Do Mexicans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a famous holiday in the United States. Every year, people celebrate Thanksgiving Day to show their appreciation and gratitude to God for all the blessings in life. If it springs up in your mind “do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving?”, then follow us and we will be with you to discover the answer!

Do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

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Do Mexicans Celebrate Thanksgiving Day? 

So, do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving? First of all, it’s important to make clear that people in Mexico do celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Well, it is said that Mexicans are really grateful. Despite the fact that they don’t care too much about the materialistic things in the world, people in Mexico highly appreciate nature’s bountiful gifts and blessings. 

Thanksgiving Day in Mexico

Thanksgiving can not really be apparent to Mexican traditions, but the day is an important occasion for people of the country to give thanks to the Gods. In Mexico, Thanksgiving is known as a respected holiday that is celebrated with immense delight. The people in Mexico are famous for being humble and compassionate. It is believed that they have high regard for Thanksgiving. This explains why Thanksgiving is so meaningful to them.

When do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Well, you may be a little bit surprised to know this. Mexican Thanksgiving Day falls on November 27th and actually, the celebration has been organized for many decades now. 

In the list of holidays in Mexico, Thanksgiving just arrives days after Revolution Day (Dia de la Revolución). In Mexico, Revolution Day is an important holiday that commemorates a special milestone in the country’s history. It’s a 10-year revolution that was waged against dictator José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori.

Thanksgiving celebration in Mexico

Do Mexicans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

What makes the Thanksgiving celebration in Mexico well known? In fact, Thanksgiving is not typically celebrated by Mexicans. Gradually, the day becomes more and more popular due to the influence of the roughly 1 million American citizens who have emigrated from the U.S. to Mexico. 

In addition, the day is known to have been inspired by many native Mexicans who returned home after a long time living in the U.S. 

Is Thanksgiving in Mexico a religious holiday?

While many people ask “do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving”, there are people who would like to know if Thanksgiving is a religious holiday in Mexico or not. Well, Thanksgiving in Mexico is truly a religious holiday.

In this country, people consider Thanksgiving Day as a wonderful time to give thanks to God for all of the blessings they have been granted throughout the year.

At the Thanksgiving celebration in Mexico, guests deliver a short prayer of gratitude before they begin the meal. While the religious aspect of the holiday is determined to still be present in several households in America, it’s extremely prevalent in Mexico. The reason is that more than 82% of the Mexican population identifies as Roman Catholic (according to the statistics of the 2010 census).

How do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico?

Thanksgiving in Mexico

In general, the traditions to celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico are quite the same as those of American Thanksgiving. To prepare for the Thanksgiving celebration, Mexicans decorate their house to reflect the harvest season. The most common decorations for the day are fall leaves, pumpkins, and assorted fruits. In addition, they also add some regional flowers and autumn-inspired color schemes are a great part of Thanksgiving decoration.

So, what do they eat when Thanksgiving Day comes around? Normally, Mexicans prepare a Mexican Thanksgiving feast on a long dinner table to celebrate the day. Attending the party, all the guests say “Grace” before they start to enjoy dishes. For people in Mexico, Thanksgiving is a good chance to spend quality time with their family and friends.

Mexican Thanksgiving

Do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving and how do they celebrate the day?

Mexicans add their own flair to the Thanksgiving feast with some unique foods. This is truly what makes the holiday a true celebration. For instance, they will prepare traditional dishes such as marinated roast pork instead of traditional stuffed turkey for a wonderful Thanksgiving party

Famous for their spicy, colorful, and vibrant food, Mexican dishes bring a certain flavor that nothing else can match or replace. When it comes to the Mexican Thanksgiving feast, the most outstanding dishes consist of the Mexican chorizo pumpkin soup, Chile- cranberry salsa, candied pumpkin, fruit and nut bread pudding, mango salsa, pork. Chicken and turkey dishes such as turkey tacos and turkey enchiladas are also included!

We’ve discovered “do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving”. As you can see, there are many interesting things, from traditions to special feasts, when it comes to Thanksgiving in Mexico. If you are lucky to be in this country during the Thanksgiving holiday, never forget to take advantage of the festivities of the day. Many exciting things are waiting for you there! Be ready to immerse yourself in the great traditions that the day comes with!

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