Best Dark Humor Valentines Day Cards To Spice Up Your Holiday

33 Best Dark Humor Valentines Day Cards To Spice Up Your Holiday

Valentine’s Day has long existed as it was first celebrated in the 14th or 15th century. In this era, the meaningful and romantic Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in multiple ways with the impacts of sociology, cultures, and many other elements. However, whatever culture you are in, or wherever you are at, sending loving cards are traditional as it can be. For the 21st century, young couples start to pay interest in dark humor valentines day cards as refreshments for their ways of expressing love, and they would be the major highlight of this whole article. 

Funny Dark Humor Valentines Day Cards


1. We Put Up With Each Other

Loving and putting up with each other at the same time is definitely a part of the daily routine of any couple. For the upcoming Love Day, boyfriends and girlfriends can send the opposite these funny valentine cards


2. I Love You More Than Yesterday

The first words of this card sound romantic and cheesy, but the terms coming after that may make your partner burst out into either tears or laughter since the card writes “yesterday you were annoying”.


3. I Promise To Always Be By Your Side 

The third suggestion for dark humor valentine cards we have for you is also deceptive for the corny words presented in bigger font sizes. But these are truly dark valentines day cards since the positions here can either be comprehended physically or mentally. 


4. You Are My Boo 

We think the card You Are My Boo can imply both cuteness and an eternal love until death does the couple apart. They are quite a choice for dark humor valentines day cards. They are also cute enough for our loving partners on this romantic day. 


5. I Love You With All Of My Boobs 

One more dark Valentine’s card to take a glance at. As one of the best dark humor Valentines Day cards, this would be the perfect card to send to your husband or lovers. A naughty card is never a bad choice for Valentine’s Day. 


6. Date Night Position Mission 

This one is a scratch card, which makes Valentine’s Day even more exciting. The position mission is highly recommended for couples who want to spice things up for the night. You can give your other half these dark valentines day cards with red roses and a surprise gift for added romance. 


7. I Like You How I Like My Coffee 

The “I Like You How I Like My Coffee – Constantly Inside Me” would make a naughty but full of excitement choice for dark humor valentines day cards for lovers. It is not too dark, and it goes with such a light tone design. 


8. Grow Old With Me 

If you’re on the hunt for dark humor Valentines Day cards, consider this cute and funny one. It illustrates one old couple who have gone a long way together, wishing that the love would grow old and become a permanent one. 

9. They Will Never Find Your Body 

Valentine’s day is to die for, which refers to the flirty and fascinating vibes rather than homicidal ones. They Will Never Find your Body is another should-add item to your shopping cart, should you be finding for dark humor Valentine’s memes.  


10. I Love Your Personality 

The whole card cover is “I Love Your Personality But That D Is A Real Nice Bonus”, which makes an amusing idea for dark humor valentine cards. This item is absolutely ideal for girlfriends and wives to send to their Mr. Right on Valentine’s Day as a humorous compliment. 


11. I’m Yours 

The eleventh recommendation for humorous and romantic cards is cute and funny with the message “I’m yours, no refund, sorry about that”. It comes with the wish of the couple never having to experience any breakup. 


12. I’m Tested Positive 

COVID-19 pandemic has really got into our lives whether positively or negatively. This card is inspired by the COVID-19 test kit with the meaning of love expression – “I’m tested positive for loving you”. 


13. I Want To Tickle Your Pickle 

“I want to tickle your pickle” card is one more selection you can have for dark humor valentines day cards if you are looking for a naughty one for the opposite. This card also comes with a 3D decoration. 


14. I Would Give You My Last Chicken Nugget 

Saving the last piece is always a cute action for couples. They say that partners who have been together long enough do not do this anymore. The question is why not? Also, we don’t think the claim is 100 % true. This card is just as adorable as the action of saving up the last piece for your partner, showing you care about them just like the first day. 


15. Just In Case No One Told You Today 

The “Just in case no one told you today: Good Morning, You’re amazing, Nice Butt” is a card that compiles all the simple daily but loving words one can have for his or her lover. We always appreciate the things that seem to be ordinary but basic for a long-term loving relationship. 


16. All I Want For Christmas Is You 

Coming at the sixteenth spot on the list of suggestions for dark humor valentines day cards is the “All I want for Christmas is you, and everything on my wishlist, obviously”. This may not the most romantic for new couples but definitely a practical but still romantic one for couples who have been together for a long time. 


17. I Freaking Love You 

Among great dark humor Valentines Day cards, this is the best. The I Freaking Love You Card is quite cute while still expressing its dark side. This card is suitable for all couples. Besides, it has a small adorable art illustration of two dinosaurs at the bottom of its front page. 


18. I Lo-e You – I’ll Give You The V Later 

Here is another cool consideration for couple dark humor valentines day cards. On the front page of the card, it has a cute animation drawing of a boyfriend and girlfriend with barely any garment on, looking at each other on Valentine’s night. 


19. Kiss My Nose 

Another funny and dark Valentine’s card to add to your shopping cart. The “Kiss My Nose” is humor for couples’ intimacy time. It can be the spice to heat things up for you on Valentine’s night. The card is usable on any occasion for its humor. After all, love is simply expressing your intimacy toward your partner. 


20. Valentine’s Even Though We Are Almost Over The Hill 

The 20th spot on our list of the funny valentine cards for couples on this romantic occasion. This card demonstrates the image of a couple almost going over the hill literally and figuratively. The message of the “almost over the hill” card is to spread the desire to stay together as long as possible. 


21. Happy Valentines Day Card Alternative For Boyfriend

“Oh shit! We are still together” is like a surprise expression, but in a positive way for this case. The card would be an ideal choice for your partner, especially for couples who have been in love for a long while. That would be perfect. 


22. Lick Me Till Ice Cream

Here goes an option for dark humor Valentine’s Day cards. It is not difficult to see through this joke among couples. Lick me till ice cream – lick me till I scream. This one is such a naughty card for Valentine’s night.


23. You Are My Favorite Husband 

Up next in line, we have the suggestion of “You are my favorite husband”. No card can be more “appropriate” for husbands and wives than this one on Valentine’s Day. it is a cute and funny joke, and keep in mind gentlemen, don’t take it seriously on the ladies! 


24. I Definitely Could Not Have Tolerated Me For This Long

The 24th spot goes to the “I definitely could not have tolerated me for this long”. We all think this is a cute complement to your partner’s patience.

As the bias posed on men, people often say this should be presented to the ladies. We would say this card is for both genders as the major purpose of it is to place a compliment for your partner, not the terms females or males. 


25. You’re Pretty 

One more “make your day” card with a prank “you are pretty”. That is not the full sentence of these funny Valentine’s cards. The full sentence for the item is that You are pretty freaking awesome, keep that thing up. Nothing can compare to recognition and gratefulness from your other half for the romantic Valentine’s Day. 


26. I’m A Sucker For You 

Now let’s look at an option for dark humor Valentine’s memes. The “I’m a sucker for you” card is inspired by the myth of vampires, which always makes us thrilled. In case you have yet to notice, all that vampires and human beings love are driving the youth insane. 


27. To My Partner In Crime 

What can be more wonderful than having a supportive partner who is always on your side and participate with you in all the ups and downs? If you have such an incredible love story like that, you should absolutely have the card titled “To My Partner In Crime”. It is adorable but still has a slight vibe of dark humor. 


28. Let’s Get Matching Caskets 

Looking for dark humor Valentines Day cards? The name of this card has told the story itself. What is adorable about the card is that it can be a choice for dark humor valentines day cards with caskets illustration but still bring that light-hearted thing to go with Valentine’s presents, and it also has a meaningful message that one can send to their other half. 


29. You Are Old Af

Don’t get confused about the title as we put it. This is of the funny valentine cards for your boyfriend or girlfriend. The cool thing about the “You are old af” card is that the title is a prank. It is folded for the little surprise it brings to your partner. 


30. I Only Have Eyes For You 

The 30th recommendation we have for you in terms of dark humor valentines day cards is worth purchasing. It is an eye-catching card to look at with the eyeballs drawn in the center, forming a heart shape. It can be scary, but it is of a fun, wild, and young spirit at the same time. 


31. You Are My Favorite Thing To Do

One more suggestion for a spicy Valentine’s night with dark Valentine’s Day cards. Our card represented would be entitled “You are my favorite thing to do”, in which we will all know what the term thing means through its drawing of a couple’s intimacy time for the holiday. 


32. Your Butt 

The “Your Butt” card is a little sarcastic for Valentine’s Day. The purpose of the title and the folding is to deceive the receivers and make them have an “aw” in the end for the cuteness. It is fully read as “I really like your face and butt”. A sweet compliment but hidden in a short and plain word phrase. 


33. I Have Crossed Ocean Of Time 

The last one on the list of dark humor valentines day cards should belong to this seem-to-sweet but the funny candidate. It is also vampire-inspired but does not really have that whole thrilling spirit. In the end, it says to find this card for you. It is funny, and we think it would make your lover go from cheesy statement to LOL. 

Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts

Besides dark humor Valentines Day cards, a gift is a great way to make your lover feel appreciated and spoiled. Here are some cool Valentine’s Day gifts for couples:

Final Thoughts 

We have shown you 30+ ideas for dark Valentine’s cards as above. There are funny, naughty, sarcastic, and adorable jokes for each. As you send cards to your loving partner, remember to gift him or her with some other presents of interest or with personal customization to express your true emotion and dedication toward your relationship. 

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