13 Sentimental Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

Buying gifts for dad can be quite difficult. While it may be true that your dad doesn’t need anything, he probably has his eye on a few things that he wants to open up for his birthday or Father’s Day (coming up in June). But if he doesn’t exactly put together a shopping wish list for you from this year, let us help you come up with some super thoughtful gift for dad that will make him cry.

15+ Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

Looking for a gift to celebrate dad’s birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas? Are you looking for a gift for dad that will make him cry? Well, look no further. Here are great gift ideas for your dad that he’s sure to love.

Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

1. Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer


If your dad is a handyman, then this is a great gift for him. He will definitely need a new hammer to work, fixing things around the house. Since the hammer is a much needed tool in a handy man’s toolkit, this gift is perfect.

To make it even more special and be a gift for dad that will make him cry, engrave an inscription on it. The message could be “best dad ever” or “I love you the most in the world”. Any text you want!

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2. I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl Keychain


Let your dad know you still care about him with this heartfelt present of a stamped keychain with a thoughtful motif, “I’ll always be your little girl. You’ll always be my hero”. This is the perfect gift for a daughter to give her dad on her wedding day or other special day.

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Personalized Worlds Best Dad Mug

3. Personalized Worlds Best Dad Mug


This cute affordable mug will warm a dad’s heart and be a constant reminder when he’s drinking his daily cup of water. This strong ceramic construction mug comes in 2 capacities to choose from: 11oz and 15oz. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Alternatively, you can also personalize it by putting your dad’s name on the mug. A gift with meaningful messages will surely make your father touched.

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3D Crystal Photo Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

4. 3D Crystal Photo

From $119

A 3d crystal photo of the whole family is an extremely meaningful gift. It can be in any shape you want. A heart or maybe a ball. Encrypt it with a meaningful message. For example “we will be together forever”.

He can put it on his desk or in his office. Believe me, whenever he looks at it, he will smile and feel loved and even this is a gift for dad that will make him cry.

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5. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine


Everyone loves a foot massage, including dad. With the foot massager, he will be relaxed after a long day at work.

It will help relieve tension from the muscles and improve blood circulation. Dad can choose different intensity levels (3 levels) from gentle to strong to suit the tenderness of the muscles.

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Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

6. Proud Black Father Blanket Best Black Dad Ever


The fleece blanket featuring the proud Black Father image and meaningful message is sure to make your black dad feel proud and happy. Such a thoughtful gift for dad that will make him cry!

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Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

7. Best Dad Ever Shirt Bold Strong Kind Humble Giver Leader


Sometimes the simplest gift can go a long way and this t-shirt all has a meaningful message for your dad. Machine washable, comes in a range of different wording to suit the type of family setting you’re a member of. 

Want more other personalized T-shirts, mugs or blankets, go to this page: unique gift for dad.

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Personalized Engraved Wallet Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

8. Personalized Engraved Wallet


Believe me, if you give your Dad a personalized engraved wallet, he will tell everyone about it. When he brings it, he will announce that his child gave him this gift.

He will really love it and it will be a constant reminder of how much you appreciate him. In addition, you can place a photo of your family underneath the wallet’s transparent pocket.

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Anyone Can be a Father Keychain

9. Anyone Can be a Father Keychain


This sweet keychain has an important message to all fathers and is also inexpensive. Attached to most everyday items, Dad can take this cute gift with him when he’s traveling, on business trips to remind him of the love at home. A truly gift for Dad that will make him cry.

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Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

10. Dad: A Daughter’s First Love Wood Picture Frame


This picture frame is sure to be a meaningful gift for dad that will make him cry. Laser-engraved text surrounds a 4×6-inch photo of your favorite dad-daughter moment. This design will never fade from its wooden surface and the frame features a folding easel in the back to stand on a table top or a hook to attach to the wall.

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Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

11. Daddy Poem Chalkboard Print


This Daddy Poem Chalkboard Print is designed to be displayed in the central room and shows the love of a dad in the family. Ready to hang, this gift’s typography adds a touch of glamor and the black and white color will match any interior decor. When dad sees it, he will surely be touched by the meaningful message on it. Such a great gift for dad that will make him cry!

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12. Engraved Rock, Rare Unique Gift


This memento is one of 250 made and artfully related to the father’s place in a child’s life. With a meaningful poem to get your words out, this great gift would be perfect to carry in dad’s pocket or by his bedside, on his desk or by his bedside.

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Gift For Dad That Will Make Him Cry

13. Personalized Leather Mens Bracelet Gift


This is a thoughtful gift he can wear every day. The fact that he wears the bracelet every day will even make you happy. Make sure the bracelet is personalized with his name or any meaningful inscription. Use this gift to show him how much you care about him and want to make his way of dressing more stylish.

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