Are you wondering about what the best gifts for rock climber might be? What do they want? What on earth do climbers want? If you’re struggling with gifts for a rock climber, then rest at ease, because we’re going to share with you some of our favorite gifts that any rock climber actually loves and uses. 

From practical gifts (something we always need more of when climbing) to nice-to-have rock climbing presents, there’s an endless list of options to choose from.

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30 Practical Gifts For Rock Climber 

If you know someone who is as obsessed with climbing as we are, check out our list of best gifts for rock climber. The list below includes a mix of gear we already own, gear our climbing friends have recommended, and we also find out on the internet what’s on climbers’ wish lists. 

  1. I Am A Hiking Woman Shirt
  2. La Sportiva Men’s Finale Climbing Shoe
  3. Black Diamond 9.9 Mm Climbing Rope
  4. Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device
  5. Wild Country Pro Key Nut Tool
  6. Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness
  7. Vintage Life Universe Everything 42 Shirt Science Hiking
  8. Black Diamond Vision Rock Climbing Helmet
  9. Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad
  10. and 26 more…


1. I Am A Hiking Woman Shirt

A comfy t-shirt is always the best choice when it comes to rock climbing shirts and gifts. This tee with the funny saying “ I Am A Hiking Woman: Love mountain, problem-solving, like beer, requires caffeine, warning sarcasm inside ” make it the unique gift for your hiking woman to put on on every camping trip.


2. La Sportiva Men’s Finale Climbing Shoe

The climbing shoe is essential for any climber. Most climbers begin with rental shoes. They’ll work fine, but they’re often limited inability (not to mention fit). Plus, they have to cost money to rent. So, why don’t give them a pair of quality and affordable shoes? The La Sportiva Finale shoes are our top pick of climber gifts. They’re precise enough to grow with a novice climber’s abilities, yet versatile enough to handle any kind of terrain.


3. Black Diamond 9.9 Mm Climbing Rope

Every climber will appreciate this new rope. We asked many climbers about the essential items when climbing and they agree that this is the most important investment. Purpose-built for a balance of durability and excellent handling, this Black Diamond 9.9 Mm Climbing Rope is neither too stiff nor too soft, giving you a great feel when knotting with ease, passing through your belay with ease yet keeping it out of use.


4. Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device

For a pro climber, a Grigri is worth buying. Grigri devices provide assistive braking, which reduces strain on the driver’s hand and, in some cases, makes it safer.

Sports climbers trust the Grigri, but it’s a versatile piece of equipment in many types of climbing. While it hasn’t changed in years, it’s still our top pick in our guide to the best rock climbing gift idea.


5. Wild Country Pro Key Nut Tool

If your climber cares about trad climbing, a nut tool should be among their first orders. The nut tool is what climbers use to remove protective gear from cracks and fissures. The Wild Country Pro Key is our favorite bead tool, and it may be purchased with a lanyard to prevent accidental drops.


6. Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness

After preparing shoes, buying a climbing harness is the next step for the beginning climbers. For those who climb with ropes or lead climbing ropes, a harness is another piece of equipment used in every day of climbing, so you should find one that is comfortable. Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness is a great balance between comfort, flexibility, and budget. Give them this mug as the best bouldering gifts!


7. Vintage Life Universe Everything 42 Shirt Science Hiking

Perfect gift for climbers who love science, astronauts, hiking, camping, exploring the answer to life, the universe, and everything. With the novelty design, these shirts are really funny gifts for rock climbers.


8. Black Diamond Vision Rock Climbing Helmet

You will never be wrong with this helmet when shopping for rock climbing gifts for him or her. This Black Diamond Vision Rock Climbing Helmet is always our go-to favorite. Our previous foam helmets got dinged up and cracked easily. The foam in this rock climbing helmet is much denser while the top shield is more durable.


9. Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

Good quality crash pads are the perfect gifts for people who like rock climbing. Using an all-new filling system allows the pad to lay flat, fold easily according to features, and increase shock absorption from falls. In addition, Recycled EVA/PU foam partitions are typically collected and transported for disposal.


10. Black Diamond Hot Forge Quick Draws

We recently changed to these quickdraws as they have been updated in the design. It’s really easy and smooth to grip, durable, and let’s be honest – they look great.


11. Arc’teryx C80 Chalk Bag

The essential equipment for every climber is a loyal chalk bag. Chalk bags do one simple job: carry climbing chalk to keep climbers’ hands dry. There are plenty of good options out there, but the Arc’teryx C80 is our favorite chalk bag. Consider this bag if you have no idea about climbing gifts bouldering.


12. Sterling 11/16″ 17mm Climbing Sling

For climbers who want to try climbing outdoor, setting up an anchor is another essential option. Just like a nut tool, having an anchor device makes you a more desirable climbing partner. Add this one to your list of gifts for a rock climber.


13. Hiking Because Murder Is Wrong Black Cat Shirt

Climber shirts are among the best rock climbing shirts and gifts that will be appreciated. The awesome shirt featuring a black cat wearing a bunch of picnic packaging and the quote “Hiking Because Murder Is Wrong” sure to blow their mind and make them outstanding when wearing it!


14. Yosemite Valley Bouldering (Supertopo)

If you know someone who enjoys climbing outdoors, you must find them this classic climbing guide! It was only released this year, so you’re going to have the most up-to-date and accurate information. This is a MUST on your list of rock climber gifts this year.


15. Metolius Multi-Loop Gear Sling

As you get into trad climbing, SO starts. A LOT OF. GEAR. You have cams, drawstrings, slings, carabiners, belay equipment… it’s starting to get really crazy! This sling and organizer do a great job at keeping everything in place. Such a great rock climber gift!


16. Bigfoot Shirt I Hate People Camping Hunting

This is our unique and most popular design here at Tshirtatlowprice! If you know your giftee is really into bouldering, they’ll get this joke as soon as they open up your gift. This is one of the good climbing gifts under $20 you can’t miss.


17. Big Hug Mug True Detective

If you want to search for climbing gifts under $20, this funny mug is a good idea. Add a big hug for your climbers on their next trips. This is a great gift for HBO’s fans.


18. Patagonia Linked Pack 28L

Help them to bring all of their snacks and gears with this lil guy. Created with the roughest fabrics we could find to withstand abuse from short winds and chimney burrs. If you’re still wondering about the best rock climbing gift idea, consider this one.


20. Cell Phone Lanyard

Sure that climbers always take some photos at some pretty cool and beautiful places, but it’s rick to take your phone out to snap a photo and maybe you drop it down a cliff. That’s why in the list of bouldering gifts, we highly recommend this cell phone lanyard. This makes an ideal gift for climbers that they will appreciate.


21. Spotlight Portable LED Outdoor Lights

There are plenty of great climbing brushes out there, but this climbing brush from Sublime is our go-to favorite. This is a wonderful item for cleaning grease holds, there’s a secret compartment (a good place to store some lip balm). )! One rock can never really have enough climbing brooms.


22. Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing

Every climber always wantss a pair of climbing glasses so that they wouldn’t have to crane their neck when they belay at the crag. They are good quality and I’m sure that these would make a fantastic gift for any sports rock climber.


23. TRANGO Cord Trapper Rope Tarp

TRANGO Cord Trapper Rope Tarp is one of the best gifts for people who like rock climbing. The best way to keep rope of climbers clean and in a good shape is to use a use climbing tarp of some kind. Tarpaulin helps preserve the quality of cords for longer, and if your climber has a lot of cords, it’s great to have a few of these!


24. La Sportiva Women’s Warm Up Primaloft Skirt

A skirt might seem like a weird grear option for a climber, but you’re mistaken. Climbing in the early spring and fall is still quite chilly, especially for the belayer. So, giving them something simp;e and warm to throw on over their climbing leggings or pants are the great actual lifesaver when you’re out of the inevitable cold.


25. DMM Wallnut Nut Set

You can never go wrong by giving your climbing buddy some more gear, such as a set of DMM Wallnuts. Trad climbers never have enough gear. These stunning gifts for rock climber will make your climbers feel happy. 


26. 8BPlus Chalk Bag for Climbing 

Looking for the best baby gifts for rock climbers? This Chalk Bag is a cute option. Chalk bags are a fun way to personalize and accessorize your look. Some are more simple and practical while others are more decorative and interesting. Give them this one as funny gifts for rock climbers this season. 


27. Rocky Talkie

No matter what type of climbing you’re into, communication is always important. But don’t just buy any walkie-talkie, get yourself a Rocky radio. These rugged radios are convenient, durable, great battery life (over 3 days on a single charge), and solid range. So, it’s worth adding to your list of bouldering gifts ideas.


28. Rock Climbing Holds Baby Onesie 

If you want to your baby join your family trip, prepare some outfits to get your sports spirit. This Rock climbing onesie is really perfect for your baby gifts for rock climbers. It features three quick-closing latches for easy changes, a comfortable envelope neckline, and beautiful prints that are sure to keep your baby happy and giggling.


29. 40 oz. Flask Double Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated is important for rock climbing! This amazing vacuum insulated 40oz water bottle is the perfect companion for any adventure. Make sure hot drinks stay hot for up to 6 hours throughout the winter days or even keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours during hot summer months.


30. Black Diamond Crack Glove

Traditional climbers addicted to crack…climbing, that is! And getting hands stuck in cracks can be quite painful, which is why most professional climbers either bandage their hands or invest in crack-resistant gloves. Give them these crack-resistant, ultra-thin, and extra-thumb protection gloves as the best rock climber gift. Trad climbers will be delighted to open a pair of these!


31. Climbskin Hand Repair Cream

If you’re not sure what the good climber gifts are, this hand repair cream is the best way to go. This gift is perfect for both beginner climbers, immediate climbers, or advanced climbers. Made from non-toxic and silica-free and pigment-free material, the cream is safe for skin and can be used for kids and adults. It helps regenerate skin without getting them greasy. 


32. Alone on the Wall Paperback

If you want to discover the greatest free solo climbers, this book is an excellent pick. The book follows a memoir outlining his seven greatest achievements in his climbing career despite his limitations. 


33. Friction Labs Premium Sports Chalk for Rock Climbing

If you’re buying your climber a chalk bag, they’ll love Friction Labs chalk. It’s one of the high-quality chalk you should take into consideration. Take your climbing performance to the next level!


34. Petzl ACTIK CORE Headlamp

When it comes to creative gifts for rock climbers, you never go wrong with a headlamp. Every backpacker should have a torch and this makes a great present for backpackers who love adventure. It’s practical and simple to use. 


35. Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing

Another essential gift for rock climbers is a good pair of glasses. High-quality glasses help rock climbers have a perfect vision and surroundings while belaying. It comes with a carabiner, microfiber glasses cloth,  neck strap, and spare screws. 

Which one of these gifts for rock climber is your favorite?! Tshirtatlowprice hope this guide helped you the best one for the climber in your life (or maybe even yourself)! 

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