Fuck Joe Biden UFC

Fuck Joe Biden UFC – Fuck Joe Biden chant during UFC?

Fuck Joe Biden UFC – Fuck Joe Biden chant during UFC? Recently, a clip cut from the UFC match between Namajunas vs CCP dyke is causing a stir in public opinion. Many people have been arguing across social media forums that they seem to have heard chants of “fuck Joe Biden.” 

Here is the video:

F Joe Biden chants at UFC

Duck flow ridin or fuck Joe Biden UFC?

The video, seemingly taken from a spectator and posted to Twitter, pans a crowd of hundreds as a chant briefly breaks out and you can hear shouting derogatory remarks against the president: “fuck Joe Biden”. However, others say it is: “duck flow ridin”. Even others heard: “Let’s go Brandon”.

Fuck Joe Biden UFC
Fuck Joe Biden UFC – Fuck Joe Biden chant during UFC?

On the patriots forum, fans are currently exploding with this clip:

  • One account commented: “Swear I just heard them chanting “fuck joe biden” during Namajunas fight vs CCP dyke.”
  • Another confirmed: ” others are posting the same. Fuck ya. in NEW York too!!! cmon Namajunas and come on Colby!!!!”
  • Another account named Hempbeard also agreed: “Yeah, heard that one too. Ha ha ha, I posted about it on Gab and came here to confirm as well. If only we had a clip. No doubt it’s popping up somewhere online.”
  • One user wrote “Yep, it started out slightly audilble and I heard the chant and started to grin, as they got louder I was yelling it in unison with the crowd. Cool moment.”
  • Another wrote “At least UFC fans have the testosterone to say what they mean instead of letting the MSM CONTINUE to DICTATE their lives! Lol. They are not mean man on the internet!”
Fuck Joe Biden UFC
Duck flow ridin or fuck Joe Biden UFC?

On Twitter is no less chaotic:

  • @boricuarx787: It’s most definitely Duck Flow Riding. 
  • @vgman94: “Tell me this is real. I’m really having trouble believing it.”
  • CNN Reporter: It appears the crowd is chanting “Fuck, they’re fighting!”
  • @TheFilmRobot: God, I love it. 👏🏻
  • @disq0rd: “It’s both funny and sad to know, had that sports caster @ the race done what these UFC casters are doing – ignoring the chant – that perhaps it wouldn’t have reached such viral heights it has.”
  • @CubHayden: “Sooooooo where’s the representation of the 81,000,000 votes? Honestly, if (supposedly) over half of the votes were legally cast for President Biden, where’s the PUSH BACK at these sporting events? There should be at least some resistance. 81million our A$$!”
  • @carterchapman: “At least people aren’t saying “respect the presidency!” anymore since that went out the door with Trump. 😂”
  • @Cerberu21014829: “Let’s Go Brandon chant in full voice even though Brandon wasn’t fighting weird.”
  • @Psy Developer: I only hear “let’s go Brandon”

“Fuck Joe Biden” chant broke out in numerous sport matches

The anti-Biden chant has become a common war cry in the stands of sports matches across the country in recent weeks.

The chant apparently first came to prominence in college football games. It started in the first Coastal Carolina game of the year and continued from there. Then chants rang out as the Alabama State Hornets played against the Auburn Tigers and again at Ole Miss.

Such chants have also been heard at other New York games in other sports, most notably when the New York Mets played the New York Yankees. Rival fans unite to criticize the incumbent president. 

Similar slurs were heard at a Virginia Tech game and during a game between Ole Miss Rebels and Governor Austin Peay in Mississippi. The clip recording the chaotic crowd was posted on Twitter by the Old Row Sports Twitter account on the same weekend. One of the videos shared shows fans chanting “fuck Joe Biden” inside a TV studio showing which was covering a game.

And now we hear it again: Fuck Joe Biden at the UFC.

So, what do these prove? Joe Biden is letting a lot of people down and he seems like a bad leader. That is more evident when from the time he became president, there have been a series of wrong decisions, dictatorial policies, stupid actions that damage the country and people.

For these reasons, more and more people who voted for him are turning against Biden’s policies. If you’re one of those people who hate Biden and don’t want him to be president anymore, let everyone know what you think. One of the coolest ways to do this is by wearing anti-Biden shirts. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Fuck Joe Biden UFC has attracted a lot of people’s attention. Immediately after the match, the clip was widely shared and hundreds of hashtags #FuckJoeBidenUFC #FuckJoeBiden #UFC #LetsGoBrandon tweeted and became a trend. Many people that hate Biden, anti-Biden use these hashtags to show their views.

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How about you? What do you hear from this video? Is that “fuck Joe Biden”?

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