Are You Obsessed With Norway? Grab These Best Gifts For Norway Lovers!

A Norwegian nisse ready to eat his Christmas porridge - skjemat - in the barn. Hopefully, he is willing to share. | Artwork: G.L.A.S. cc pdm.
Items related to Nisse are interesting gifts for Norway lovers.

No Santa In Norway – They Have Nisse!

Christmas is an auspicious time of the year that all of us longingly expect. There many vibrant and unique ways of celebrating the holidays. Every culture that celebrates also has its own festive ways to make the holiday special and meaningful. 

When it comes to Christmas, we often think about Santa Claus, but in another country, Santa is called by another name. For example, in Norway, Julenissen is Santa. The small gnomes called ‘Nisse‘ bring presents to children. So, in Norway, there are a wide variety of hobgoblins (Nisse) decorations.

Not only in Norway, but Nisse is also highly enjoyed in a lot of countries. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to find Nisse ornaments on the markets. More and more people celebrate the holiday season with Nisse ornaments. Nisse gifts are also a perfect way for special holidays. We’ve rounded up some fantastic Christmas gifts for Norway lovers to give your family members, friends, partner, or roommates that will warm your Norway-loving mates’ hearts. 

Are you a Norway lover? Norway certainly has a lot of fans worldwide. It’s just impossible to not be taken by the country’s magnificent beauty, whether you’ve witnessed it with your own eyes or simply browsed enough wanderlust-inducing Instagram posts. We absolutely love all things Norway and there are so many gifts for Norway lovers – whether one of your loved ones is planning a trip up north or whether they’re just equally crazy about Norway as we are.

The following list will give you some inspiration for Nordic Christmas gifts, including mugs and clothes. They are both practical, stunning, and friendly- budget for anyone. 

Perfect Gifts For Norway Lovers


Christmas Norway Mug God Jul Nisse Merry Christmas

The white Christmas Norway Mug is one of our top-seller and it’s easy to see why: They’re made of 100% ceramic, which coffee enthusiasts swear makes java taste better and keeps liquids hot for longer. It comes in two different sizes including 11OZ and 15OZ. 

This pretty mug is one of the amazing gifts for Norway lovers to get everyone in the holiday spirit.  It is also a great idea for a Christmas stocking stuffer gift for mom, wife, daughter, dad, grandpa, brother, sister on any occasion. Get the cute Nordic Santas mug and have a God Jul (Merry Christmas in Norwegian)!

Sizing options: 11OZ and 15OZ



Norwegian Mug Jeg Elsker Deg I Love You Nisse Heart

It’s not different compared to Christmas Norway Mug God Jul Nisse Merry Christmas except for the words on the mug. Do you know the meaning of “Jeg Elsker Deg”? It means “ I Love You”. So sweet, right? This mug is one of the lovely gifts for Norway lovers that surely makes your significant ones happy and smile every time they drink coffee. 

Sizing options: 11OZ and 15OZ



Norway Shirt When God Created Norwegians A Dash Of Stubbornness

Who doesn’t love the funny and cute shirt? The joyful graphic of the story When God Created Norwegians: “A Bit Of Humor, Two Spoon Of Honesty, And A Dash Of Stubbornness…Oops” makes it a really hilarious shirt to wear and sure to get everyone laugh out loud! It comes in 7 different colors so you’re sure to find your favorite one. 

Sizing options: S-YXL, runs true to size



Norway Shirt It’s Where My Story Begins Norway Flag

The Norway shirt is one of the meaningful and beautiful gifts for Norway lovers that they will crazy about. Stunning design with the little Norway flag and the quote “Norway It’s Where My Story Begins” make it special to wear. 

Sizing options: S-YXL, runs true to size



Norway Shirt Love In The Air It Smell Like Lefse

Do you like eating lutefisk? Embrace your classic style and declare your love for lutefisk, with the quote “Real Norwegian Eats Lutefisk For Christmas”. This tee shirt is one of the funny gifts for Norway lovers and lutefisk addicts. Designed with 100% cotton, the shirt is sure to meet your fashion needs.

Sizing options: S-YXL, runs true to size


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These gifts for Norway lovers are perfect for the upcoming festive season that your family members or friends will enjoy. Besides these great products above, we have a cool collection of gifts for Norway lovers. If you want any consults about the product or any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us via We try our best to support you 24/7. 

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