Gift ideas for dad DIY

13 Best DIY Gift Ideas For Dad That He’ll Love

Cool gift for dad diy
These gift ideas for dad DIY are sure to put a smile on his face.

Dads are hard to shop for. They always say that they want nothing. When they want something, they often go ahead and buy it for themselves. 

Instead of purchasing luxurious gifts in the store, do it yourself gift ideas for dad this year. There is nothing evoking joy and happiness other than a handmade gift from his little angel for dad. Not sure what to make gifts for dad? We’ve rounded a list of DIY gift ideas that will suit all father figures.

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, birthday, or any special occasion, these gift ideas for dad DIY are sure to please them. Don’t forget the DIY Father’s Day cards! Write a dad joke inside to make him smile or sentimental messages to warm his heart.

Cool Gift Ideas For Dad DIY 

DIY Snack Tin- gift for dad diy


DIY Snack Tin

Is your dad a snack lover? This year, make both the snack tin and the delicious mix with just a few simple steps. This sweet and spice mix is bound to make dad smile and sip all day. 

Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts.

Lego Key Organizer- great gift for dad diy


Lego Key Organizer

If your dad always throws his keys anywhere in the house, this gift for dad diy is a great option. He will surely appreciate this gift idea. 

Get the tutorial at ManMade.

Wood Grain Flask-cool gift for dad diy


Wood Grain Flask

This flask looks subtle and chic, right? It’s so easy to do. You can do it in just a few minutes. 

Get the tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.

Printable Bottle Tags- fantastic gift ideas for dad diy.


Printable Bottle Tags

Looking for creative Father’s Day gift ideas for dad DIY? These Father’s Day printable bottle tags are a fun gift for dad. Just grab dad’s favorite drink and add these printable gift tags. These tags are sure to make dads smile.

Get the tutorial at Skip to My Lou.

Instagram Picture Frame- cool gift ideas for dad diy


Instagram Picture Frame

This is a great craft project and a wonderful gift for husbands and grandparents. This cute wooden frame will be the highlight reel for dad to enjoy for years to come. You can make one for Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. 

Get the tutorial at Small Stuff Counts.

Cookout Kit- gift ideas for dad diy


Cookout Kit

For cook-loving dads, this is one of the perfect gift ideas for dad DIY. Restock his cookout arsenal with new tools, top condiments, and his very own apron.

Get the tutorial at Jacquelyn Clark

Geometric Leather Mouse Pad- nice gift ideas for dad diy


Geometric Leather Mouse Pad

This leather mouse pad looks fantastic, right? With cheap materials and three easy steps, you can make this pad. But you’ll need a rotary cutter for this project, so be careful. 

Get the tutorial at Delia Creates.

Anchor Print- gift ideas for dad diy


Anchor Print

Let your dad know how much he means to you with this print-and-trace project. This easy project can be made into a Father’s Day card or you can make it larger and put it into a frame to make a cute gift for dad. Your dad is certain to cherish and put this frame in a place that everyone can see. 

Get the tutorial at Fynes Designs

DIY Canvas Tool Apron- gift ideas for dad diy


DIY Canvas Tool Apron

Does your dad often fix anything in your house? This tool apron is a fantastic gift for dad DIY to celebrate him. 

Get the tutorial at A Merry Thought.

DIY Canvas Wine Bag- great gift ideas for dad diy.


DIY Canvas Wine Bag

As a man, who doesn’t love wine? With this fun DIY idea, you’ll be able to spruce up this classic gift. Its elegant and chic design makes it a perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day.

Get the tutorial at Paper and Stitch.

DIY Candy Dispenser- best gift ideas for dad diy


DIY Candy Dispenser

Is your dad a fan of a sweet tooth? Help him satisfy his cravings with his DIY candy dispenser. This sweet gift will certainly melt his heart. 

Get the tutorial at The House of Wood.

Tiny Toolbox- gift ideas for dad diy


Tiny Toolbox

Your dad is bound to love these cute toolboxes. They are made of Altoid tins. If you want to create a big toolbox, just add more tins. 

Get the tutorial at AlphaMom.

Dinosaur Planter- gift ideas for dad diy


Dinosaur Planter

This is one of the adorable and budget-friendly gift ideas for dad DIY that looks like a million bucks. With a few basic supplies and less than an hour, you can make this super cute gift. 

Get the tutorial at Maggie Overby Studios.

Marble and Wood Cutting Board- great gift for dad diy


Marble and Wood Cutting Board

This chic charcuterie board looks expensive but it comes at an affordable price. This sleek board will be an excellent touch for your holiday cheese spread! Or just a great Father’s Day gift for dad. 

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.

Personalized Photo Coasters- best gift for dad diy


Personalized Photo Coasters

Here’s one of the creative and nice gift ideas for dad DIY. Your dad is bound to love this cool and highly functional gift. Now, start to make picture coasters so you can keep fun and cherished moments close by. 

Get the tutorial at Home Made Lovely

Etched Cutting Board Great gift ideas for dad diy


Etched Cutting Board

Get your kids involved in this DIY by having them handwrite a note to dad directly on a cutting board bought in the store. Then it’s your turn to write again with an etching tool.

Get the tutorial at Design Mom.

Wood Photo Display- great gift ideas for dad diy


Wood Photo Display

Obviously, a house is not a home without family photos. But sometimes, it’s not necessary to have everything into traditional frames. This wood photo display is one of the cool gift ideas for dad DIY. It is sure to brighten the room and attract anyone’s eyes. Your dad will proudly put it in a place that everyone can see it.

Get the tutorial at OLEANDER PALM

Final Thoughts

We hope that these gift guides inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your important man in your life. If crafting isn’t suitable for you, you can choose cheap Fathers Day gifts or the best gift for every type of dad. Which gift ideas for dad DIY do you love most?

If you have any gift ideas for dad DIY want to add to this list, please leave a comment below. And as usual, if you find this post useful, share these gift ideas for dad DIY with your friends and family members.

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