Hazardous weather conditions causing minor production delays

Due to severe weather, our facilities in Dallas and Indianapolis are experiencing power outages and poor travel conditions for our staff.

Orders are still being produced, but you should expect minor delays. We do have extra crews ready to get us through our backlog once our facilities are back to being fully operational.

We appreciate your patience and understanding! 🙏

Please see below for updates.

Last update 2/19/2021

Today the Dallas facility is back open. Many associates still dealing with water issues as some areas are on a boil notice.

Our vendors for incoming garments are behind but will be delivering what is available this afternoon and our USPS/DHL/UPS pickups will resume.

We have called overtime for all associates for the weekend and we expect to be back on track by Tuesday of next week.

Last update 2/17/2021

Power is out at the Dallas facility again. This has been cycling for the past 2 days. Dallas is closed except for a couple of maintenance people.

The Indiana facility’s output yesterday was 50% of normal but should be at 90% capacity today.

Running on reduced overall capacity (Dallas closed and Indy at 50-60%) continues to grow our backlog. We will plan to open Dallas tomorrow, but these plans are 100% contingent on the power supply. Weekend shifts have been called to alleviate the backlog.

Last update 2/16/2020

There are still large power outages in Dallas. The Dallas facility is closed again for today. We anticipate opening tomorrow, but there are reports of more snow on the way to Dallas. We will make this decision later tonight.

The Indiana facility ran at 70% capacity yesterday and had 8 inches of snowfall overnight.

Our backlogs have grown in all areas due to a lack of production. As weather conditions improve, we will see increased production capacity. Weekend shifts will be called to drop the backlogs to normal levels.

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