Halloween-themed phobias

Top 10 Halloween-themed Phobias You Might Have

Ghosts and demons, witches and zombies and things collide in the night – Halloween is almost here. For some, this celebration is a time of partying, give some Halloween gifts or creativity but for others, it can be frightening and phobias, including Samhainophobia – aka Halloween-themed phobias.

What Causes Fear Of Halloween Phobia?

There are many reasons for a fear of Halloween phobia. Maybe the result of a previous traumatic or stressful experience. Being tricked or treated by strangers as a child, or being bitten by a spider can also cause Halloween-themed phobias.

The pain of losing a loved one leads to a fear of coffins or graves, or injured and scared to see your own blood. You might not know, a seemingly small incident can lead to a lifetime of fear or phobia.

What Causes Halloween-themed Phobias?
What Causes Halloween-themed Phobias?

Also, if a person is raised with very strong religious beliefs, they may fear Halloween due to its association with demons. However, the most common cause of Halloween-themed phobia is the number of scary activities that take place as part of the celebration.

Here is a list of Halloween-themed phobias and how to cope with them.

Top 10 Halloween-themed Phobias You Might Have

It’s not a trick or a treat, this phobia really does exist. Are you just scared about one aspect of Halloween or the whole holiday together? Then you better find out the name and cause of the phobia you might have.

Fear of masks/costumes: Maskaphobia

This fear may come from a negative past event, that is being scared by someone wearing a costume as a child. This phobia is related to the fear of the unknown, not being able to see a person’s true face. This can be intimidating, especially for a small child, and seeing someone with a fixed expression can also create a masking phobia. So, the scary Halloween costumes will surely make many people obsessed.

Fear of masks/costumes - Halloween-themed Phobias
Fear of masks/costumes – Halloween-themed Phobias

Fear of blood: Hemophobia

Another very common phobia that a lot of people suffer from is the fear of blood. No Halloween makeover is complete without a large amount of fake blood. It involves our fear of pain, injury, or death. This phobia may be stronger if you have been traumatized in the past or witnessed someone else experiencing pain. It can also be created from watching horror or crime movies as a child.

Fear of spiders: Arachnophobia

This is one of the most common phobias with 55% of women and 18% of men suffering from it. If someone is afraid of spiders, it tends to trigger feelings of disgust, which in turn triggers a fear response in them. It is believed that this fear of spiders is formed around our aversion to creatures that look alien and have less human-like characteristics.

Arachnophobia is one of the most common Halloween-themed Phobias
Arachnophobia is one of the most common Halloween-themed Phobias

Sometimes fear can also come from where you live, i.e. if you come from a country with more venomous spiders. It may be reasonable to have a lot of fear around them. Interestingly, however, this phobia is not directly proportional to the possibility of you being harmed. There is no higher incidence of spider phobia in countries with more dangerous species, such as Australia or Africa.

Fear of death: Necrophobia

This phobia is not just a fear of dying, it is fear of anything related to death such as coffins, bones, corpses, graveyards, and more. So, if your obsession is triggered by images that represent death, Halloween certainly is a great day for you. 

The things that cause death phobias are quite understandable. Not living anymore is a scary thought for many people. This phobia can also be from a traumatic experience, i.e. attending to your loved ones or the grief of the bereaved and associating this with the cemetery.

Halloween-themed Phobias - Fear of death
Halloween-themed Phobias – Fear of death

Fear of snakes: Ophidiophobia

Really, 1 in 3 people have this fear of snakes, and similar to spiders, it is often related to fear of harm, which means a snake can be dangerous and can harm or kill you. Even when living in places with very little danger from snakes like the UK, fear can still be strong.

It is thought it may have something to do with our evolution, where we try to avoid these creatures because they are dangerous. It can also be caused by their look and the way they move – they are very different from humans.

Fear of the dark: Nyctophobia

 Nyctophobia is also common Halloween-themed Phobias
Nyctophobia is also common Halloween-themed Phobias

Although this is more common in children, there are still many adults affected by a fear of the dark.

This phobia can be created from not being able to see what is in the dark. Or don’t know how to find your way out when being trapped. It could also come from our primal instincts telling us we need to avoid predators at night. Horror and crime movies also like to use darkness to create fear and make us ‘shocked’ and this only reinforces our fear of the dark.

Fear of the full moon: Selenophobia 

This obsession isn’t common, and fortunately, a full moon isn’t likely on Halloween. However, that doesn’t stop it from being used as a symbol of spookiness. It is also commonly associated with werewolves in movies and the shared belief by some that the moon can affect emotions, i.e. the idea of lunatics (the word lunatic is even derived from ‘luna’ – moon) are all factors that create this phobia.

Fear of thunder: Astraphobia

The fear of thunder is also more common in children, and it is said to be one of the few phobias we are born with. And avoid too loud sounds connected in our original mind to help us avoid danger.

Fear of ghosts, witches or zombies : Phasmophobia

Images of witches, ghosts, or monsters are common on Halloween. So this is probably one of the Halloween-themed phobias you might have. As humans, it is normal for us to fear the unknown and the idea of supernatural beings, but in some people, this fear can be debilitating.

Halloween-themed Phobias
Phasmophobia – Top 10 Halloween-themed Phobias you might have

Fear of vegetables: Lachanophobia

Vegetable agoraphobia is less common and it often stems from a childhood experience of being forced to eat vegetables or even feeling ill because of them. On Halloween, we can see pumpkins appearing everywhere. This is especially bad for those who have this phobia.

But don’t worry, there’s good news for those of you who are Halloween-themed phobias or any kind of phobia. There are many things you can do to cure it. So don’t suffer – seek professional help, and next Halloween, you’ll be partying with everyone. Happy Halloween!

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