Chosen Christmas Special

Chosen Christmas Special 2021 Has Become A Box Office Hit

It’s officially the holiday season and the popular cult drama series The Chosen is releasing a new special to celebrate. While the two-episode show tells the story of the life of Jesus Nazarus, Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers tells the story of his birth. The film has achieved an extremely impressive box office. Fans of the series won’t want to miss it, so here’s everything you need to know about Chosen Christmas Special 2021.

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The Chosen Christmas special achieved impressive box office revenue

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Earning a staggering $4.1 million through Friday-to-Sunday weekend screenings, Forbes extrapolated that that movie’s total brought in a total of $8.8 million from domestic screenings from Wednesday to Sunday. Their report states that the number is “frankly bigger than many big-deal Oscar season contenders and/or would-be adult dramas… ‘Spencer’ and ‘Belfast’ had both earned over/under $6 million domestic over the last month.”

The impressive response to this special was gratifying for Dallas Jenkins, creator, writer, director, and executive producer of the “The Chosen” series.

Jenkins said in a news release: “The Chosen’ was birthed from my biggest career failure when few people showed up in theaters for my previous film,”  “To sit in a theater full of people clapping and crying for Christmas music with an episode of a TV show about Jesus was an overwhelming experience.”

“Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers”, which also features Christian music artists, will screen in more than 1,700 theaters through December 16, according to

Although the film became a box office hit, Jenkins told CBN “The PrayerLink” that he doesn’t focus on numbers as a sign of real success.

“For me, it’s about impact and seeing what God is doing,” Jenkins told CBN. “God has something to say and I’m just wanting to be a part of it. … People just seem to be responding to what God is saying and I’m just lucky to be a steward of it.”

Jenkins told Deseret News ahead of the premiere, specifically for Christmas, as an effort to satisfy fans who want more content and help get people back into theaters.

3 Things to Know about Christmas with The Chosen

Chosen Christmas Special 2021
Chosen Christmas Special 2021

1. It’s One of the Best’ Chosen’ Episodes Yet

Christmas with The Chosen is an epic musical, Christmas celebration and a new episode of The Chosen, all rolled into one movie. Every minute of the two-hour Christmas special is awe-inspiring, but it’s the episode that’s the star. The story follows a young Mary and Joseph as they journey on their way to Bethlehem – still getting to know each other and still contemplating this incredible mission God has given them. 

Messengers, though, is no ordinary Christmas story. It authenticates. In the movie, we can see fluid on the ground as Mary’s water breaks. Furthermore, the episode excellently combines an entertaining storyline about Mary and Joseph with a fantasy scene involving biblical characters from 48 AD, turning the two stories into one. 

This is one of the best (and most creative) episodes of The Chosen.

2. It’s Filled with Music that Will Move You

If you have never experienced a concert in the theater, now is your chance. Christmas with The Chosen features some of the top religious artists singing old and new songs. Among them: Phil Wickham, Maverick City Music, Brandon Lake, For King & Country,  Cain, Matt Maher, Jordan Feliz, and We The Kingdom.

However, this is not a dull show. The artists sang outdoors on the set of The Chosen, which only added to the Christmas feel and spirit. For King and Country, for example, perform Go Tell It on the Mountain while walking through the streets of ancient Israel.

The film ends with Phil Wickham and the other musicians gathering in what feels like a temple set to be – perhaps – the most amazing performance of Joy to the World you’ll ever hear.

Chosen Christmas Special
Chosen Christmas Special 2021 Was Filmed in Secret

3. It Was Filmed in Secret

Usually, the filmmakers behind The Chosen reveal everything to their fans – including when and where they shoot the next episode. They post photos on social networks. They invite special guests to the set. Such publicity helps spark excitement and additional donations.

However, that didn’t happen with The Messengers, which began filming in late September and early October.

“We decided to not let anyone know,” director Dallas Jenkins told Crosswalk. “… I don’t know how we pulled it off, considering our fans and how rabid they are. But the hundreds of people who were on the set all honored their non-disclosure agreements.”

The movie is, Jenkins said, a “unique opportunity” for Christians to “experience Christmas in a new way – and to do it together.”

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How To Watch The Chosen Christmas Special

Currently, the only place to see Christmas With the Chosen is in theaters. The special has 10 days in theaters, December 1-11 and on Monday, December 13. You can find a show at a movie theater. 

The chosen Christmas special will be streaming in 10 days in theaters. While exact details of its online release have yet to be revealed, the creators of The Chosen have announced that it will finally be available to stream for free after it leaves theaters.

The Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers retells the famous bible story in a unique way, weaving together the bible story with a creative story that will inspire and move you, and may even bring you to tears. If you are a Christian or are simply learning the history of Christmas, this movie is not to be missed.

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