Are you seeking the best Easter lamb recipe for the family banquet? Do you know how to cook delicious lamb for your beloved people? These Easter lamb recipes below give you the best ideas to prepare the most impressive lamb for your family meal. 

Easter Day is one of the biggest annual holidays for families to gather and celebrate together with a delicious feast. It’s coming soon this year, on Sunday, April 17th. Get the recipe and get ready for the cooking now!

30 Easter Lamb Recipes To Serve at Your Holiday Dinner


#1. One-pan Easter Lamb

If you are seeking a simple but still yummy, one-pan Easter lamb is the best Easter lamb recipe for you. You only need to season the bone-in leg lamb and roast it in the oven according to the recipe to have a mouthwatering lamb for your feast.


#2. Stuffed Leg Of Lamb

Another recipe for Easter lamb will be a bit difficult because you need to roll the meat into a tight cylinder structure before cooking. It requires more skills but it makes the flavor of seasoning vegetables and spices harmonize with the sweetness of fresh lamb from inside. You can cook some Brussels sprouts with fresh garlic in butter to serve with this scrumptious Irish lamb.


#3. Lamb Sausage Rolls

Minced lamp needs less time to cook. This is one of the best Easter lamp recipes for lazy cooks or busy parents that can satisfy both adults and kids. Serve the rolls with harissa yogurt that match the meat perfectly.


#4. Chef John’s Grilled Lamb

The grilled lamb with mint-orange sauce is one of many impressive lamb recipes for Easter dinner by Chef John. Season the meat with Mediterranean spices and herbs, and a bit of cinnamon to make it fragrant. Then, make a fresh and tasty sauce of orange marmalade and mint to serve with lamb. 


#5. Garlic-Crusted Roast Rack

It’s easier to cook delicious dishes from the rack. Garlic-crusted roast rack is one of the best Easter lamb recipes for a big feast on this holiday. Season the lamb with some rosemary leaves, garlic, grounded pepper, and olive oil before roasting it. 


#6. Roast Leg of Lamb

It will take you over two hours to cook a roast leg of lamb but it stays in the oven most of the time. The lamb tastes better when you cook some peeled potatoes and put them around the pan. The gravy from the lamb harmonized with the seasoning vegetable is also one of the best things in this dish. Let the meat rest for ten minutes before serving.  


#7. Lamb burgers

It’s also one of the easiest and quickest lamp recipes for Easter dinner. Serve the lam burger with cucumber salad and buffalo mozzarella to add flavor to the meat. Treat your kids with lamb burger on Easter day and some weekends with this recipe.


#8. Lamb Chops with Balsamic Reduction

One of the most impressive Easter lamb chop recipes is the lamb with balsamic reduction. You need only forty minutes to serve this delicious main course for your family meal. The flavor of thyme and rosemary will make the lamb chop shine. 


#9. Lamb with Artichokes & Peaches

Enjoy this delicious Irish winter lamb dish with a glass of beer or red wine. It’s a classic lamp recipe of the Irish that you can cook at Easter. The sweetness of Artichokes and peaches make the lamb more charming. 


#10. Grilled Lamb with Ladolemono

Among many Easter lamb chop recipes, the grilled lamb with Ladolemono is one of the most impressive and yummy Easter lamb recipes you must try. Chef Michael Psilakis made a simple but tasty Greek sauce called Ladolemono from olive oil and lemon juice to dress the lamb chop.


#11. Grandma Rose’s Herb-Roasted Lamb

If you prefer a traditional taste, herb-roasted lamb is an ideal recipe for Easter lamb. It takes you nearly three hours to cook a 4-pound leg of lamb for up to 12 people. So, this dish is suitable for a big Easter feast with family and friends.


#12. Slow-Cooked Lamb

Children and the elderly often prefer soft and tender food. Then, slow-cooked lamb is one of the best Easter lamb recipes for them. But you need eight hours to cook the leg of lamb slowly until the meat can melt in your mouth.


#13. Grilled Lamb with Peperonata

The grilled lamb tastes more delicious when served with Peperonata. This side dish is a perfect mix of stewed peppers, raisins, and onions. It takes you only 40 minutes to cook four chops of lamb for a cozy Easter dinner. 


#14. Lamb Patés

Lamb Patés is the most unique recipe on this list. This idea comes from Korsha Wilson – a famous podcast host and food writer. The Caribbean flavor of this dish reminds Wilson of her hometown and her family. 


#15. Italian-Style Slow Cooker Meat Loaf

This is another slow cooker lamb but you can complete it in around four hours. You can taste the Italian flavor with tomatoes, parsley, and feta cheese in the meatloaf. Moreover, this dish has lots of nutritious vegetables.


#16. Lamb Chops with Rosemary and Grapes

What makes it one of the best lamb recipes for Easter must be the sauce which is very amazing. It’s a delightful mixture of grapes, a bit of honey, and red wine. It’s better to use seedless grapes for this dish.


#17. Grilled Lamb & Red Onion Skewers

BBQ lovers will love this dish. Lazy cooks will love this lamp recipe for Easter. You only need to scent and season the meat. Then, alternate the meat with red onion and your favorite vegetable on the skewer to grill the food. If you’re still wondering about the best lamb recipes for Easter dinner, consider this treat. 


#18. Mexican-Style Lamb

Try the Mexican-style lamb with this recipe. The well-grilled lamb is served with tortillas, grilled tomatoes and red onion. Your kids will also love this dish, especially tortillas. You can also make this bread with your kids that would be a funny and interesting experience for them.


#19. Yogurt-Marinated Lamb Kebabs

A fresher bite of lamb with the favor of yogurt and lemon butter in the lamb kebabs will satisfy all family members. Marinating the lamb with yogurt will make the meat exceptionally tender. Moreover, you can taste the tangy flavor of the meat harmonizing with the lemon butter bursting in your mouth and blowing your mind. 


#20. Lamb with Olive & Herb Stuffing

A French-trimmed rack stuffed with herbs and seasoned with olive oil is one of the most delicious Easter recipes lamb lovers can make for a cozy dinner with family and friends. You need pieces of lamb racks rolled around the herb stuffing to form a crown.


#21. Greek Roast Lamb

You only need to prepare this seasonal dish in fifteen minutes and put the lamb into the oven. Don’t forget to reduce the heat after 20 minutes and take it out after an hour and 30 minutes for a medium lamb. You can take it out fifteen minutes earlier for medium-rare lamb.


#22. Lamb Tikka Flatbreads

This Indian-style spiced lamb is served with sliced onion, tomatoes, and mints on the traditional flatbread. Hold the food with your hand and eat like the Indian would. It’s tasty and easy to make, so add this one on your list of easter recipes lamb.


#23. Lamb Cutlets with Red Cabbage

Classic lamb cutlets but forget traditional mash. You can try a new Middle-Eastern recipe with vibrant sweet spiced red cabbage. The red cabbage is a mind-blowing alternative side dish for the lamb. 


#24. Lamb Kofta Meatballs

Don’t miss these meatballs in your list of Easter lamb recipes. Fans of meatballs and kids will love it. This lamb dish also satisfies curry lovers. Enjoy warm curry sauce with soft lamb meatballs on winter nights with family. Mix the lamb with ground onion, garlic, and other ingredients to make the meatball juicy. 


#25. Summery Butterflied Lamb

This summery lamb recipe brings the summer flavor to the Easter dinner table. It’s one of the best Easter lamb recipes with seedless watermelon, labneh, and herb couscous. You can shred the land and wrap it with couscous to eat in the next day’s lunch. 


#26. Pizza With Lamb & Pistachio Topping

Pizza is the most simple but flexible recipe that can go with different toppings. Easter pizza with lamb, pomegranate, and pistachio is an ideal dish for families with a middle-east flavor that kids will love. 


#27. Middle Eastern Lamb Tart

Middle- Eastern lamb tart is an amazing dish to feast your family on this holiday. The tart with lamb mince and tons of seasoning vegetable topping to satisfy everyone in the holiday dinner.


#28. Lamb Biryani

The lamb biryani with low gluten is not only delicious but also good for your health. The lamb fillets, rice, curry, and all vegetable ingredients are in a pot for the whole family. The curry color also makes the dish look very attractive. 


#29. Lamb Biryani Rolls

Lamb Biryani Rolls are the best Easter lamb recipes for Indian food lovers. You can make this dish to enjoy lamb in a unique style. The classic Biryani rolls of lamb mince and Indian spices will definitely surprise your family. 


#30. Spiced Lamb with Watermelon Salad

Lamb often works well with fruits. The beautiful salad with sweet watermelon, watercress, and feta cheese is a great foundation for stunningly fried lamb on the big plate. It’s one of the best Easter lamb recipes for summer. 


#31. Southeast Asian Murtabak

If you are crazy about Southeast Asian food, this murtabak lamp recipe is a good idea. The minced meat is wrapped in the roti canai and tropical ingredients like coconut oil, curry leaves, ghee, and more. Just check the recipe. 

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Those are the top 31 best Easter lamb recipes for a big holiday feast with extended family or a small but cozy Easter dinner with your partner. You can start to prepare and practice for the holiday feast from now!

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