A Charlie Brown Christmas - one of the best Christmas films of all timeThis Christmas, you will no longer see A Charlie Brown Christmas on broadcast television

9 Great Things About A Charlie Brown Christmas You Need To Know

Who in the world does not have a childhood? Suddenly, I miss the old days when every Christmas came, my family watched A Charlie Brown Christmas together. And you? What makes your Christmas cozy? If you are also a fan of A Charlie Brown Christmas, then it’s sad but we need to share that you won’t find this holiday special on broadcast television this year. We deeply understand that many of you will find this a lack and somehow disappointed. For many people, it’s a holiday tradition to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas every year. Be with us and together we will look back on this special, exploring 9 things you probably didn’t know about this famous film.

An introduction of A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a wonderful cartoon from the pen of Charles Schulz, although not flashy but very humorous with a compelling storyline. Produced by Lee Mendelson and directed by Bill Melendez, the show premiered on CBS on December 9, 1965.

A Charlie Brown Christmas will no longer air on TV this year
A Charlie Brown Christmas will no longer air on TV this year

Although the special was originally broadcasted almost 50 years ago, many people are continually surprised by how salient and relevant the special’s messages still are in modern life. Now, let’s watch the best scenes of a Charlie Brown Christmas – What Is Christmas All About!

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A Charlie Brown Christmas – Main content

Have you ever watched this film? In case you haven’t seen it, no matter! Let us briefly analyze it for you. All characters from the Peanuts comic series have appeared, including Snoopy – the most modern dog in history. In the movie, the world-famous cartoon character Charlie Brown is finding the true meaning of Christmas but he cannot find it until Linus appears and tells him.

Charlie Brown always wants to find the true meaning of Christmas
Charlie Brown always wants to find the true meaning of Christmas

The story centers around a disheartened Charlie Brown who is always trying to find the true meaning of Christmas. Charlie is surrounded by selfish desires as well as rampant commercialization. In hopes of finding meaning, Charlie Brown becomes the director of the Christmas play. After a hard time working as a director, he goes to get a Christmas tree for the play.

What’s surprising here is, out of all the shiny, metallic and strong Christmas trees, Charlie Brown picks one that is nothing more than a week and young sapling. And it’s quite understandable that all ridicule Charlie when he presents the tree to the cast of the play.

However, a wonderful thing comes. Linus sees something different in the tree Charlie brings. He says “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.” Linus doesn’t think much about the weak sapling that others see. Rather than that, he sees, with a little care and love, the sapling will surely be a full and completed tree. Through this detail, we see God’s love in Linus.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Message

We have a strong belief that God can see our brokenness and weakness. And we suppose God will also say “I never thought it was such a bad little tree.” In our lowest points as well as our toughest struggles, God never leaves us or gives up on us. God doesn’t hold our weaknesses against us. He knows our true potential. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas conveys the healing power of love
A Charlie Brown Christmas conveys the healing power of love

A Charlie Brown Christmas describes a story of redemption. The story reminds us of the healing power of love. And this upcoming Christmas, may you remember that God sees past your brokenness and he knows your true potential. If there is one day you also love to know what Christmas is all about, may you have someone like Linus there to stand by and remind you! This is a great inspiration for our latest T-shirt design What Christmas Is All About.

It’s not the holiday without A Charlie Brown Christmas special. Since it first aired in 1965, this beloved special has drawn a lot of attention from audiences. Every Christmas goes by, apart from wonderful Christmas outdoor activities, families celebrate the holiday season with this wonderful film. It is one of the best Christmas movies that we must watch once in a lifetime.

And there is a ton of exciting backstory in this TV special, from the Peanuts cartoonist who created it, its producers to its directors and even some of its voices. Let’s explore those exciting stories one by one.

9 things you didn’t know about A Charlie Brown Christmas

Most of the voice actors were the kids in the director’s neighborhood

In his comic, Charles Schulz desired to bring believable voices to the characters he created. That’s why the producers cast real children to give life to the ‘Peanuts’ gang instead of adult voice-over artists. It is said that professional child actors were cast in the roles of Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy because they were required to recite most of the dialogue of the film. And what’s interesting, the rest came from children who lived in director Bill Melendez’s Southern California neighborhood. Although most of them had zero experience in acting or voice-over work, they left a lot of impression on us through the whole film.

Some of the actors could not read the script

 In A Charlie Brown Christmas, some voice actors couldn’t read the script
The voice actors couldn’t read the script

Well, you may find it funny but this is the truth. Some of the child actors were so young and that explained why they couldn’t read the script. In the film production, Melendez and Schulz tried to cast children in the special to preserve their innocence and voice. They believed this would not only make the cartoon more realistic but also edgier and funnier. However, their idea got an unexpected matter when the production team realized that some of the children were too young to read the script that was sitting in front of them.

In an interview for the book ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition’, Melendez admitted that he had to recite the script line by line for the children who couldn’t read. Especially, those children include Christopher Shea who voiced Linus.

Charles Schulz didn’t agree to let CBS executives insert a laugh track

As you might know, most TV sitcoms and animated comedies in the 1960s featured canned laughter. According to The Cut, when the executive producer Lee Mendelson told Schulz that they were inserting a laugh track to the Christmas film, the cartoonist left the room in protest.

Schulz supposed that the cartoon didn’t have a laugh track although it was something standard for TV comedies at the time. Producer Lee Mendelson recalled in Schulz’s biography the cartoonist was just as adamant that the special not have a laugh track to “help keep it moving along.”  According to the Peanuts’ author, the network should “let the people at home enjoy the show at their own speed, in their own way”.

This is how they created Snoopy’s sound

Melendez was the voice of the Snoopy dog
Melendez was the voice of the Snoopy dog

You must be shocked when hearing this. Animator Bill Melendez is the voice of Snoopy. According to the Biography newspaper, Melendez recorded himself speaking and woofing After that, he sped it up until it no longer sounded like a human voice and that’s exactly the way they created Snoopy’s sound. Our director is dedicated, right?

The film killed aluminum tree sales

In the cartoon, thanks to Brown’s refusal to get a fake tree in the holiday special. Aluminum tree sales across the country drop quickly in the years following the film release. And we have a feeling like Charlie Brown was an influencer.

The popularity of aluminum trees declined after A Charlie Brown Christmas was broadcast
After the film, there was a decline in the popularity of aluminum trees

Charlie’ head was really hard to animate

It sounds interesting but Charlie’s head was really hard to animate. His circular head made it difficult for animators to make it look like it was turning around. Melendez didn’t intend to stray too far from Schulz cartoons. And finally, he found a way to make it work.

One of the hardest parts in A Charlie Brown Christmas is to animate Charlie’s head
Animating Charlie’s head was such an challenge

Charlie’s tree was inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen tale

So surprising, right? The pitiful tree was inspired by the story The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Andersen. In the story, there is a small that desires to grow to be big and tall like the ones surrounding it. And the director Mendelson brought the story to Schulz who created a tree inspired by it.

It had a very small budget

Coca-cola, the special’s sponsor, only gave Melendez $76.000 to make A Charlie Brown Christmas within 6 months. The next year, the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas animated movie got a much larger budget, $300.000. So, we can come to the conclusion that the film had an extremely small budget, especially when compared with other films at a similar time.

It was first animated network cartoon to feature jazz

Vince Guaraldi successfully composed all the music for the special, including the iconic Peanuts theme “Linus and Lucy.” The composer also wrote the lyrics and the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in San Rafael, Calif., performed it. 


There are many festive facts about A Charlie Brown Christmas. And don’t forget to share with us if you know any interesting things about this holiday special. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for your attention!

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