does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving

Does Italy Celebrate Thanksgiving?

When it comes to Thanksgiving celebrations, we immediately think of the United States where the holiday centers around food, football, turkey, and pumpkin pie. For centuries, not just America, many other cultures have been celebrating harvests with their own traditions. And a lot of people wonder if Italy is on that list or not. “Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving?” Just check it out!

does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving

Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving?

Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving or not?

While Italians do not typically celebrate Thanksgiving as people in the United States do, there is a wide range of religious holidays La Festa del Ringraziamento (commonly known as Festival of Thanks) celebrated throughout the year.

Generally, Italians who are living in Italy are considered to get to celebrate a Thanksgiving as the harvest celebrations they hold throughout the fall.

Thanksgiving in Italy

Let’s get to know “Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving”

People in Italy are interested in any occasion that brings together family and friends. And it is quite understandable that every family of Italian heritage gets their own traditions to honor this traditionally North American holiday.

Though Thanksgiving is not a tradition in Italy, most Italians are known to have been familiar with this American holiday. They are taught about Thanksgiving at school. They have their own translation – La Festa del Ringraziamento. However, as stated above, this phrase refers to many patron saints’ days that are celebrated throughout the year instead of the traditional American Thanksgiving. 

And if you are wondering “Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving?”, the answer is that Italians do celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, they will celebrate the special occasion on Thursday, November 25.

How Italians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Actually, people who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in Italy often find it hard to follow the New England-style Thanksgiving dinner. The reason is that the essential ingredients for that Thanksgiving feast are difficult to find. 

That explains whyThanksgiving, for most Italian Americans, is the inclusion of special Italian recipes to accompany the roast turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, Macy’s Parade on the fourth Thursday of November.

About Thanksgiving celebrations in Italy, every family of Italian heritage owns their different culinary traditions to honor the holiday. Normally, an Thanksgiving dinner in Italy will consist of ravioli con la Zucca (pumpkin ravioli), tacchinella alla melagrana (roast turkey basted with pomegranate sauce which is served with a pomegranate-and-giblet gravy). In addition, there are Italian cakes and pastries at the Thanksgiving party. And Thanksgiving celebrations also come with personal family favorites, for example, a special pasta dish or soup to the holiday feast. 

The appearance of these Italian foods emphasizes that along with the traditional turkey dinner, most Italian-American families are celebrating the day by adding their own special recipes from their Italian ancestors.

The special meaning of La Festa del Ringraziamento does not belong to what ingredients are used, or the one who won the football game. What matters here is a great chance for families and communities to come together and honor the season in a tradition that’s timeless.

How to spend Thanksgiving in Italy?

If you’d love to explore Thanksgiving in Italy, get some pumpkin pies on this special occasion, just be ready to do it! Here we have a guide of the best spots around Italy where you can celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for the amazing Italian setting. Let’s check out what they are!


Our very first recommendation is to go to Florence. Here, Ristorante Accademia Firenze has had a long-standing date with Thanksgiving. The traditional Italian restaurant has offered its Thanksgiving dinner for 17 consecutive years. 

Thanksgiving in Florence

Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving in Florence

In addition, you can head to Piazza San Marco for their delicious turkey. Or just come to Quinoa. The gluten-free restaurant, on Vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore, has an impressive Thanksgiving menu that consists of a traditional Thanksgiving turkey meal with butternut squash soup, crispy bread starter, and pumpkin pie for dessert.


does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving

Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving in Rome

Never miss Rome in the list of best places to celebrate Thanksgiving in Italy. You can go to the Vivi Bistrot, either at Villa Pamphili or Piazza Navona, to have an amazing traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. This healthy and family-friendly destination will certainly satisfy you with a delicious dinner, just €40 per person.

Thanksgiving is perfect with football. And Rome is an ideal place for this! You don’t need to find out. The Abbey Theater Irish Pub on Via del Governo Vecchio will show all the games available in Europe! Just come there for the Thanksgiving celebration.


Another place to spend Thanksgiving in Italy is Venice. Hard Rock Café Venice will also organize a Thanksgiving feast. Here you can also enjoy the best food that is based on traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as roast turkey and pumpkin pie. Furthermore, there are live performances by Red Madera that will surely keep you entertained for the night.


Milan is also listed in the best spots to celebrate Thanksgiving in Italy. Come here and you will certainly be surprised. Here, Easy Milano will hold their annual Thanksgiving celebrations. The family-style setup, sponsored by the American consulate, will immediately make you and your loved ones feel excited with a massive menu. Besides, kids have a chance to be entertained by a performer so that the adults can enjoy watching the football. Keep in mind that pre-booking is super essential for this occasion.

Great Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is nearly coming. More than ever, it’s time to pick the most thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas for your family, friends, and anyone you love!

Well, there is no doubt that Thanksgiving is an American tradition, not an Italian one. However, celebrating the day has come so naturally for Italians even in Italy. It’s simply because the meaning of the day as well as the way to honor it expresses the Italian lifestyle in Italy so well. Now, we’ve got an answer to the question “Does Italy celebrate Thanksgiving” And wherever you are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy holiday with your loved ones!

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