Top 60 Best Gifts for a Graphic Designer of 2022

It must be hard to find gifts for a graphic designer! Graphic artists are creative individuals who are always looking for ways to develop or convey their creativity. To make this even simpler, we’ve curated a list of what we consider the 40 best gifts for a graphic designer. Whether you want to give them practical gifts for a graphic designer or a gift just for fun, we have it all.

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Best Gifts for a Graphic Designer


1. I Am A Simple Man I Like Motorcycle And Believe In Jesus Shirt

This is a cute graphic design for your friends and family who are graphic designers, on any special occasion! With the words “I Am A Simple Man I Like Motorcycle And Believe In Jesus” and the image of the American flag and motorcycle, this shirt is sure to make any graphic designer who loves motorcycles happy!


2. Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS220j

Looking for awesome gifts for a graphic designer? This is an award-winning disk station manager that will access and share data with macOS and Windows devices. 

It can also work with mobile phones and Linux software. One will have free access to private cloud files while traveling and from anywhere in the world. You can also use this feature to back up your phone images and data. A graphic designer who works with a lot of files and storage is a big concern. This will certainly be the best Gift for graphic designer Students.


3. Sagittarius T Shirt Design Will Keep It Real 100%

The great zodiac t-shirt design is the best birthday gift for designers in the Sagittarius zodiac sign who want to express their individuality. 100% cotton, proudly printed in the USA, using eco-friendly ink to create a shirt that’s stylish and comfortable to wear!


4. Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen

Made from stainless steel and aluminum, the Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen promises a very smooth experience. First of all, we love its versatility and it is compatible with all types of devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, e-readers, Samsung tablets, and Android phones. This allows for more flexibility and the designer will be able to draw better. For extra comfort, a rubber grip is provided. 

Additionally, the supplied cap comes with a clip that allows you to attach the stylus to your pocket or case. This could be one of the best gifts for graphic designer students.


5. Let Me Tell You About My Jesus Mug

What other coffee cup would be one of the gifts for a graphic designer? This mug has a cute graphic design! The porcelain mug comes in a gift box that is suitable and dishwasher safe. The designer can use this mug during their working time.


6. Field Notes

Drawing paper is one of the gadgets for graphic designers as it gives them a sense of proportion and allows them to draw with perfect precision and measure. This product will provide a brochure that can be taken anywhere. It measures 3.5″ x 5.5″ and includes 48 pages. 

The company also considers lefties and offers a separate 3-pack version for them. They look the same, and the only difference is that they are pinned to the other side.


7. Hibetek Graphic Designer Gift Artist Gift

Especially if it’s Comic Sans or Serif! How could you?! This stainless steel keychain is the perfect gift for graphic designers, especially if they’re a little fussy! An important item in a velvet gift bag, a super great gift for your co-workers.


8. Spirograph Original Deluxe Spirograph Art Set

How many graphic designers were born from playing this game as children? Bring back happy childhood memories and give them a great way to relieve their anxiety with this gift. The game includes 22 spirals, three pens, an instruction book, 20 design sheets, and a carrying case.

Wacom-Screen- gifts for a graphic designer

9. Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet with Screen

This is one of the best ideas for graphic design! With technology getting better every month, gifting a drawing tablet is a great option. These tablets allow designers to draw directly on the screen where they can collaborate with others and make changes electronically & manually.


10. WD 5TB My Passport Ultra Blue Portable External Hard Drive HDD

Of course, spare memory is a great gift at any time. It’s a saving gift you can give to your designer friends, whose work is their lifeblood.

There was no way they wanted to lose it; one of the thoughtful gadgets for graphic designers. So why not? This storage software allows data synchronization with other cloud services. Whether you want a backup, security, file management, or just cloud storage, they cover all the requirements.


11. Walls Notebook Diary

Bare city walls adorned with new layers of design – what could be more appealing to doodlers, designers, and graffiti artists? This type of gift invites them to perform acts of inner vandalism without the risk of jail time.

They can take notes, sketch, or draw, whatever they like. It’s a minimalist version of a wall they can paint on. This wall notebook or diary gift is super quirky for those creative gems.


12. Griffin PowerDock 5

To remove the mess and make your friends’ lives easier, here’s another superhero gift on the list. Power stations will help keep your friend’s desk clean. No messy wires and no entanglement. These stations can also fit cables, wallets, phones, tablets, and keys. Allow them some new space and no clutter.


13. The Paper Tablet

This Paper Tablet will make reading, writing, and sketching appear simple. This tablet will prove to be one of the promising gifts for a graphic designer who hasn’t quite made the whole transition to digital. Furthermore, the tablet produces a digital outcome that has an analog feel to it. Almost every designer’s dream gift.

Pantone Color Guide- gifts for a graphic design

14. Pantone Guide, Color Bridge Set Coated 

The fan-shaped reference guide developed by the Pantone Color Institute is useful for any professional working with graphic design.

For web designers, the version called Color Bridge Coated is most useful, designed to convert shades into CMYK and RGB formats. It allows Pantone’s colors to be displayed most accurately on the screen.


15. Uni Posca Paint Marker FULL RANGE Bundle Set

Set of 29 markers your friend can use to take brief notes, create illustrations, or even pop art. Make sure they are water-based and can be used to paint on metal, glass, plastic, mirror, or any surface.


16. Logo Board Game

A special set of 400 game cards provides hours of play and can be a birthday gift for designers. This game will test your friends’ knowledge. They will come in a stylish lightbox. Learn more interesting and unexpected facts that will help entertain not only graphic designers.


17. Pantone: 10 Notebooks

You’ll likely see it mentioned among gift ideas for graphic design everywhere. That’s because these notebooks have become a craze in the design world. So your recipient will be happy to try one.


18. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge

Every designer knows the agony of trying to balance devices, sketchbooks, and coffee mugs on their lap. To avoid broken screens and coffee stains everywhere, a designer needs a laptop and this one has the perfect design. There’s enough space for a 15-inch laptop, a cartoon phone or tablet to stand upright in a special slot, and some other nonsense in a corner.

Touchscreen Gloves- gifts for a graphic design

19. Touch Gloves

Winter can be very uncomfortable for a creative person running around. Buying a nice pair of warm, conductive gloves so your friend can use his devices on the road with his hands warm. Such gloves have special threads woven into the tips of the thumb and forefinger that make any touchscreen responsive.

20. I Work With A Right Bunch Of Twats Mug

Colleague gifts are important because they mean A LOT to them. The gifts for a graphic designer can express the sincere appreciation, admiration, and gratitude for the cooperation and friendship your colleague brings. The mug depicts a working group, discussing a project together.

Wrangler Smart Luggage Set with Cup Holder and USB Port- gifts for a graphic designer

21. Smart Carry-On

Some gifts for graphic designers need to be concerned with the safety of their intellectual property, not necessarily digital assets. With this bag, a busy designer can comfortably travel everywhere. The bag is linked to the smartphone for security, and the smartphone is charged via the built-in backup battery.


22. Sakura Pens

Pens are the most prized gift for graphic designer Students. They are just high quality to be useful to an artist. You need a pen that doesn’t skip spots, create puddles, or dry quickly.


23. Extra Storage

This is one of the useful gifts for graphic designers you can safely trust. There are many of these add-ons so you might find something that better suits your friend’s needs. But even a simple backup archive utility is great.


24. Projection Keyboard

This little box is really something we should all use. But so far it’s still a great gift your designer can hardly get. It’s more portable than a regular keyboard and iPad mouse and makes life much easier for people who travel a lot and work on the go.


25. Skeleton I’m Not Crazy I’m Special Shirt

Great design for cool graphic designers who have a great sense of humor. Amazing new graphics, and funny quips are sure to make some people turn their heads and laugh out loud wherever you go. Perfect gifts for graphic designers under 20 on a birthday, Christmas, or any gift-giving occasion.


26. Electronic Cleaning Brush

Graphic designers work every day with a lot of equipment and sometimes need cleaning as well. The electronic brush is an inexpensive but useful tool that helps keep many devices clean – from the best laser-beam keyboards to smartphones or watches.


27. Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook

If you want the perfect gift for cool graphic designers to help them develop their skills, then the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook is a great idea. It will reach artists and designers using print as well as digital media. This book will provide you with information on the business, legal and ethical issues relevant to the current situation and will help people reach more consumers.


28. Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy

If your loved one is a tiny design enthusiast who wants to grow up to be a graphic designer, the Etch A Sketch Classic Red Drawing Toy could make a great gift. It has buttons on both sides, which make the lines appear on the screen. Lines can be twisted and bent with the help of these knobs.


29. Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set Pen & Dotted Smart Notebook

One of the great gifts for a graphic designer option is the Moleskine Pen + Smart Writing Set Pen & Dot Notebook. Graphic designers often need to transfer their designs that have been drawn on paper to a digital application. With this product, children will easily digitize their drawings, take notes and edit them in digital form.


30. KitchenAid KEK1222OB 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle

If your loved one spends hours burning oil in the middle of the night, they’ll love an electric kettle. The KitchenAid KEK1222OB 1.25 liter electric kettle is a great gift for a designer and will make 1.25 liters of tea or coffee at a time. The watch has an on / off switch with LED lights and an indicator light, making it easy to monitor the watch from afar.


31. Bodum Travel Press

Are you friends with a busy graphic designer? Then this Press would be a great gift choice. It is made of vacuum and the body has two baffles and will keep your hot drinks and cold drinks cold for hours.

You can also make tea and coffee on the go. Simply grind the coffee and add it to hot water. Cover and brew perfectly brewed coffee within minutes.


32. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design

Written by Philip B. Meggs and Alston W. Purvis, Meggs’ History of Graphic Design is a treasure trove for graphic designers. If you know someone who is starting their career as an artist or a designer, this will give them compelling tutorials and stunning tech visuals.


33. Epson Expression Photo Printer

This Epson printer is high-quality photography and design tool and can print up to 13” x 19” paper on nearly any standard paperweight and surface. Therefore, this is one of the most suitable gifts for a graphic designer.


34. Vegan Muscle Killing Workouts Not Animals Shirt

The shirt reads: “Vegetarian muscle-killing exercises, not animals.” The perfect t-shirt for a graphic designer who loves animals, especially those on a vegan diet. Wear this shirt to the gym to raise awareness against animal cruelty while working out, bodybuilding, strength training, or cardio.


35. LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock for Smart Home

This WiFi smart meter widget shows notifications of many things; for example, business metrics, emails, tasks, news, etc. Fully customizable, one can connect it to a mobile phone or a computer.


36. Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light

This alarm light simulates sunlight to wake them up in a natural way. In addition, it has an FM radio, with another option of setting a wake-up sound. All in all, this is a great treat for night owl designers and party lovers.


37. Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

These sleek speakers by Harmon Kardon are truly stunning pieces of work with great sound. This would be one of the perfect gifts for graphic designers under 20 who love listening to music.


38. Sony Overhead Headphones

Sony’s 1000XM3 wireless headphones have long been the best noise-canceling headphone choice to date. 1000XM4, Sony’s latest release takes everything that was great about their previous model and adds it. Aesthetically, they look incredibly similar but under the hood is where Sony has added some new bells and whistles.


39. Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera

Are you a graphic designer who loves to take pictures? Try Sony’s A6600. Without a doubt, it is the best camera for quality photos. It would be great if he used this camera to support his design work.


40. Moleskine Classic Notebook

This is one of the best gifts for a graphic designer that will help graphic designers keep projects and notes in progress in your Moleskine notebook with elastic straps and internal storage folders. Moleskine notebooks come in hardcover or paperback and in colors like black, red, blue, green, and brown.


41. Jane Austen Mug Jane Austen Books

Is “Jane Austen Mug Jane Austen Books” one of the best gifts for a graphic designer who loves Jane Austen and reads books? If you are a bookworm, this mug will be the best choice for you! We are sure that with its gorgeous and eye-catching design, this mug will delight any book lover! Let’s check it out!


42. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

Wacom’s Pro Pen 2 drawing tablet is a precision graphics tablet that allows users to create and edit images. The surface on the Pro Pen 2 offers 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and provides virtually lag-free tracking so graphic artists can achieve a whole new level of control.


43. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

The workspace of a graphic designer is often improvised from a couch or bed. Desktops rank among the top gifts for graphic designers simply because they can offer a more comfortable way of working. So, this is one of the gifts for a graphic designer.


44. Smart Writing Set Pen Notebook

Moleskine has long been the standard for freelancers and creative professionals, which is why this gift set could be one of the best gift ideas for a graphic designer in the world. 

Moleskine Smart Writing is a notebook designed for today’s digital age. Users can draw or write inside the smart notebook and then store their notes and sketches as digital files. The files can then be edited electronically and easily shared with clients and colleagues.


45. The Original Buddha Board Art Set

With just a brush and a little water, Buddha Board allows you to create beautiful, ephemeral drawings. Similar to watercolor, this amazing Buddha statue was inspired by the Zen idea of living in the present.


46. 50 Art Movements You Should Know Paperback

Are you looking for the best gifts for a graphic designer who is your friend? They will love this guide to modern art movements by Rosalind Ormiston. It will definitely inspire them!


47. Bart To Garfield Animorph Shirt

Ever felt like Garfield Cat and Bart Simpson have a lot in common? Is Bart Simpson an ancestor of the Garfield Cat? If you believe it then this is the design for you. We believe this Bart To Garfield Cartoon Shirt will make the graphic designer stand out and unique like never before.


48. 365 Days of Drawing Flexibound

Even the best artists can get a creative block sometimes. This amazing book by Lorna Scobie is one of the best gifts for a graphic designer who paints because he will never be stuck with ideas again!


49. Derwent Sketching Wallet

This stylish sketch wallet is a perfect set for graphic designers who enjoy the outdoors. You are no longer confined to your home or studio. This amazing wallet is small enough to fit in your pocket. This sketch wallet is sure to be a huge hit for any artist in your life.


50. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

Creators have always had an oversupply of graphic designers. Give them this smart storage basket so they can keep track of everything. This is one of the gifts for a graphic designer.


51. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

The wheel stays in place and puts control under the thumb, so the graphic designer doesn’t have to move his arm to move the pointer. And its sculpted shape supports the hand for comfortable control all day long.

This trackball includes Logitech’s unified receiver. The tiny wireless receiver sits inside your laptop, so there’s no need to unplug it when you’re on the go. Plus, you can easily add a compatible keyboard, numeric keypad, or mouse without the hassle of multiple USB receivers.


52. Koh-i-Noor Mechanical Drop Clutch Lead Holder

We couldn’t resist sneaking this set in, because it’s an absolute bargain for the use you’ll get from it and every designer needs a reliable pencil in their pocket. This is one of the gifts for a graphic designer.


53. Art World Production Shirt

The perfect shirt for a graphic designer who loves art, artistic production, and humor. Take a look at this shirt, I believe you will fall in love with it at first sight!

With the words “Art World Production” along with the beautiful Earth with hands, this shirt will help you shine, and stand out from the crowd!


54. House Industries Hardcover

Almost a year ago, House Industries co-founder (and one of the most beautiful people in design) Rich Roat died suddenly. This amazing book is a testament to the incredible company he, Andy Cruz and Ken Barber created, and dives into their process and portfolio. It’s such a beautiful print, you’ll probably want to order a few – one to keep and the other to give away.


55. Logitech Slim Folio with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech’s Slim Folio turns the 5th and 6th generation iPads into a laptop with the push of a button. This powerful all-in-one keyboard case not only protects your device brilliantly, but it pairs super-fast via Bluetooth so you can enjoy hours of typing in comfort. 

The keyboard also comes with a full array of shortcuts, so you can do all your favorite iOS-specific tasks.


56. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

This product comes with 36 reusable pages that can be seamlessly synced with all cloud storage options from Google Drive to iCloud and even their own email.

With these functions, it appeals to the need to carry around a notebook or diary as well as any tablets, laptops, and other devices you need and keep everything safe and secure. It is supplied with a Frixion digital pen that can write on the surface smoothly and without the risk of staining your hands with ink or soiling the page. Just let the page dry for 15 seconds and you can work with peace of mind.


57. Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS218+

If someone has a lot of work in progress and a huge portfolio that has grown through years of hard work and calamity, they will lose all their work. Synology 2 is designed to keep files safe and secure and offers (almost) unlimited storage to ensure that everything stays in one place.


58. 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Pen Set

Okay, they may not be graphic designers yet, but this could inspire them to enter the world of graphic design at an early age. The 3D printed pen set is the first completely child-safe set that eliminates the dangers of annoying burns when the plastic dries and starts its creation.


59. Field4U Art Printed Casual Crew Socks

Give this to the designers in your life because it is one of the best gifts for a graphic designer. Featuring some of the world’s best graphic designers, these socks are fun and super cozy.


60. Hegarty on Creativity Hardcover

If you’re confused about Christmas gifts for graphic designers, you can’t go wrong with a good book that highlights everything anyone needs to know about the creative process. Hegarty on Creativity is written by one of the world’s leading advertising creators and provides insight into the minds of successful creators.

Cool Gifts For A Graphic Designer


Above is our recommendation of what we consider the best gifts for a graphic designer. You don’t have to offer presents that are relevant to the recipient’s area of work all of the time, but if they’re really into what they do, career-related gifts might be a terrific choice! 

Graphic designers are diligent, creative, and always looking for new ways to express themselves via art. They appreciate a present that is as artistic and hardworking as they are! 

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