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Father's Day traditions around the world

Father’s Day Traditions Around The World

Father’s Day 2021 is coming soon. And there is no doubt that different countries come up with different ways to celebrate the special day. Right here, we have put together various Father’s Day traditions around the world. Let’s discover how diverse this celebration can be in different cultures worldwide.

How are Father’s Day traditions around the world?

1. Germany

Father’s Day in Germany falls on the same day as Ascension Day. Depending on different regions of the country,  the day can be called Vatertag, Männertag, or Herrentag. Generally, the most popular activity to celebrate the day is that men will dress up in odd outfits and pull wagons full of booze into the woods.

Father's Day traditions around the world

2. Thailand

Our trip to explore Father’s Day traditions around the world also goes through Thailand. In this country, people celebrate Father’s Day along with the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, on December 5. Thai people have a special love for the king and he is considered “The Father of the Nation”. The king often gave a speech, and then people would surprise their fathers and grandfathers with canna flowers. After the king’s death, his son took the throne. However, Thais still keep their tradition to honor their fathers on the late king’s birthday.

On Father’s Day, everyone in Thailand wears yellow – known as the official color of Monday, the day of the week the King was born. Gradually, children present their fathers with a Canna flower as it is regarded as the masculine plant.

3. Brazil 

Father's Day in Brazil

On discovering Father’s Day traditions around the world, we cannot forget Brazil. People in Brazil celebrate Father’s day on the second Sunday in August, in honor of St. Joachim, the father of Mary and also the patron saint of fathers. On this special day, a lot of Brazilian families gather for gifts and delicious meals together. They consider that it is a perfect day to fill the stomach, where many people prepare huge feasts and barbecues. That’s how the Brazilian celebrate Father’s Day.

4. Australia

We won’t miss Australia when studying Father’s Day traditions around the world. Father’s Day in this country is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. The most outstanding traditions you can find in this country are special meals, gifts, and cards. The holiday is said to date to the 1930s.

5. Russia

Father's Day in Russia

If you are interested in learning about Russia and its culture, you may know that there is Defender of the Fatherland Day that falls on February 23. It is a celebration to commemorate the creation of the Red Army during the Russian civil war. Exploring Father’s Day traditions around the world, you will see in Russia that parades are the most popular activity to honor the armed forces on such a special day. In addition, women will choose small gifts to pay tribute to the superhero men in their lives, their fathers included!

6. Sweden 

We cannot miss Sweden on the journey to learn about Father’s Day traditions around the world. Father’s Day in Sweden falls in November. This is a very special occasion when fathers might expect a traditional breakfast in bed, cake, or thoughtful gifts from their children. It’s truly a day for children to spoil the best dad in their life.

7. Mexico

Father's Day in Mexico

Like the U.S, people in Mexico also choose the third Sunday in June as their Father’s Day. The most outstanding tradition to celebrate Father’s Day in Mexico is nothing but a 21-kilometer face in Mexico City called the Carrera del Día del Padre. In addition, people don’t forget to make the day even more special and meaningful by gift-giving and cooking delicious meals for their dads.

8. Nepal

Another country we choose when learning about Father’s Day traditions around the world is Nepal. Popular religious rituals in Nepal consist of Gokarna Aunsi, Kushe Aunsi or Buka ko muka Herne din falls in late summer. These are all the best occasions for fathers, as people tend to spend more time with their dads, give gifts and offer delicious foods and pray for fathers who have died. A lot of people usually visit holy places like Gokarna to pray to the Hindu deity Shiva and do some rituals to honor their deceased fathers.

9. Italy

Father's Day in Italy

Italians celebrate Father’s Day in conjunction with St.Joseph’s Day on March 19. This is true for the celebrations in other Catholic countries such as Spain and Portugal. Looking to know about Father’s Day traditions around the world, you will find out many interesting things about how Italians celebrate Father’s Day. Besides gifts, cards, and poetry, they also make the day special with sweet cakes, lighting bonfires, and burning a puppet.

10. India

In India, Father’s Day is a great chance for children to express their love, gratitude, and appreciation to their fathers across the country. Children prepare beautiful flowers and thoughtful gifts for their dads to show how much they mean to them. Also, they can choose to head to a restaurant for lunch or go out for a picnic or movie as different ways to celebrate the day. 

In addition, several schools and organizations hold cultural programs on Father’s Day. The purpose of these activities is to motivate children to show respect to their dad. Especially, fathers will get more inspiration and spend time with their kids, instill their beloved children noble values and manners.

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We’ve been with you to discover Father’s Day traditions around the world. How about Father’s Day in your country? After all, Father’s Day is a great chance to show dad how much he means to us. And it would be so precious when you can find the most thoughtful gifts for dad on Father’s Day. With your thoughtful gifts and your love, he will surely burst into tears and there is no doubt that he will cherish your gift forever.

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