41 Perfect Gifts For Pokemon Go Lovers (2022)

Are your friends or your loved ones a gamer? Does he/ him have a big passion for the Pokemon Go Game? Are you looking for gifts for pokemon go lovers? Don’t worry, take a look at those Pokemon go gifts below and you will have multiple options that never let you be disappointed! 

Firstly, let us tell you more about Pokémon GO! This is an interactive virtual game developed by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android devices in the Pokémon series. 

The game was released globally in July 2016, along with a small wearable called Pokémon GO Plus designed by Nintendo, which will use Bluetooth connectivity to notify the player when there is a Pokémon nearby with an LED display and notification light. 

After only a short time of launch, the game has attracted millions of players, and has become one of the most popular virtual reality games in the world! The list of gift ideas for pokemon fans and gifts for pokemon lovers below will make your search much easier! 

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Best Gifts For Pokemon Fans Ideas 

The following cool Pokemon Go gifts will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the most appropriate one!

  1. I’m Not A Player I’m A Gamer T Shirt
  2. Itazura New Pokemon-Go inspired Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank Box
  3. Hockey Pokemon T Shirt
  4. Pokemon GO Ultra Ball Ceramic Coffee Mug
  5. Mountain Mew Shirt Mountain Mew Pokemon Tee
  6. Pokemon Bandolier Set
  7. 3D Crystal Pokemon Ball Night Light
  8. Pokemon The Original Starters Blue Gradient Snapback Cap
  9. Pokemon Men’s 5 Pack No Show Socks
  10. and 32 more…

1. I’m Not A Player I’m A Gamer T Shirt

This T-shirt is one of the great pokemon gifts for him. Also, this is a good idea for a gift to those who love Pikachu and Sonic. The beautiful designs will make you enjoy a happy moment with gamers.

You also can visit Tshirtatlowprice to refer to similar hot shirt models


2. Itazura New Pokemon-Go inspired Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank Box

Now, cuter than ever, Japanese company SHINE has decided to expand the assortment to include everyone’s favorite Pokemon character, Pikachu!

When you place a coin on top of his tiny Pokebox home, you’ll hear pika pika~ pikachu pika pika~ pikachu when he takes the new shiny coin you’ve just given him!

Although the images are simply prototypes, we can already imagine how adorable this Pikachu will be! 

This one would be ideal pokemon birthday gifts for both men and girls who have a big passion for Pokemon! 


3. Hockey Pokemon T Shirt

Wondering what the best gifts for pokemon lovers are? This shirt is for those who love playing games, those who love hockey! If you consider the game and pokemon Pikachu your whole life then this t-shirt will definitely make you satisfied! Try this game shirt right now!


4. Pokemon GO Ultra Ball Ceramic Coffee Mug

Express your big love for Pokemon with this awesome molded coffee mug!

Quality ceramic mugs hold up to 16 fluid ounces of your favorite beverage, 

which are sure to make perfect gifts for pokemon go lovers! 


5. Mountain Mew Shirt Mountain Mew Pokemon Tee

If you are a big fan of Mountain Dew drinking and Mew Pokemon, this hot “Mountain Mew Shirt Mountain Mew Pokemon Tee” below definitely makes you fall in love at the first sight! Let’s check it out! Give these gifts for pokemon go lovers to your besties and make them outstanding in the crowd! 


6. Pokemon Bandolier Set

Pokemon Bandolier Set features a 2-inch Pikachu figure, 2 Clip ‘N’ go poke balls, a clip ‘N’ go poke ball belt, and a clip ‘N’ go carrying bag – bag folds out into a battle mat for 2 figures!

You’ll be ready to do Pokemon battles anytime, wherever with the fantastic Pokémon Poké Ball Clip ‘N’ Go Belt Set! Makes the best gifts for pokemon go lovers, trading cards, Let’s go!


7. 3D Crystal Pokemon Ball Night Light

The night light is suitable for use in houses, bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, bars, stores, cafés, restaurants, and celebrations, among other places. It’s also a unique gift that may be given to family, friends, children, and others!

At night, use it as a bedside lamp to spend a lovely and cozy night with your children!

8. Pokemon The Original Starters Blue Gradient Snapback Cap

If you are finding some caps that can show off your passion for pokemon, and anime characters then these gifts for pokemon go lovers definitely satisfy you!

With a stunning cap, you can be confident to go out with your besties! Ready to have a great time with this cute cap? 


9. Pokemon Men’s 5 Pack No Show Socks

This is definitely the cutest little gift set for any gamer. Have you found the pokemon gifts for men yet? If not yet, this would be the best option that you should not miss! 


10. Pokemon Official & Premium Quality 8-Inch Pikachu Plush

This really soft plush figure is perfect for carrying around with you!

Makes a fantastic present for Pokémon aficionados – your favorite Pokémon character awaits you! Pick up that pikachu as pokemon gifts for men and pokemon gifts for girls as well! 


11. Pokemon Trainer Pokeball Kids Beanie Hat

Useful cool pokemon gifts for your kids! Winter hats with numerous distinctive logos and unique designs are really fashionable and make an excellent addition to any ensemble. Your ensemble will be complete with their assistance. You will find the ideal benefit as a gift or a surprise with us.

This cup also can become one of the unique gifts For 3 year old boy that he will adore a lot! 


12. Pokemon Pikachu 3D Illusion LED Night Light

If your bride is a big fan of Pikachu, Pokemon, this 3D Illusion LED Night Light would be the best gifts for pokemon go lovers ever! This amazing 3D Illusion lamp is designed that play tricks on the eye creating a 3D optical illusion impression but is actually absolutely flat 2D.

The fantasy light is powered by a universal USB cord and connector, making it easier to turn on! 

Perfect for a child’s bedroom, a child’s room, a living room, a bar, a shop, a café, a restaurant, or a party! 


13. Pokemon Cards Binder 4-Pocket

To avoid loss, wrinkles, and tears, keep your prized cards in a safe place. When flicking through the cards, the thick PU cover with great design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The card is secured with a zipper to prevent it from falling out. Sleeves can be removed and added using a three-ring design.

With the specific design, this pocket is worth being the best gifts for pokemon go lovers! 


14. Pokemon Pikachu Travel Mug

With this officially licensed travel mug from Just Funky, you can show off your enthusiasm for Pokemon! Take your hot and cold beverages with you on the road, to the office, and everywhere. Always stay refreshed and hydrated with these cool pokemon gifts!      


15. Boxgear Pikachu Fidget Toy Pop Pop

The fidget toy is perfect for children and people who have trouble controlling their emotions, allowing you and your loved ones to experience quieter and serenity. Relax and Forget About Stress: Keep your stress levels under control with the silicone stress toy!

Boxgear Pikachu Fidget Toy Pop Pop is one of the most ideal pokemon gifts for adults to boost their mood after a hard-working day! 


16. Pokémon, “Kanto Favorites” Twin Bed in a Bag Set

Featuring original Pokémon characters, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and many more in a grid pattern, the soft and cozy set with 1 heavyweight comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 pillowcase will be the best pokemon go gifts that you can give to your beloved ones! 


17. Sleepy Charmander Terrarium Pokeball 

These Sleepy Charmander Terrarium Pokeballs can be perfect pokemon birthday gifts for your lovely little child who loves pokemon so much! With an eye-catching and cute design, this will definitely be a great gift for your little angel! 


18. Pokemon Gift Keychain 

Best gifts for pokemon fans! For your sweetheart’s birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary, this is a cute gift. Made of silica gel, it’s safe, wear-resistant, and pollution-free.


19. Pokémon Pikachu Hand-Made Tote Bag

Use them as a tote to carry toys around the house, a purse to carry things out of the house, an extra accessory to any outfit, Easter baskets, environmentally friendly gift bags, wonderful party gifts, Halloween baskets, and more! The possibilities are endless! Best pokemon gifts for adults and children.

Take a look at these gifts for pokemon fans and you will fall in love with them at the first sight! 


20. Pokeball Pokemon Sign Birthday Party Christmas Present

A perfect choice to light up your lovely room. Let “vvvV” help your home become more brilliant and impressive than ever. Your name will also be printed on the product creating a great design!

These Pokeball personalized may be the best gifts for pokemon go lovers that you are finding! 


21. Pokemon Kawaii Cartoon Anime Series

If you are still wondering about Christmas gifts for pokemon go lovers, the Pokemon Kawaii Cartoon Anime Series Cute Pikachu Gold Clavicle Necklace will be a perfect choice for you. Make your loved ones with this necklace right now!


22. Ghost Pokemon Cell Phone Tough Case

Tough Cases allow you to accessorize your phone without sacrificing security. It has an impact-resistant polycarbonate outer shell and a TPU inner interior for added protection. Keep your phone safe and fashionable with this case.

If you are considering pokemon birthday gifts, this present would be your best choice! 


23. Pokémon Touchscreen Interactive Smart Watch

This pokemon watch is the best option for pokemon gifts for adults in many special occasions!  With selfie-cam, voice recorder, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator, this cute watch would make you look cooler than ever!

There is no reason to refuse such an interesting item, isn’t it? This one definitely a watch that you should not miss! 


24. Pokemon Wooden Shelf

With this Pokemon Wooden Shelf, you can keep a hundred favorite books and let others know how much you love pokemon!  Such interesting gifts for pokemon go lovers the pokemon game fans, isn’t it?


25. Pikachu Pokemon I Choose You Metal Card 

This sentimental card is a perfect gift for a loved one, with a printed message of “I Choose You!” and “This Pikachu brings soul mates together”! So add this one to your list of gifts for pokemon go lovers! 


26. Pikachu Birthday Card

If you would like a personalized printed message on the inside of the card then please choose this option when ordering!  Now is the time to express appreciation to your favorite pokemon, Pikachu through these gifts for pokemon go lovers


27. Pokemon TCG Deck Box

If you are finding gifts for pokemon go lovers for friends or beloved ones, this Pokemon TCG Deck Box would be your best choice! A Collection of 3D Printed Deck Boxes in the Style of the Iconic Pokémon Ball all Featuring a Clear Window to display your most Shiney Card & Concealed Magnets on the sides to Hold the lid Close! Take it right now! 


28. Best Pokemon Embroidery

We are sure that this Pokemon Embroidery would be the best last gifts for pokemon go lovers that you are hunting! Take this one for your bestie and help her express her love for Pokemon! 


29. Pokemon Chocolate Dipped Oreo Favors

Do you need a boost of energy to track down that Pikachu or Charizard? Look no farther than this adorable Chocolate wrapped Oreos Pokeballs to “Catch Them All.”

This super cute Chocolate dipped Oreos are sure to add fun to your Pokemon party. Each Oreo will be individually wrapped in a heat-sealed cellophane bag.


30. Pokemon Character Modern Framed Canvas Wall Art

Put this Pokemon Character Modern Framed Canvas Wall Art in your living room and bedroom to make it look a hundred times prettier! You can also purchase this item for your loved one as pokemon go gifts! Do not hesitate any longer, take this right now!


31. Pokemon Planter Set

Give these gifts for pokemon go lovers to your bestie and make her/him day! 

Small plants and succulents can be grown in 3D-printed flowerpots inspired by Pokemon.

These are made out of little sections that were printed individually and then glued together.

Poké Ball Plus- gifts for pokemon go lovers

32. Poké Ball Plus

It’s your Poke Ball, and it’s your adventure! The Poke Ball is an essential piece of equipment for any Pokemon Trainer, as it is used to catch Pokemon and carry them around on your travels

Poke Ball Plus, a new device with a similar design and feel, is now available!

Your Pokemon experiences jump out of the screen and into the real world when you hold Poke Ball Plus in your hand.

Do not miss these gifts for pokemon go lovers! 


33. Hallmark 9″ Medium Pokémon Gift Bag

Are you thinking about gifts for pokemon go lovers that are practical and can satisfy pokemon fans? This Pokémon gift bag features a flat PokéBall attachment on the front to celebrate gamers of all ages, with  2 sheets of white tissue paper included for quick and easy wrapping definitely satisfies you!  


34. Carrying case for Pokemon Trading Cards

This Carrying Case for Pokemon Trading Cards would be the best choice for you if you are finding gifts for pokemon go lovers, especially pokemon gifts for men! This case provides a pleasant holding feeling in hands and strong protection for cards inside. Let’s pick up it! 


35. Pokemon Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone

These Bluetooth earphones include unique artwork inspired by your favorite character and are sure to be perfect gifts for pokemon fans! 


36. Pokemon Switch Adventure Pack

You also can buy this Pokemon Switch Adventure Pack as gifts for Pokemon Go lovers on birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions! This pack can be the best choice for children who love pokemon so much! 


37. Pokemon Pikachu Kids Headphones

Comfortable headphones feature an adjustable headband and soft ear cushions to provide a personalized fit when using headphones for school, home, or travel. With a cute pokemon graphic, this makes fans of Pikachu look so cute and active! 


38. Cartoon Temporary Tattoos

Cut the tattoo you like with scissors, and then face down on the skin, wet the tattoo with water, and wait for 10 seconds. Then gently tear off the white surface. You will get a cute tattoo! cool pokemon gifts right here! What are you looking for?     


38. Cartoon Pokemon Pikachu Cosmetic Bag

You can give these pokemon gifts for girls to anyone: your sister, friend, grandmother, cousin, mother, auntie, daughter, teacher, nurse, doctor, wife, family, and so on. It’s appropriate for any occasion and may be worn anyplace.


39.  5D Diamond Pokemon Painting Kit

Diamond painting kit: Best diamond painting kits for beginners to enhance children’s hands-on ability, color matching ability, develop concentration, and joyful self-discipline.

Pokéball Plush - Soft Stuffed Poké Ball with Weighted Bottom- gifts for pokemon go lovers

40. Pokéball Plush – Soft Stuffed Poké Ball with Weighted Bottom

For all Pokemon enthusiasts, this soft and cuddly 4″ Pokémon Poké Ball Plush is a must-have!

This Pokéball plush is fantastic for cuddling or playing catch with! It also has a weighted bottom to ensure that it always lands upright! Do not hesitate to purchase these gifts for pokemon go lovers!

Pokemon Paper Dessert Plates- gifts for pokemon go lovers

41. Pokemon Paper Dessert Plates

Featuring Pikachu with a Poke Ball on a bright blue background, these plates are perfect American Greetings party supplies for a kid’s birthday party or Pokemon-themed party! Also, this plate can be the best Christmas gifts for pokemon go lovers that you should not miss! 

Final Thought

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular virtual reality games in the world, along with the adorable, mischievous pokemon character, pokemon has melted the hearts of millions of people around the world!

You can choose from thousands of different gifts for pokemon go lovers to give to your loved ones, especially gifts for best friends on special occasions! Don’t miss the opportunity to own special items on the most trending list!

Hanging stockings beside the fireplace, like decorating a Christmas tree or draping a sprig of mistletoe overhead, marks the beginning of the Christmas season. St. Nicholas, a Greek bishop who lived in the third century and was famed for his compassion for children, is said to have started the stocking tradition.

While most kids will not discover gold in their stockings this holiday season, many may receive sweets and gifts. We’ll look at five typical stocking stuffers in this piece. 

You can choose from thousands of different stocking stuffers for 18 month old to give to your loved ones, or on special occasions! Don’t miss the opportunity to own special items on the most trending list!

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