10 Cool Things Dad Likes To Do

Top 10 Fun Things Dad Likes To Do On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming soon. Unlike last year, where most of us were  stuck in one place due to the COVID-19, this year, with the lifting of restrictions and loosening the rules of social distance, we can hang out, meet dad and happily participate in Father’s Day activities. Find out things Dad likes to do and make this Father’s Day 2021 a great one.

Whether your dad is a foodie dad, a wine lover or an outdoors dad, and more, we’ve got you covered!

10 Cool Things Dad Likes To Do

Before you dive into any plans, find out what kind of celebration your Dad thinks about, things Dad likes to do. Would he prefer a day full of activity or something lighter? Then, work your way up on this list to make Father’s Day as special as possible.

From free activities you can do from the comfort of your home (watch movies, play night games and cook a meal) to all-day plans that will take you miles from home, I’m sure that you will find something that the whole family will love – especially dad.

Here are 10 fun things Dad likes to do, not just on Father’s Day but also on normal days. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Things Dad Likes To Do
Maybe scavenger hunts are things Dad likes to do

If your dad loves games, mysteries and history, then taking him on a scavenger hunt may be perfect for this special day. You can find this game at the sites such as: cityhunt.com, cityscape.com and Riddleroutes.com. You can also find fun free prints to use while walking around the neighborhood. 

Most scavenger hunts take place within a city, so this is a great idea if you live near a big city. These hunts are a great way to bond with your dad and you can include the whole family if you want. 

Watch all Marvel Movies in Order

One of fun things Dad likes to do maybe is lie on the couch and watch some movies. If your Dad is a big fan of Marvel, he will surely love this idea. Keep track of all the Marvel movies – some are available for streaming, others have to pay – and relax on the couch one more all-day movie marathon. There are 24 Marvel movies in total, so it could take a few weeks to see them all.

things Dad likes to do
Watch some movie is also one of fun things Dad likes to do

Fishing or Boating

If your dad likes lakes, consider taking him out for a fishing or canoeing trip. If there aren’t any local fishing spots nearby, you can always go overland and even rent a cabin for the night.

Even if you are not a fishing rod yourself, the fishing rod is relatively inexpensive, so you’ll be able to pick up one to tag with your dad!

Prepare a Picnic in The Backyard

Here’s an easy way to impress dad on his special day: Pack some sandwiches, grab a blanket and then head out to your backyard for a picnic with your family. . He will definitely enjoy the sun and some backyard fun, especially with all the lovers around him. This may be one of the things Dad likes to do not only on Father’s Day but also on weekends.

things Dad likes to do
Prepare a Picnic in The Backyard is a great thing that Dads ike

Backyard Movie Night

The trend of watching movies in the backyard has grown for at least a few years as a great way for families to bond but stay at home. If you’re still worried about COVIDs, this is a great way to stay home but still have fun.

You don’t need a luxury projection screen; all you need to do is hang up a white cloth or tablecloth, let it stretch. However, you will need a projector. You can find many projectors on Amazon for under $200 and the best part is you can reuse this item over and over again!

Mix up some of Dad’s favorite foods and snacks, fill the bucket with ice and drinks, take some blankets or chairs out into the backyard and watch one of Dad’s favorite movies!

Have a Cookout

Things Dad likes to do - Have a hookout with family
Things Dad likes to do – Have a hookout with family

It may sound simple, but sometimes the things Dad likes to do are just good food and family time. If he is a foodie dad and loves to cook, let me take the reins and do the grilling. If not, prepare a meal for him.

You can organise some backyard games like ladder golf, cornhole, or badminton to turn it into a more eventful event.

Visit a Museum

With more museums reopening, it may have been a while before dad have been able to explore one. Consider taking him to a favorite place or trying a new one together. At least there are lots of zoos open, you and your family can walk around to see the outside and enjoy some animal antics!

Visit a Museum
Visit a Museum for those who love history

Go Beer Tasting

Look out for the list of local beer festivals or beer tasting events. Or, if your dad likes whiskey or bourbon, consider taking him to a distillery for a tour. Learning about the making of your favorite drink and then being able to enjoy it in the end is always fun!

You can also go to a local beer shop and book a few beer trips to taste a variety of styles and flavors.

Hit the Golf Course

We’re sure if you asked dad what he wanted to spend Father’s Day, golf would definitely be at the top of the list. Make his wishes come true with a tee time at his favorite golf course. Get some gear up ahead of time and arrange his transportation to ensure a perfect day.

fathers day activities
All Dads love to play golf

Go For a Hike

One of the best things Dad likes to do is enjoy the great outdoors with family. And the best activity for all family members to do together is go for a hike. Your Dad and family can climb local hiking and bike trails or drive to the nearest national park in your area. Let dad choose the path and be ready to take some of family photos.

Wrap up

This special Sunday of June – June 20, 2021 to be exact and maybe you are trying to create a truly epic Father’s Day. This year, beside the obvious gift for Father’s Day, upgrade it and surprise your dear old dad with something he really likes – the gift of spending time with his family and doing things that he wants. 

Hopefully, with these top 10 Fun things Dad likes to do on Father’s Day, you will find the idea of activity on Father’s Day.

Also, you can visit our Father’s Day gift list to choose the best gifts for your Dad. Have a great day!

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