Your little girls often love receiving gifts, especially on their birthday, Christmas, or when they get high scores at school, behave well, and help other people. Let’s choose the best gifts for little girls to make your adorable happy on special occasions or encourage them to perform better in study or daily life. Check out the top unique and impressive personalised gifts for little girl here.

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Gifts For Little Girls


1. Purple Kid Tablet

One of the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl to 7 year-old children is the kid tablet. There are three colors of the tablet for customers to choose from including purple, blue, and pink. This appliance gives your kids access to many kids’ content, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, and more.

2. Educational Insights Uh-Oh Hippo

This preschool game is one of the best gifts for a 5 year old little girl who is going to enter Primary school next year. This funny game does not only entertain your daughter but also trains her matching skills and memory. 


3. Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper

Your daughters will have a happy time indoors and outdoor with this jumper. It’s one of the best gifts for little girls at 3 years old and above. She can play alone or have fun with siblings and friends at home or on a nearby playground. 


4. Personalized Sequin Pillow

You can surprise your little sweetheart with a personalized sequin pillow with her name on it. It’s one of the best birthday gifts and best christmas gifts for little girls. Her eyes will blink like the Christmas tree when unboxing the present and seeing her own pillow. 


5. Baby Balance Bike

The bike was designed for children aged 1-3. It’s a perfect birthday gift for your little daughter. This safe riding toy lets your kids have fun with their siblings, parents, and friends in the house, garden, or playground. 


6. Personalized Mini Crossbody Purse

Finding the best gift for a 9 year old little girl on her birthday or a present for her good performance at school. Have the name of the kid printed on the purse to make her eyes blink and twinkle like little stars.


7. Meowdy Mug

This Christmas, give your daughters Meowdy mugs – the best gifts for little girls to encourage them to drink water, milk, chocolate, juice, and healthy drinks. Select the smaller size for your little girl. 


8. LEGO Disney Building Toy

One of the best birthday gifts for your daughter is a set of LEGO Disney building toys. The LEGO set includes the four most beloved characters and princesses in Disney, such as Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana. Disney little fans will love this building toy.


9. Personalized Night Light 

This night light is one of the most stunning and impressive personalised gifts for little girl who sleeps alone. This handmade gift is very safe for your daughter because it’s made from wood and plexiglass. The gorgeous cozy light makes her room look warm and brings beautiful images to her dreams. 


10. Pink Bear Children’s Plush Chair

This pink sweet seat is totally safe for your little daughter made from Polyurethane foam and Polyester fibers. It’s one of the best gifts for little girls to have the most comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing playing, eating, and reading time. 


11. Batmin Mug

If your little girl is a big fan of Batman, this Batmin mug will make her happy. It’s safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. This lovely and special mug will make her drinking time happier and more enjoyable. 


12. Pastel Pink LED Unicorn Dream Catcher

Little girls often love adorable things like a dream catcher. This LED unicorn dream with a pastel pink color is a great decor item for her bedroom. This dream catcher is made from wood and mixed materials, so it’s safe for your kids. 


13. Pull and Sing Puppy

If your kids love puppies but she is too little to have a pet, this plastic pull and sing puppy is one of the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl. This pet toy can run, sing, and play with your daughter when you are busy. The flash on its nose and the sound and voice it releases can attract kids. 


14. KidiZoom Creator Cam

This creator camp is among the best gift for little girls and boys who loves acting and recording videos. This high-tech camera for kids has lots of animated backgrounds and special effects. Your daughter can make high-quality videos and develop her creativity. 

15. Personalized Jean Jacket

A personalized outfit is also one of the best gifts for little girls, especially on their birthdays. You can select the size for the kid from 3 to 18 months old. The fashionable denim jacket with the name of the kid makes your daughter look cute and cool.


16. Sort and Discovery Activity Cube

Another amazing gift for little girls and boys is the Sort and Activity Cube with many funny activities, songs, phrases, melodies, and sounds. The colorful toy box helps the kid develop hand-eye coordination with colorful blocks of different shapes. 


17.  7 Years Of Awesome T-shirt

One of the best gifts for a 6 year old little girl who is going to turn seven is a 7th birthday T-shirt. This birthday T-shirt is made from cotton, so it’s extremely comfortable and safe for children’s skin. 


18. My Little Girl Engraved Music Box

It’s one of the best gifts for little girls that a dad can give his daughter and encourage her love for music. The music box is made from maple wood with a picture of a dad holding his little daughter’s hand engraved on the top. It’s also a stunning souvenir for your daughter.  


19. Kids Personalised Bracelets

Lovely personalized bracelets are the best gifts for a 5 year old little girl to give your younger sister on a normal day or her birthday. Choose a unicorn, rainbow, star, or heart to charm the fashion bracelets. Only children above 3 years old should receive it because of safety reasons.


20. Custom Name Necklace

A stunning silver/gold/rose plated necklace with the name of your daughters, siblings, or friends will be a big surprise for them on their birthday. You can choose the length of the chain based on the age of the girl and the chain type.


21. Little Girl Birthday Box

If you are invited to the birthday party of your friend’s little daughter but don’t know what to gift the baby, order a little girl birthday box. It includes all the best gifts for a 6 year old little girl, such as an adorable lip balm, sleep eye mask, notebook, scrunchie, and headbands.


22. This Princess T-Shirt

This shirt is another ideal gift for a little girl at her 7th birthday party. It varies in color and size to fit and satisfy your daughter, granddaughter, and sibling. The materials of the shirt and the print are safe for her skin. 


23. Personalized Dinosaur Clutch Handbags

Is your daughter a big fan of dinosaurs? Gift her an adorable dinosaur handbag with her personalization printed on it, such as her name or nickname. Your daughter can bring her small treasures to the kindergarten or friend’s house with this handbag. 


24. Heartfelt Heart And Chicken Mug

A lovely heartfelt chicken will delight little girls who love chicken and cute things. This ceramic mug is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. You should select the smaller size of 11oz for your little daughter.


25. Princess Indoor & Outdoor Play Tent

It’s one of the best gifts for little girls that your little daughter will surely love. Your little princesses will have a happy time with friends and siblings in this lightweight and portable play tent for kids at home or in the garden. Put some barbie dolls, small blankets, pillows, etc. in the tent for her. 


26. Crayola Inspiration Art Case in Pink

Crayons are the best Christmas gifts for little girls who love drawing and colors. A coloring set includes washable markers, colored pencils, and crayons. In addition, there are some large paper sheets for your daughters to draw pictures and color. 


27. Learn and Groove Musical Table

Your little daughter will love this musical table. It also develops her musical sense and talent from a young age. It features lots of classic songs for kids and sounds of many instruments, such as the drum and piano. 


28. Huffy Disney Minnie Girl’s Bike

This training bike is a wonderful gift for little girls ages three to five who are big fans of Disney’s Minnie Mouse. When she knows how to keep balance on the bike, her parents can remove the training wheels. This is one of the best gifts for little girls to learn riding skills and do exercise.


29. 3D Moon Lamp

The 3D Moon Lamp with a wood stand will satisfy universe lovers. The surface of the moon is printed sophisticatedly like the real moon in the images from NASA’s satellite. It has up to 16 colors in 5 stages of brightness and 5 modes. It goes with remote control. 


30. Personalized Earrings

You order dainty personalized earrings to surprise the little girls on Christmas day or school opening ceremony. You can choose the materials of the earring, including silver, gold, white gold, and rose gold which is safe for her skin.


31. Glow Sketch

Glow Sketch is an interesting interactive pillowcase for your daughter to develop her creativity and drawing skill. She can use the light to draw on the pillowcase and the luminescent ink will fade after 5-10 minutes. It’s always among the best gifts for little girls


32. Downtown Diner Building Blocks Set

Little girls also like building toys. The set of downtown diner building blocks has 2480 small pieces. Moreover, this diner building will be a stunning addition to her modern LEGO town. Every detail of the building is extremely realistic and vivid. 


33. Mini Bricks Sakura Tree House

The Sakura Tree House building set is one of the best gift for a 9 year old little girl that helps her develop patience. The set has up to 2138 colorful pieces made from plastic and includes a lot of micro blocks. The beautiful Cherry Blossom tree is also a great house decor after completing the construction. 


34. Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set 

A safer building toy set for kids is the set of castle building blocks made from wood. The little girl can build a different medieval castle from 150 interchangeable building blocks. These wood blocks are durable and safe for her health. 


35.  Red Pirate Ship Building Blocks Set

One of the best gifts for little girls who love pirate stories and movies is a building block set of the red pirate ship. With up to 3694 pieces, she can build the most detailed pirate ship with artillery equipment, red pirate sails, and rooms. 


36. Building Stars Balance Toy Set

Wooden stacking balance toy helps your little girls learn about balance and how to build a perfect balance structure. It’s a wonderful educational toy set with a moon and many small stars. Your kids won’t get bored even when playing alone. 


37. 3-Wheeled Scooter for Kids

This 3-wheeled scooter is the best gift for fun exercise with a comfortable extra-large footpad and a removable flip-out seat. She can stand or sit when scooting in the house yard, a safe playground, and the nearby local park. 

38. Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

The princess castle tent with LED is very safe for your daughters. It’s made from polyester material, so you can place it in the indoor playhouse, bedroom, or garden. Besides, it’s easy to clean the tent. 


39. Bike Helmet for Kids

It’s one of the best gifts for little girls who love cycling and scooting. This bike helmet varies in color. There are two sizes for infants and toddlers aged 3 years old. Don’t forget to check the size chart of the product before ordering. 


40. Arendelle Castle Playset

This set is the best gift for fans of Disney princesses, including Elsa and Anna dolls in their bedroom and living room. Opening the adventure box with the key, you will see two floors of Elsa and Anna’s castle inspired by their house in Disney Frozen 2.


41. Floating Purple Octopus Bath Toy

Make the bath time more enjoyable and fun for your little daughters with floating octopus. This is one of the best gifts for little girls who hate bathing. She can interact and play with this adorable Octopus Hoopla bath toy.


42. Flower Kaleidoscope Kit for Kids

Your daughter can learn a lot of things about nature and explore the eco world with this flower kaleidoscope. Moreover, she can learn about the optics and light refractions when playing with the kit.


43. Rainbow Wooden Stacking Pebbles

Small girls often love colorful things like rainbow-colored toys. This set includes 20 pieces of wooden play stones painted in rainbow colors. Your little child can develop her imagination and build colorful stone columns. 


44. Cat Headbands

It’s one of the best gifts for little girls on the first day of the new semester or before a school party in her kindergarten. She can choose her favorite colors for the cat ears and flowers to attach to the headband. 


45. Anna Costume for Girls

Anna is one of the most favorite Disney princesses with millions of little fans. Her party costume is also the dream of many little girls. Just surprise your little daughter with a real-life version of Anna’s party dress for kids.


46. Disney Frozen Elsa Dress

Anna’s sister, Elsa is also a favorite Disney princess who has a strong mind, warm heart, and magical ability. Make your daughter the star of her birthday party or Christmas party with an Elsa dress.

Final Thought

These are the best gifts for little girls on their birthday, Christmas, class party, etc. You can also gift your little daughter interesting educational toys to help develop her IQ and sense of art or buy her small gifts to reward her good actions and encourage her to behave well. In addition to gifts for little girls, we’ve also had a list of gifts for one-year-old boys, two-year-old boys, presents for three year-old-boys, and more.

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