Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving

Does Germany Celebrate Thanksgiving?

We all know that Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States. But offering thanks at harvest time is not unique to this country. Besides the United States, such observances are also organized by many other cultures around the world. If you are wondering “does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving or not”, follow us to find out the answer. 

Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving

Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving?

Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Yes! Germans do celebrate Thanksgiving!

In Germany, Thanksgiving is called the Erntedankfest festival. Although the day is not considered a public holiday of the country, Erntedankfest is still a popular time of the year. The harvest festival is mainly celebrated by the churches and less within the families. And a noticeable thing is that the history and meaning of the day are also taught in kindergarten and school.

Thanksgiving in Germany

Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving: Erntedankfest festival

It is said that Erntedankfest celebrations have been a long-standing tradition not only in Germany but also in other German-speaking countries of Europe. 

In general, the Thanksgiving celebration in Germany is much different from that in the United States. In Germany, Erntedankfest is known as a holiday for celebrating the autumn Ernte (“harvest”), as well as showing gratitude to God and people working in Landwirtschaft (“agriculture”). German Thanksgiving is considered to have a close resemblance with the way Canadians celebrate the harvest festival.

When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Germany?

The celebration of Erntedankfest often falls on the first Sunday in October. Usually, this is also the first Sunday right after Michaelistag or Michaelmas (29 September). This makes Thanksgiving in Germany closer to Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday in early October, rather than that of America in late November. However, until now, there has been no official date or nationwide holiday as in the US and Canada.

Thanksgiving in Germany

Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving?

In some areas of the country, the special day coincides with the wine harvest, which often takes place as late as November.

The answer to the question “Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving” is clear. Then it’s important that we determine when is Thanksgiving in Germany in 2021. As each year, the Harvest Festival Erntedankfest takes place on the first Sunday of October, meaning that Thanksgiving in Germany falls on October 3 this year.

How is Thanksgiving celebrated in Germany?

Besides the United States, there are many other countries that have Thanksgiving celebrations. Each country has its own traditions to make the day more special than ever! As we’ve discovered does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving or not, now it’s time we learn about the way Thanksgiving is celebrated in this country.

In the country, the Erntedankfest festival is usually celebrated in churches. A very typical Thanksgiving celebration takes place at Berlin’s Evangelisches Johannesstift Berlin (church). This is considered an all-day celebration which is organized in late September. 

After the church service, people begin to hold a fest at 10 in the morning. After that, a Thanksgiving procession is also held at around 2 p.m in the noon. This procession concludes with the giving of a harvest crown called Erntekrone. 

How is Thanksgiving celebrated in Germany

Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving: Erntedankfest Celebration

There are many other things to join in when it comes to the Thanksgiving celebration in Germany. For example, you can find music, dance, and food both inside and outside the church. These activities often take place at 3 p.m. In the evening, there is a lantern and torch parade organized at 6 pm. In addition, people can have a chance to see fireworks at the end of the parade. Celebrations in and around the church usually end at 7 p.m. 

Talking about the Thanksgiving celebration in Germany, we cannot forget to talk about food. Does this country also have Turkey for this special occasion like the United States? The answer is yes!

Thanksgiving celebration in Germany

Over the past few decades, Germans have borrowed a lot from the Thanksgiving traditions of the Americans. One of the most typical traditions is having Turkey at their dinner table when the holiday comes around. 

Until now, Turkey has been known as a quite popular dish available in Germany and other German-speaking countries of Europe. Actually, Turkey has gradually replaced the traditional goose in Germany when special occasions approach. However, we also need to keep in mind that, although the way Germans celebrate Thanksgiving is leaning towards the American ways of organizing the special day, it is not a big day of family gatherings and feasting in Germany. In other words, Thanksgiving is not strictly considered a family celebration in this country.

Besides, you can find a wide range of Thanksgiving activities in Germany. There are lots of songs and poems written for and about the festival of the country. These songs and poems will be performed during Thanksgiving celebrations. One of the most popular of these is considered to be The Seed, written by Joachim Ringelnatz.

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Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving? You’ve now got the answer! What do you think about the way Germans celebrate the Erntedankfest festival? Feel free to share with us your thoughts! And finally, we wish you a memorable Thanksgiving season with your family and friends!

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