Veterans Day 2021 is approaching nearer and more than ever, it’s time to find great Veterans Day decoration ideas. If you don’t know where to start, just follow us. We’ve rounded up the best decoration ideas for the house, school, church, street as well as other places. Pick up the desired ideas and make this holiday even more special!

Veterans Day decoration ideas

Incredible Veterans Day decoration ideas

It’s precious when you can make this Veterans Day an unforgettable time for everybody around you with. Part of how you can do that is to make marvelous decorations for Veterans Day in 2021. This will add a unique touch to your festival.

Veterans Day decoration ideas for houses

Though Veterans Day is not commonly known for its outlandish decorations as other holidays, many Americans choose to decorate their houses to show their support and patriotism. Here, we suggest some popular Veterans Day decoration ideas for your houses. 

Patriotic Wreath

When Veterans Day nearly comes, people often start to bring a new presence to their houses. And while they choose to use wreaths for practically every U.S. holiday, Veterans Day is not an exception. 

Patriotic Wreath

Chances are you may see wreaths in red, white, and blue hung on front doors show patriotism. Many people choose to make wreaths by gluing white, red, and blue stars to a wire circle. Others would like to makeover a plain wreath with red, white, and blue ribbons and American flags. 

Especially, you can reuse these Veterans Day wreaths to decorate for other patriotic holidays such as Independence Day and Memorial Day. Though red, white, and blue are the three most often used on patriotic holidays, you can completely use other colors if you love them. 

American Flags

There is a simple but really meaningful way to decorate your house for Veterans Day – using American flags. Depend on your demand, decorating the house with American flags can be simple or complex.

Veterans Day decoration ideas

In general, Americans would like to hang a single flag in front of their house year-round. According to Cornell University Law School, the U.S. Code states that people displaying the flag horizontally or vertically against a wall should make sure that the blue field is to the observer’s left. 

If you are going to fly an American flag on a staff in front of a building, you must place the blue union portion at the peak of the staff when the flag is at full mast. In case you would like to hang more than one flag, always keep in mind that the U.S. flag must be higher than the other flags. Make sure that the flag must also never touch the ground


Poppies are considered the symbol of Veterans Day. Many people in the Western world wear poppies as buttonholes on Memorial Day in May, but this type of flower has the same meaning for Americans on Veterans Day in November.  Some Veterans Day decoration ideas for houses consist of poppy wreaths, fabric poppy arrangements, and poppy paintings.

Veterans Day decoration

Veterans Day decoration ideas for office 

How about bringing the genuine pith of Veterans Day to the work office. Chances are that there are veterans currently working for your enterprise. And beautiful decorations on Veterans Day is one of the greatest ways to show your appreciation for their sacrifices for the country. 

Veterans Day decoration ideas at office

Veterans Day decoration ideas for schools

In addition to decorating your house and office, it’s important to make beautiful and eye-catchy Veterans Day decorations for schools and colleges. It is also a great way to pay tribute to those serving in the military. Many people wonder are schools are open on Veterans Day or not. Is it neccessary to make decorations if the schools remain closed? The answer is, whether schools stay open or not, decorations are still highly recommended!

Veterans Day decoration ideas for school

By decorating the schools for Veterans Day, you are informing the students about the significance and history of Veterans Day. Through this way, students will commemorate this special holiday in the future. Have a look at the following images and you can achieve great and energetic Veterans Day decorations ideas for school. 

Veterans Day decorations

In the month of November, on Veterans Day, don’t forget to decorate your classroom door to honor the veterans and prove your nationalism. Beautiful Veterans Day door decorations will impress anyone passing by your classroom.

Veterans Day decoration ideas for church

As you might know, millions of soldiers have died in the wars to protect the country. Every year, Americans usually go to the church to pray for them on Veterans Day. In addition, they go to the gravesite of the veterans. And it’s important that we decorate the church on this day. You can join in decorating the nearby church as a meaningful way to pay tribute to those who have served and continue to serve.

Veterans Day decoration ideas

Veterans Day decoration ideas for Walmart

Many Americans love the Walmart decorations on special occasions. And here, we bring you amazing Veterans Day decoration ideas for Walmart. Just choose any of them and make good decorations for this holiday.

Veterans Day decoration ideas for walmart

Veterans Day decoration ideas with an all-American Feast

You can set up a lovely brunch or a BBQ in your backyards to honor your brave veterans. Have fun by making beautiful Veterans Day decorations. Spruce up your patriotic tabletop decoration with cheerful place settings. This will help give your veterans the most delightful dining experience this Veterans Day.

Veterans Day decoration ideas 2021

Great Veterans Day gift for your loved ones

In addition to looking for unique Veterans Day decoration ideas, it’s meaningful that you find a thoughtful Veteran shirt to honor a veteran in your life. Here, we have some recommendations for you. Rest assured that the following incredible gifts will not let you down!

Final Thoughts

Never take the stress about Veterans Day decorations ideas. As you can see, there is a wide range of decoration ideas available for you to refer to. Just choose the idea you love the most and start to make this Veterans Day super special. We wish you would be successful in making great decoration ideas. And if you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it on social networks. Thanks for your attention!

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