It's so fun and exciting to know How Christmas Is Celebrated In Ghana

How Christmas Is Celebrated In Ghana

Christmas is a time of celebration, and Christmas celebrations around the world are so diverse. Today, let’s discover how Christmas is celebrated in Ghana with us. You’ll soon find that Ghana celebrations are so interesting and amazing. 

It's fun to know how Christmas is celebrated in Ghana
It’s great to learn about how Christmas is celebrated in Ghana

How do you say Merry Christmas in Ghana?

Before delving into how Christmas is celebrated in Ghana with us, let’s see how Ghanaians wish each other. As you know, we often say ‘’Merry Christmas’’ to wish each other during Christmas, so how to wish Ghanaians a Merry Christmas?  Ghanaians often say ‘’Afishapa” to one another. It also means “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” It comes from one of the most commonly- spoken languages. 

Looking for how Christmas Is Celebrated In Ghana?
Afishapa is the way Ghanaians wish someone

How Christmas Is Celebrated In Ghana

Christmas is a joyous and memorable time of the year. And Christmas celebrations in Ghana will get you excited and amazed. There are over 66 languages spoken in Ghana, so there are a wide variety of different traditions. An impressive number, right? Let’s take a look at how Christmas is celebrated in Ghana.

Before Christmas

When Christmas approaches, some congregations decorate a tree on the church ground to show the honor of the holiday. For the last few days before Christmas, buses, trucks, cars, and boats filled travelers, bringing them back to their ancestral towns and villages. Christmas carols come from radios, loudspeakers, and televisions across Ghana this season.

During Christmas 

Christmas in Ghana is a worthy holiday, coinciding with the end of the cocoa harvest. Ghanaian tend to celebrate Christmas around the 20th of December to the New Year. The traditional Ghanaian Christmas food includes dishes made of rice, chicken, goat, lamb, fufu, and other Ghanaian staples. 

Do you want to know how Christmas Is Celebrated In Ghana?
Fufu is one of the traditional Christmas foods in Ghana

Christmas is a time for those who haven’t been back home to their villages and hometowns to travel to be with family and friends. 

The celebrations are at a maximum during Christmas night with the Church services. People often dress up in colorful traditional clothes before heading off to the Church service.

On the night of December 24, most churches often host great music evenings with lots of choir singing and dancing and a nativity play performed by the congregation’s youth. Their performances make the holiday night more special and memorable. 

About a week to Carol’s night service, some churches distribute Thanksgiving envelopes to their congregations. On the Carol Night service, they bring back and give donations. The donated money is used to buy necessary items such as cookies, clothing, shoes, books, and food for poor and needy families. 

On December 25, if it’s not Sunday, lots of churches do not hold another service. Christmas Day church services are held for mid-morning. After the service is over, children collect chocolates, cookies, shoes, or new clothes said to have come from Father Christmas before they flock home for a festive meal. Children dash about shouting, “Egbona hee, egogo vo!”, “Christ is coming, he is near!” when heading home. 

On December 26, which is called Boxing Day, and it is a public holiday in Ghana. Families often exchange gifts of cooked foods, cookies, candies, or drinks. 

So, are you clear about how Christmas is celebrated in Ghana?

After Christmas 

Ghanaian Christmas celebrations often last for eight days. Caroling children visit the home during this time, with the hope that the homeowners will reward their musical efforts with small gifts. 


Christmas is a special time of the year. It’s the time to hang up Christmas tree ornaments, decorate the dinner table, enjoy the best Christmas movies, and make meaningful DIY Christmas gifts. You can feel and see it in the air: the vibrance, the excitement, the noise, the children eagerly getting new shoes and clothes, the loud laugh on cozy meals. Christmas in Ghana is no different. It’s an opportunity for Ghanaians to gather and enjoy festive feasts. We hope that this post brings you useful knowledge about how Christmas is celebrated in Ghana. Here at T-Shirt At Low Price, we wish one and all a Merry Christmas. 

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