Christmas celebrations bring people together

6 Amazing Christmas Celebrations Around The World You Need To Know

Christmas is one of the most important as well as the most cherished holidays throughout the year. Christmas celebration is considered as an age- old tradition throughout the world. Have you ever wondered what Christmas celebrations look like around the world? Let’s discover how different they are with us. 

Christmas celebrations bring your family closer together

Why are Christmas Celebrations On December 25? 

Why is it called Christmas?

The name “Christmas” is derived from the celebration of the feast of Jesus. Mass service, often called Communion, or Eucharist, is where devotees commemorate the resurrection of Jesus after sacrificing themselves for the people. The Eucharistic Ceremony is the only one allowed to take place after sunset (and before sunrise the next day), so it is held at midnight. That word we have the name Christ-Mass, shortened to Christmas.

Today, Christmas is celebrated all over the world whether they are Christians or not. That is when family and friends gather and remember good times together.

What Is the Real Date of Christmas?

No one knows exactly when Jesus was born. So why do we celebrate God’s birthday on December 25th? There are a lot of theories for the date of Christmas celebration.

The origin of the holiday and its December date lies in the ancient Greco-Roman world, as the celebrations can begin around the 2nd century AD. The Roman Catholic historian Sextus Julius Africanus defines Jesus’ conception date as March 25 (the same day he assumed the world was created), after nine months in the womb, leading to birth on December 25.

Christmas celebrations has long been known as the celebration of Jesus’s birth.

Although no one knows the exact birthday of God, we still celebrate Christmas every year because Christmas has truly become a great holiday not only for Western countries but for all of humanity. Celebrating Christmas to commemorate this important event and to be grateful to God is also a good opportunity for families to gather together. It is also the day when we give sincere sharing with those who have been the advantaged.

What do Christmas celebrations look like around the world? 

Christmas is a time of celebration and festivals around the world, and there are a lot of vibrant and unique ways to celebrate holidays. Of course, each country has its own tradition of holidays. Delve a little deeper into how Christmas celebrations throughout some countries are with us. 

Christmas Celebrations In Philippines

When it comes to long Christmas celebrations, The Philippines is listed first. The Philippines has one of the longest holidays in the world, starting in September and finishing around January. Special Christmas lanterns called ‘’parols’’ are made of bamboo and paper and hung around villages and towns. 

Every Christmas season, the annual festival in the City of San Fernando in the Philippines was held called Giant Lantern Festival. So, the city is referred to as “Christmas Capital of the Philippines”. Besides, The Philippines families often come together for a festive meal for Christmas.

Parol- A symbol of Christmas celebrations in the Philippines

Christmas is also an opportunity for the Philippines families to gather together to enjoy parties with traditional dishes such as puto bumbong made from a special type of sticky rice with purple, butter, sugar and coconut colors.

Puto Bumbong is a sweet purple coloured dessert for Christmas celebrations in the Philippines

Christmas Celebrations In Japan

Although Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan, its citizens still have an fascinating way to celebrate. From the beginning of December, the street has started to hang decorative lights. Major centers in Tokyo such as Tokyo Station, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi all have beautiful illumination.

The most famous place for Christmas is perhaps the light hallway named “Tokyo Millenario” designed by Italian art director Valerio Festi, which runs 800 meters long at Marunouchi near Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Millenario is full of twinkling lights during Christmas celebrations

Some merchandise salespeople dress up as Santa Claus when serving customers. Major department stores are open until 11 pm, working both December 31st and January 1. Boys and girls often take the Christmas season to confess their love and give gifts to each other with special meanings. 

KFC has become the most popular meal for Christmas celebrations in Japan

On Christmas Eve, instead of gathering around the table for a turkey dinner, Japanese families head out to their local  Kentucky Fried Chicken. That’s right, the American fried chicken fast-food restaurant has become the one-stop destination for Christmas dinner in Japan. It is estimated that every Christmas season, 3.6 million Japanese families celebrate Christmas holiday with KFC dinner. It has become a nationwide tradition. 

Christmas Celebrations In China

Christmas is not an official holiday in China, so most offices, schools and shops are still open. Instead of staying with family, Chinese people go out with friends for Christmas celebrations. They often see a movie, sing Karaoke, or skate ice.

Chinese children usually don’t leave biscuits and milk for Santa Claus, reindeer grass or write a letter detailing their sincere wishes.  They can get a picture with Santa Claus in centers, supermarkets. The colorful apples wrapped in cellophane are a popular Chinese Christmas gift.

Eating an apple at Christmas celebrations is a prevailing custom in China

Christmas Celebrations In Australia

Unlike a normal Christmas celebrations, Australian welcome Christmas in warm weather. If you are dreaming of a snow-capped Australian Christmas, you may have to wait until winter weather in July. 

On Christmas day, Australian families often celebrate Christmas with barbecue on the beach.  They gather to enjoy seafood and sweets before playing cricket or soaking in cool water. Another Australian tradition called Carols by Candlelight takes place in cities and towns across Australia, where many people gather, hold candles and sing Christmas songs.

Australians hit the beaches for Christmas celebrations

Christmas Celebrations In The United Kingdom

Christmas in British brings its own beauty and charm every Christmas. London Christmas season shimmering and fanciful like a lady wearing a satin blouse spoiled by the mist. Everything from the famous Big Ben to the majestic palaces and churches like St. John’s. Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square  also becomes more magical and mysterious in the mist. And there is nothing more interesting than seeing the whole city from London Eyes – where the British are proudly called “The Millennium Wheel“. 

LondonEye is a must-have destination for Christmas celebrations in The United Kingdom

With the cold weather, ancient and majestic scenery mixed in the mist, London’s capital will bring visitors a sparkling, unforgettable Christmas season. British will open presents on Christmas morning except the Royal Family.

Every Christmas season, British families often gather, watch the Queen’s speech and eat turkey and Christmas pudding together. Besides, Christmas crackers are an indispensable part of Christmas celebrations. They look like giant wrappers and make a bang when pulled open. They come with a paper crown, a riddle or a joke, and a small gift.

Crackers have been a traditional part of British Christmas celebrations

Christmas Celebrations In Germany

Every Christmas season, from big cities like Berlin, Frankfurt to the idyllic countryside, are holding jubilant Christmas fairs with all kinds of decorations. Every year there are a few thousand Christmas markets held across Germany. Colorful and sparkling souvenirs attract tens of millions of visitors each year. 

Dresden’s Christmas Market, Germany is one of the most eye-catching destinations during Christmas celebrations

Christmas Celebrations Without Money

Are you wondering about the Christmas celebrations cost? Is your Christmas budget limited? Are Christmas gifts your financial burden? Don’t worry! We’ve covered ideas for free gifts and money- saving tips to help you to enjoy Christmas without cutting down the quality. 

How to have awesome Christmas celebrations on a budget?

Set A Christmas Budget 

Before the holiday knocks the door, determine the amount of money to spend on Christmas gifts, Christmas room decorations, food, and whatever else you think you will need. Whether you buy things at the store or on the website, there will be thousands of different diverse products on display, distracting you and falling into shopping.

So before you go shopping, make a list of items you need to buy. This will help you to be more focused when shopping, buy the right items and save time on shopping.

Christmas spending budget is one of the practical ways to advoid overspending for Christmas celebrations

Take Advantage Of Special Occasion During The Year 

Everyone looks forward to sweet things at Christmas. So make your own unique cards or ornaments and then pack them beautifully as gifts. Make sure to use the skills you’re best at, such as cooking, sewing, knitting, and more. And you will save a ton of money for Christmas celebrations.

Making full use of discount programs helps you to save big bucks for Christmas celebrations

Make Full Use Of Coupons

If you are a shopaholic, you may know how much you can save with coupons. If you make a purchase online, coupons are one of the great ways to save a big buck. Visit reliable coupon sites like and Rakuten to search for coupon codes. To find deals or coupons on coupon sites, type the brand name or offer you’re looking for. If you don’t have a specific brand or deal in mind, then you can browse by category instead. 

Save money for Christmas celebrations when you shop online and use coupons

Cut Out Unnecessary Items 

There are a lot of unnecessary Christmas items. Save your money and finite resources by not including them in your Christmas celebrations. For example, you can use plain colored tablecloths from your refrigerator or limit the number of ribbons or stickers. Besides, don’t invest a lot of money for exterior lights and remember to turn off all inside lights if nobody is in the room. You can save a lot of electric payment when the bills come. 

Make your own Christmas gifts

Everyone looks forward to sweet things at Christmas. So make your own unique cards or ornaments and then pack them beautifully as gifts. Make sure to use the skills you’re best at, such as cooking, sewing, knitting, and more. And you will save a ton of money for Christmas celebrations

Making your own Christmas gifts is not only meaningful but also helps you to save money for Christmas celebrations

Saving money for this holiday will probably require a little change in the way Christmas is celebrated and how your family celebrates holidays. But that is not a problem, just a little flexibility and creativity, you can completely go through new and interesting things.


Christmas is almost upon us. Some celebrate the festival at home while some enjoy exploring gorgeous destinations around the world. We hope that 6 Christmas celebrations around the world will be useful for you. The last thing we want to say is ‘’Merry Christmas! Wish all of you and your family happy holidays’’. 

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