouquets and till the end, the decision is yours. A small but beautiful bouquet costs about 20€-30€, making an affordable luxury gift for mom on Mother’s Day. Treat your mom to a lovely bouquet to delight her on this Mother’s Day!

Enroll in a French cooking class

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in France

This is one more great activity on how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France. Plan for a special culinary event for mom or any special woman in your life. Le Foodist provides classes for both bakers and home chefs. Their “market to table” class brings a great way to experience French culture, by visiting local markets at first, and then going back to the kitchen to make the best food for your family.

Cruise the river

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in France

French people also treat their moms by booking a riverboat ride on the Seine River in Paris.  Here you can find that Bateaux Parisiens provides both a lunch and dinner cruise that takes you to famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame cathedral, and the Institut de France. When being aboard, your family will have a great chance to enjoy a four-course meal and make a selection of various fine wines.

Family Picnic

how do they celebrate Mother's Day in France

How do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France? Going on a picnic is one of the most popular activities on that day. This is a special chance for every member of the family to gather and share happiness. Prepare a bottle of wine, fruit, or anything your family likes the day before. On the morning of the special day, you can stop by a bakery store near the way for a baguette or fruit tarts. Head to one of Paris’s beautiful parks to choose a suitable place for your family camping trip.

We hope you are interested in learning about how do they celebrate Mother’s Day in France with us and that you’ve got useful information from our blog.

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