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Hallmark’s Reunited at Christmas: Meet the cast, filming location, and review

Hallmark Christmas movies are considered great options to watch over the holidays. Right now, let’s follow us to explore everything about their latest installment – Reunited at Christmas.

Reunited at Christmas: What is it about?

Reunited at Christmas is one of the famous Hallmark Channel original movies. The film was officially premiered on December 16, 2018, as part of the channel’s annual Countdown to Christmas event.

Exhausted and struggling with writer’s block, novelist Samantha and her boyfriend come back to her late grandmother’s home to spend Christmas. While staying at home with family, it’s her grandmother’s wise words that help her understand the true meaning of Christmas at a time when she is most in need of encouragement.

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Preview – Reunited at Christmas

The synopsis from Hallmark reveals that Reunited at Christmas is set in the town of Cedar Ridge, a small, picturesque town where the Murphy family’s matriarch, Nana Madeline once lived. The Murphy’s have been disconnected for years, so as her dying wish, their Nana Madeline hoped that the family would reunite at Christmas time and relive all the holiday traditions they experienced as children. That’s why when the holiday approaches, the entire family comes back to Nana Madeline’s home in Cedar Ridge to reunite at Christmas.

In the movie, Samantha Murphy (Nikki DeLoach) plays the role of a writer who doesn’t have the holiday spirit. Therefore, when her publisher assigns her a new Christmas book, Samantha has very little yuletide cheer to offer.

To add to her holiday angst, Samantha’s boyfriend Simon proposes to her with her grandmother’s ring, but after saying “yes” at the moment, she tells him that she spoke too soon. The two keep the botched proposal a secret, and head to Nana Madeline’s home in Cedar Ridge, where they are reunited with Samantha’s divorced parents Bill (Andrew Airlie) and Claire (Eileen Pedde) and her sister Annie (Lisa Durupt).

It seems that Nana Madeline, from beyond the grave, has plotted to thrust her family back into all their wonderful Christmas memories, with the hope that the holiday will bring them to a happier, more loving place.

Who starred in Reunited at Christmas?

Here we will talk about the two main actors in the Reunited at Christmas cast.

Nikki DeLoach as Samantha Murphy

Nikki DeLoach is an American actress. Born in a small town in South Georgia, the beautiful talent always determined that she wanted to be an entertainer. She began dancing at the age of three, eventually adding modeling, singing, and acting to her repertoire.

Nikki DeLoach as Samantha Murphy

In addition to her acting career, DeLoach also shares her passions and ideas with others. Specifically, she co-founded What We Are, a community of women that celebrates their unfiltered selves. What’s more, the actress is also known as a passionate supporter and spokesperson for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and The Alzheimer’s Association. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two young sons, Hudson and Bennett.

Mike Faiola as Simon

Mike Faiola as Simon

Mike Faiola is an American actor with a Los Angeles native. The actor, at first, studies at the college to become a journalist. However, It wasn’t until he graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara that what he loves quickly shift to acting.

Also starring in the movie include: 

  • Mike Faiola as Simon Baker
  • Lisa Durupt as Annie
  • Andrew Airlie as Bill Murphy
  • Eileen Pedde as Claire
  • Noel Johansen as Mark
  • Beverley Breuer as Nana Madeline Murphy
  • Vivian Full as Caitlin
  • Veena Sood as Victoria
  • Trish Allen as Maisie
  • Candus Churchill as Irene Parcell

Reunited at Christmas: Where it was filmed?

Reunited at Christmas

This Hallmark movie was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver is famous for being a familiar Hallmark hotspot with nearly 60 of the brand’s cozy romance, family, and comedy movies produced in the region annually. Throughout the year – and especially around the holiday season – Hallmark’s emotive stories are devoured by audiences who are looking for an enthralling mystery, romantic tearjerker, or lighthearted chuckle.

What audiences think about Reunited at Christmas?

There have been lots of comments on this Hallmark movie. Let’s be with us to discover the most outstanding reviews for Reunited at Christmas!

Reunited at Christmas

A review indicates: “Reunited at Christmas is one of the best Hallmark Christmas films from that year in my view. There are plenty of good things with ‘Reunited at Christmas’. It pleases visually, with beautiful locations and the filming looks professional. The script doesn’t get too cheesy or sentimental and does have a more natural flow the more settled it gets. Also really liked the writing’s maturity and sincerity, nothing corny or childish here.”

Another comment reads: “I love it for be a film about family in high measure, for nice nuances and for good acting, for atmosphere and for fair perspective about marriage. And for the fairy tale beginning. And, no doubts, for the portrait of Nana. A beautiful story and a seductive, sure, in reasonable measure, of Christmas. So, just more than nice.”

In general, you can find a lot of reviews that say Reunited at Christmas is a great Christmas movie to watch. Now let’s decide whether you will choose it for this holiday season or not!

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To Sum Up

This holiday season, be with your friends and family, have a wonderful dinner, and watch an interesting and meaningful Christmas movie – like Reunited at Christmas on Hallmark Channel. We believe that all those things are enough for you to have a memorable Christmas season! Once you decide to pick this Hallmark movie to watch this Christmas, don’t hesitate to share with us your own thoughts about it. We are looking forward to receiving your comments!

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