Even Santa Hates Biden By Mark Kaye

Even Santa Hates Biden By Mark Kaye Breaks Top 10 iTunes Downloads Worldwide

Even Santa Hates Biden By Mark Kaye Ranks Among Top 10 iTunes Downloads in the World

Even Santa Hates Biden By Mark Kaye Breaks Top Ten iTunes Downloads Worldwide
Even Santa Hates Biden By Mark Kaye Breaks Top 10 iTunes Downloads Worldwide

Syndicated radio and TV host Mark Kaye’s self-produced Christmas song titled “Even Santa Hates Biden” ranks among top ten iTunes Downloads in the World. 

Mark Kaye announced on his radio show Friday that the song is now available on iTunes for downloads worldwide. By the end of the show, the song had already reached number 11 and early Saturday morning took the tenth place.

Mark Kaye also posted on his Tweet:

Kaye also announced to his on air audience that he plans to donate all of the proceeds from this song to his charity ‘Kaye’s Kids’ which provides dream gifts to children battling life-threatening illnesses. 

The song, which was written, performed, and produced by Kaye is a comical rap song featuring Santa Claus griping about the state of the country under President Joe Biden. “We couldn’t make all the toys we need because the parts are in a container ship stuck out at sea,” complains Santa in one verse. “I tried the Big Box stores but there were just empty shelves. Oh! And I had to fire a bunch of my elves.”

“Even Santa Hates Biden” is available for download on iTunes and Apple Music. Plus, this song is also available on Spotify and Amazon Music. 

The lyrics are like mocking Joe Biden

Even Santa Hates Biden By Mark Kaye
Even Santa Hates Biden By Mark Kaye

Santa says “Merry Christmas to all and Let’s go Brandon” as the famed toymaker and distributor is hit hard by the Biden presidency.

Old Saint Nick is not himself this year. He’s had to fire half of his goblins who refuse to get vaccinated, and the Biden Supply Chain crisis is bringing production to a halt as workers wait for parts and accessories in their toy manufacturing process.

“The parts are in container ships stuck out at sea,” Santa said. “I tried the big box stores, but it was just empty shelves.”

Santa says one bright spot this holiday season is that his reindeer don’t run on gasoline, which has helped him reduce delivery costs this season.

The lyrics of the song are all associated with events in the US since Joe Biden’s presidency. His bad policies have made America and people severely affected.

Even Santa Hates Biden Has Gone Viral On Internet

I love this song. Mark Kaye is right on the money. Enjoy! And Bah Humbug President Biden.

Want to help kids and hate Biden? May I recommend Even Santa Hates Biden on iTunes. It’s number 12 at the moment. Let’s make it #1

love how much you magaIDIOTS why & cry so much about Biden. Love EVEN MORE that you dipsh!ts remain unvaxxed and keep ☠ing from covid & less of your magaTrailerTRASH, Makes America GREAT Again, AGAIN.

Before, 4 anti-Biden rap ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Also Broke in iTunes Top 10

President Joe Biden’s first term had a bad rap – the fourth.

What started as a chart-topping anti-Biden hip-hop song quadrupled to four iTunes Top 10 hits on Friday, as conservatives flocked to buy the tunes and demonstrate their purchasing power.

All four songs are titled “Let’s Go Brandon” – a phrase that has become a right-wing cry for help in recent weeks. “Let’s Go Brandon” started trending on Twitter, and no surprise when the phrase also appeared on ‘Even Santa Hates Biden’.

Surely, if Biden doesn’t stop his wrong actions and policies, a lot of songs will continue to be released.

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Have you heard Even Santa Hates Biden by Mark Kaye? How do you feel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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