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How Do They Celebrate Mother Day In Mexico 2021 1

How Do They Celebrate Mother Day In Mexico 2021

Just like in the United States, May is big for mothers in Mexico. Mother’s Day is also one of the most important, most cherished holidays in Mexico – where are so many traditions including parties and songs! 

Mother Day in Mexico is filled with joy, appreciation, lots of food and singing! So how do they celebrate Mother Day in Mexico? Want to learn more? We have everything you need to know about this special day. Scroll down to read on.

When is Mother Day in Mexico?

In Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 5 every year. 

The celebration actually takes place on the same day as Mother’s Day in the US this year, but that doesn’t often happen. Mother’s Day in the US always falls on the second Sunday of May, but Mother Day in Mexico always happens on May 10, no matter what day of the week it happens to fall on.

How Do They Celebrate Mother Day In Mexico 2021
Mother Day in Mexico is celebrated on May 5 every year.

The origin of Mother Day in Mexico 

Mother Day in Mexico just started more than a century ago. But that does not mean that Mexicans didn’t celebrate mothers. Far from it. In the pre-Colombian era, Mexican society was built around patterns of matriarchs – and a population of deities filled with powerful goddesses. 

In the Mayan civilization, the goddess Ix Chel played an extremely important role as a symbol of fertility and motherhood. The ancient Mayan sacred journey was a 36-mile pilgrimage that brave souls performed on handcrafted canoes in reference to Ix Chel’s prophecy and gained her favor. 

Today, this experience is re-enacted annually as an interactive cultural festival in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel – the Sacred Mayan Journey. Consider it a great motherhood memory!

How Do They Celebrate Mother Day In Mexico 2021 1
The origin of Mother Day in Mexico

Mother’s Day Comes To Mexico

Mother’s Day recognition began in 1922 when a journalist, Rafael Alducín, wrote an article advocating for the celebration of Mother’s Day throughout Mexico. It got considerable attention, and soon, My 10 was Mother Day in Mexico. But have you wondered about May 10? Because back in the day, the day 10th of the month was “payday” in Mexico, meaning everyone could afford a little extra to buy a gift for mom or take her out for a meal. May in Mexico is also devoted to one of the most famous mothers in history: the Virgin Mary.

Mexican Mother’s Day Gifts and Traditional Song

Of course, Mother’s Day is the time to bathe mothers with thoughtful mom gifts, Flowers are especially popular – the more colors the better! But for many Mexican moms, the most valuable present is a little less tangible. 

In many families, the children present a little program to their mother, sing songs and perhaps provide a short skit. Occasionally, schools sponsor programs for the mothers of their students, especially if May 10 falls on the first day of school. Children who can dance, tell jokes and sing to the audience who are their mothers.

Usually, the children gather outside the house on Mother’s Day morning to sing a song for their mother. “Las Mañanitas” is a favorite melody, with the proper lyrics meaning “since today is your day, we come to sing for you”. To awaken by your child’s sounds must be a wonderful experience during Mother’s Day. 

How Do They Celebrate Mother Day In Mexico 2021
Do you know how Mother Day is Celebrated in Mexico?

The Mexican Mother’s Day Feast

Mother Day in Mexico is all about mom. But it’s also all about food. On the holiday, families will often gather around a party featuring signature Mexican dishes such as mole, enchiladas, pozole, sopes, barbacoa, quesadillas and more. 

On the Yucatan Peninsula, a favorite Mother’s Day dish is cochinita pibil, a traditional slow roast pork. Of course, some families don’t want to force mom to cook all day, so they take mom out for a great culinary experience at a local restaurant. 

Restaurants celebrating Mexican Mother’s Day

Typically, May 10 is the busiest day of the year for restaurants in Mexico, with double or triple business days of a normal day. Reservations are necessary, and are usually reserved for very large groups for very long periods of time. 

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus crisis, families will most likely eat together at home this year. How would a typical lunch start? It will likely be fresh seasonal fruit, sliced ​​or juiced, often served first, along with the meal’s favorite Mexican coffee, herbal tea or hot chocolate. 

How Do They Celebrate Mother Day In Mexico 2021
Everything to Know About Mother Day In Mexico

Mother’s Day in Mexico Experiences

So are you planning a trip to Mexico with your mother on Mother’s Day? It’s so great – maybe there’s no better place to celebrate. It’s relaxing, enjoyable and beautiful, all at the same time. Here are a few interesting activities to try.

  • Shopping Spree on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen – Let mom select her own gift! This is the perfect place for shopping, with all kinds of shops to explore, from upscale to craft.
  • U–Spa Day – Treat your mom to a pampering and restorative treatment at one of Barceló Hotel Group’s U-Spas. Wellness is a journey at these modern spas offering massages, facials and more.
  • Explore the Yucatan Peninsula’s Cenotes – An ecological adventure like no other! The Yucatan’s cenotes are natural swimming holes with clear water. Soaking in a cenote is a Mother’s Day in Mexico memory you and your family will never forget.

How can we celebrate differently?

Most moms simply want to connect with their children and spend time with family in any way possible. So, if you can’t meet in person, then call or video chat!

If your mother is at home, give her a day off to do chores, especially during this difficult time. Others can take full responsibility for making or serving food, clearing and cleaning dishes and doing laundry. Volunteers!

How Do They Celebrate Mother Day In Mexico 2021
Have you planned this Mother’s Day Mexico 2021?

Wrap up

Regardless of the country or culture, the love of mothers transcends international borders. This Mother’s Day, celebrated in Mexico on May 10 and on May 14 in the United States, remember to express gratitude to Mother on her special day. 

Together, let’s honor the women who raised us – sacrificing for us every day and nurturing our families and larger communities.

Of course, if you are a mom, all of us wish YOU a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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