Easter Day 2022 is coming this weekend. What are you going to cook? If you haven’t known which dish to feast your family, check out these Easter roast recipes for a delicious and impressive family holiday feast. There is no restriction on food on this holiday, so you can roast for Easter anything you love, from lamb, pork, beef, to chicken, fish, and even vegetables. 

Easter Roast Recipes


1. Mimosa Roasted Chicken

Mimosa chicken is an amazing roast for Easter lunch this Sunday. You can feast your family with an aromatic spiced chicken roasted with buttery champagne gravy and orange juice. Your husband and your kids will love it.


2. Sticky Roast Pumpkin

If you are a vegetarian but still love Easter roast recipes, try sticky roast pumpkin this Sunday. This dish is very easy to cook. You can combine kent and Jarrahdale pumpkins with some tree nuts, milk, honey, and juice. Non-meat diet is still delightful and yummy as normal. 


3. Roast Pork With Potatoes

Get bored with day-to-day pork? Make this crackling Easter roast pork dish with potatoes, lemon gravy, and fennel. Don’t remove the pork skin while processing the meat because it’s the star of this dish after roasting until the skin turns brown and crispy with bubbles. 


4. Walnut-Crusted Roast

Walnut-crusted roast beef with mashed potatoes and blue cheese will make your family and guests wow. Keep medium-rare beef and keep the cheese warm to make sure that the meat is still juicy, soft, and tender when serving. 


5. Salmon With Strawberry & Basil

Salmon with basil is a traditional Easter roast recipe, but you can try a sweet approach with basil, honey, and strawberry relish topping. Don’t forget some ground pepper to make the fish meal fragrant and attractive. 


6. Best Roast Potatoes

Your kids will fall in love with this Easter vegetable roast dish. This simple roast potato seasoned with salt flakes is friendly for a low FODMAP diet. Moreover, it’s very easy to cook and serve this Easter food as appetizers in this Sunday Easter lunch.


7. Blue Cheese-Mushroom Stuffed Roast

Make the beef tenderloin looks more attractive and tasty with a beautiful stuffing of blue cheese and baby portobello mushrooms. Cut the tenderloin into thin slices to serve your family and guests like a beef dish from a luxury restaurant. 


8. Seafood-Stuffed Salmon Fillets

Do you love seafood and want a bite of all ocean flavors, fill your salmon fillets with savory herbs, crab, and cream cheese. This is the best Easter roasts for seafood lovers in the upcoming holiday meal this Sunday.  


9. Beef Pot Roast

If you want to enjoy a new East roast beef recipe, beef pot roast is a must-try. Moms can make this slow-cooker roast beef for kids to make them eat more carrots and potatoes if they don’t like these vegetables in daily meals. You can enjoy bread with the sauce if you like. 


10. Crispy Pork Crackling

You can serve crunchy pork crackling as a perfect side dish or snack in the Easter lunch this weekend. This simple crispy pork skin must be cleaned thoroughly before being roasted until it turns light brown with bubbles. Your kids will definitely love this stunning snack. 


11. Plum-Glazed Lamb

Plum is one of the best seasoning fruit for Easter roast recipes, from lamb to chicken. This Sunday, serve your family and wow guests with a fruity and flavorful plum-grazed roasted lamp. Plum and lemon juice make the meat naturally sweet, moisture, and juicy.


12. Roast Cauliflower with Hazelnut

Moms can roast a tasty and simple side dish from cauliflower and hazelnuts to make their kids eat more vegetables. It’s more delicious and versatile than boiled vegetables. Moreover, this dish will relieve the greasiness of a meaty feast.


13. Pork Stuffed with Grape & Pistachio 

The sweetness from fruit is always the best spice for roasted meat. Stuff the pork loin with chopped red seedless grapes and pistachio kernels with other seasonings and herbs to have a mouthwatering pork roast. The combination of pork and grape won’t let you down. 


14. Pork Roast with Rhubarb-Orange Sauce

Roast tender boneless pork loin and serve the meat with sweet and fresh rhubarb-orange sauce to surprise your guests. The brown pork skin outside and tender and moist meat inside will blow off your mind, and also your tongue. The pork roast will be the star of your Easter feast. 


15. Savory Asparagus Strata

This Easter roast is a showcase of cheese and asparagus. A bite with all ingredients makes your mouth full of flavors from bread, fresh mushrooms, fresh goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, and other seasonings. A bite of fresh and cheesy flavors will satisfy everyone in the meal.


16. Citrus-Mustard Roasted Chicken

The sour and fresh flavor of orange and lime slices can harmonize beautifully with the heat of mustard in this tender chicken roast. Seasoning herbs and seasoning vegetables also make the chicken fragrant and sweet while the meat is still moist and juicy. 


17. Chicken & Pesto Potato Salad

Enjoy chicken roast? Serve the well-roasted tender chicken quarters with a simple but yummy salad. Mix potatoes, green beans, baby red capsicums with basil pesto, and whole-egg mayonnaise according to the recipe.


18. Rosemary-Thyme Lamb Roast

Lamb is one of the most popular ingredients in Easter roast recipes. Spice and roast lamb chops with rosemary and thyme to sever a perfect main course for your family this weekend holiday. Feel the summer breath in a bite of rosemary-thyme lamb. 


19. Pork Roast with Three-Berry Salsa

Your family and guests will be surprised at how delicious this pork roast is. You can use either fresh or frozen berries of three types: blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry for the amazing sauce and delightful decor. Your kids will definitely be attracted by this colorful and yummy dish.


20. Shrimp & Crab Casserole

Combine shrimp and crab in this amazing Easter roast. This quick and easy recipe will amaze everyone when it melts in their mouths. Wild rice, crabmeat, peeled shrimps, ribs, and seasonings are mixed perfectly and blow off your mind with the dish’s textures and flavor. 


21. Duck Breasts with Apricot Chutney

The duck roast with apricot chutney should be served warm to keep its best flavor and textures after cooking. Don’t remove the skin of the duck breast because it’s the most delicious part that keeps the meat moist and tender with a perfect portion of fat. 


22. Peachy Pork Tenderloin

The ripe peach is not only sweet and soft but also juicy and fragrant. This fresh fruit matches the pork tenderloin perfectly in a beautiful roast for Easter. Don’t cut the peach into too tiny pieces so that you can still taste its juice. Soak the bread in the sauce and enjoy it. 


23. Chicken & Pear Bundles

Sweet pear and smoked mozzarella make the chicken breasts less boring. Cover the chicken in a pastry sheet to keep it moist and juicy. Finish the dish with a simple but tasty raspberry sauce to have a mouthwatering holiday meal at home.


24. Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

Another interesting and impressive chicken roast recipe for Easter is chicken with Alfredo sauce lasagna. This funny and creamy homemade sauce will amaze your guests at how perfectly it matches the shredded rotisserie chicken. 


25. Beetroot & Potato Boulangere

Make your Easter dinner table more delightful and colorful with a beetroot and potato boulangere. Alternate thin slices of potatoes and beetroots on the pot with garlic, thyme, and other seasonings and herbs to have a stunning dish.


26. Nut Roast en Croute

Vegetarian has another roast recipe for Easter with nut roast en route. This perfect festive dish can replace the traditional beef wellington or roast meat in holiday feasts, such as Christmas and Easter. Roast nuts are not only delicious but also very good for your brains.


27. Roasted Lamb with Spaghetti

Roasted lemon lamb with spaghetti and tomatoes will definitely satisfy your family. Cook the lamb slowly for three hours to make the meat soft and let the spice penetrate into the meat before combining it with spaghetti.  


28. Roast Vegetables with Meatloaf

One-pan bacon-wrapped meatloaf with flavorsome roast vegetables is another amazing Easter roast recipe for this holiday. It’s a highly recommended dish for a healthy diet with tons of nutritious vegetables and herbs. 

29. Mustard-Crusted Lamb Leg

Make everyone excited with a mustard-crusted lamb roast. Rub the leg of lamb with a mixture of golden rosemary, honey, mustard, butter, and garlic. Then, cover the meat with breadcrumbs to have a crunchy and flavorful skin after roasting lamb with potatoes and onions. 


30. Beef & Roasted Sweet Garlic

This beef dish is estimated as one of the most healthy Easter roast beef recipes because of the roasted sweet garlic. Apart from being a seasoning, sweet garlic also provides essential nutrition for the whole family. Serve the beef with vegetables and gravy.  


31. Herbed Turkey Breast 

Turkey is a traditional food on these special holidays but new recipes won’t make you bored. Try slow-cooker turkey scented with herb this Easter Day. The roast turkey stays moist and melts in your mouth after slow-cooker time and the herbs make the meat bursting with flavors. 

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Choose the best Easter roast recipe to make a big feast for your family this upcoming holiday. Cook what you love and treat your family as well as guests with the most delicious and coziest Easter food.

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