Christmas With The Darlings

Christmas With The Darlings: Katrina Law And Carlo Marks In The Latest Hallmark Movie

We are all expecting so many wonderful things when Christmas comes around. And it cannot be denied that one of the greatest parts of the holiday is curling up on the couch with some hot cocoa or a wintry cocktail and watching a true Christmas movie marathon. Finding a great holiday treat for Christmas, just try Christmas With The Darlings! The masterpiece from Hallmark will absolutely get you in the holiday spirit. 

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What makes Christmas With The Darlings a good Christmas movie?

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“Christmas With the Darlings” was released on November 8, 2020. It was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, with the participation of stars Katrina Law and Carlo Marks. The famous film was directed by Catherine Cyran – also the director of A Homecoming for the Holidays.  Tracy Andreen, a prolific Hallmark writer, wrote the script for the movie. 

Currently, Christmas With The Darlings is among one of the best Christmas movies that the whole family will love. So, what’s special about this movie?

What is Christmas With the Darlings About?

The film revolves around a woman supporting a charming man to look after his orphaned nieces and nephew during the holidays. 

To be more specific, Christmas with the Darlings follows the journey of Jessica Lew (Katrina Law) in taking care of her boss’s nieces and nephew when he has to get to Europe for work. In the film, Jessica is a loyal assistant to her employer, Charles Darlington (Steve Bacic). After earning her law degree, she is about to join his company in a legal position. 

Before taking the role, Jessica offers to watch his orphaned nieces and nephew. Those children are coming from Australia for a stay over the holidays before they start to study at their new school. 

Christmas with the Darlings on Hallmark

When the younger, charming, and very-single brother of Charles named Max (Carlo Marks) returns home for Christmas, Jessica teams up with him with a view to creating a fun and festive visit for the kids. Gradually, they grow close to each other as well as to the kids. 

While Jessica and Max each thought they knew what they wanted from life, the two find themselves reconsidering what will truly bring them happiness.

Christmas With The Darlings cast: Katrina Law And Carlo Marks stars

It’s Christmas With The Darlings cast that contributes to the success of the movie. Hallmark can easily recognize Katrina Law from the original movies “Snow Bride” and “12 Gifts of Christmas.” Besides, the famous actor Carlo Marks joined in three seasons in the role of David Peck on “Chesapeake Shores.”

Katrina Law as Jessica Lew

You can see that Christmas With The Darlings is a film starring many famous actors. Many people share that they look forward to watching this movie because of Katrina Law. Audiences have always enjoyed her Hallmark Christmas movie. 

Katrina Law as Jessica Lew

In Christmas with the Darlings, Law stars as Jessica Lew, the executive assistant to Darlington Corporation’s CEO, Charles Darlington (Steve Bacic). She’s put in her two weeks’ notice, with plans to continue working for the company as a lawyer. The actress is so lovely. She is said to have struck the right balance between funny and sweet. Even, many people wish she would join in more Hallmark movies.

Carlo Marks as Max Darlington

Carlo Marks as Max Darlington

Carlo Marks was said to have been perfectly cast in this movie. Though there have been some comments saying that he wasn’t the right fit in other Hallmark movies, the actor was completely outstanding in Christmas With The Darlings. In this film, the star played the character of Max really well, which completely charmed so many people.  

Steve Bacic as Charles Darlington

In this film, Charles Darlington starred the CEO of the Darlington family company. With his brother Max (Carlo Marks), Charles has taken custody of his orphaned nieces (Islie Hirvonen and Madeline Hirvonen) and nephew (Anthony Bolognese). 

Anthony Bologneseas as J Henry Darlington, Islie Hirvonenas as Emma Darlington & Madeline Hirvonen as Abby Darlington

Christmas With The Darlings cast

We can’t help talking about the kids in this film. Anthony Bolognese and real-life siblings Islie and Madeline Hirvonen acted so excellently in the film. All of them were so outstanding. The wonderful acting of the cast in the movie will definitely bring you the best experience.

Final Thoughts

We bet that many of you are looking forward to enjoying the best things from Christmas. Above, together we’ve got details on the famous film on Hallmark Channel – Christmas with the Darlings, from the film’s cast to its content. Christmas is fast approaching and we highly recommend that you should add this wonderful movie to the list of your should-watch movies this holiday!

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