Voices Of Easter – Top 28 Best Children’s Easter Song

Easter is a day of celebration and happiness. Easter Sunday is a day of festivity, family get-togethers, and wonderful food. It is also a time to sing beautiful hymns and songs, not only in church but also at home. Here are some popular children’s Easter songs that you can use to ring in the celebrations this year.

Why are there so many Children’s Easter Songs?

Children's Easter Song
28 Soulful Children’s Easter Song to Make Them Shake Their Cottontails

The Easter story is the foundation of Christian belief. This is why so many of the most popular children’s Easter songs focus on the subject matter. There are several reasons for this choice of subject matter. 

First, it’s an excellent way for children to become familiar with the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Second, these songs also provide a way for kids to reflect on their own lives and what they have done in their lives to date. Children often do things that are wrong but which might not seem so important at the time, but later on these actions may be considered sins by others and by themselves. Singing about Jesus’ death and resurrection can help them understand just how serious their actions may be and can encourage them to change their ways.

Third, singing about Jesus’ death and resurrection can remind children that we live in a fallen world and that there is hope even when things look hopeless. Many people who don’t know much about Christianity or who have never been exposed to the teachings of Jesus encounter hope when they hear the message of His death and resurrection. These people may wonder why Christians take such a gloomy view of life, but when they are exposed to the good news of our Lord’s sacrifice and resurrection, they are able to see that Christianity does not hold negative views about life.

Top 28 Children’s Easter Song To Get Into The Spirit Of Holiday

Everyone knows music can have a lasting impact – especially when it helps children learn about Christ. Children’s Easter song will melt your heart as the kids sing the Gospel this Easter Sunday.

#1. Because

YouTube video

Easter songs for church kids, one of them is called “Because” and is one of the most popular Easter songs for kids. This video features an animated story about Jesus’ last days on earth, including the Last Supper, Jesus’ betrayal, the crucifixion, death and resurrection. The children’s Easter song is a reminder that Jesus died because He loves us, so that we can live with Him forever. We hope you enjoy this video.

#2. The Easter Bunny Bop

YouTube video

Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny Bop is a fun children’s Easter song. This children’s music about Easter is great for preschool and kindergarten. Your kids, toddlers and babies will love singing along to this easter bunny song.

#3. The Way The Bunny Hops

YouTube video

Are you looking for simple Easter children’s songs? It’s a wonderful addition to any church or classroom celebration of Easter, and especially good for families who want a fun way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection together.

#4. Hippity Hop Easter Bunny

YouTube video

The Easter Bunny is coming with toys for all of the little girls and boys! It’s time to celebrate, so get up out of your seat and sing along to these adorable Easter music for kids with your families.

#5. Easter Bunny Song

YouTube video

The Easter Bunny Song is one that we sing every year as we get ready to welcome the Easter Bunny into our home during our celebrations. It’s also one of the Easter children’s songs to dance when you are making Easter crafts with your children!

#6. Easter Basket Song

YouTube video

Easter basket song is one of the fun Easter songs for kids. Perfect for preschool and elementary aged children. Sing along to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

#7. Humpty Dumpty 

YouTube video

Singing, dancing, and learning! The Super Simple Puppets are back with a fun Easter version of a classic children’s song – “Humpty Dumpty!”. This nursery rhyme is great for practicing numbers and counting. Plus, the music video is full of fun animated characters that kids love. Count along with Humpty Dumpty and all his animal friends!

#8. Five Little Easter Eggs 

YouTube video

“Five Little Easter Eggs” is one of the Easter children’s songs. It is a fun way for kids to learn their numbers and the names of colors.

#9. Easter Freeze Dance

YouTube video

“Easter Freeze Dance” is Easter music for kids! It’s great to get up, move and dance! It’s also a brain break! The kids are sure to have lots of fun with this song!

#10. Ten Bunnies Counting Song 1-10

YouTube video

This is a counting song for children and kids. In this song we are counting bunnies from 1 to 10. This video is great for learning to count, numbers and colors. Your kids will love fun Easter songs

#11. Easter Egg Hunt 

YouTube video

This song is called Easter Egg Hunt, and it’s one of the most famous Easter songs for toddlers and kids. It’s got a great tune and words that are easy to sing along to. This song is great for children and adults who want to learn English!

#12. Fun Body Percussion!

YouTube video

In this video is a children’s Easter song, it is called “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.” This song is great because it gets kids up and moving to the music.  It is a fun body percussion activity!

#13. Twos: Easter (Song)

YouTube video

Here at TWOS have created Easter songs for church kids that will have your kids dancing and singing along. As well as letting children learn the true meaning of Easter.

#14. Baby Sharks Happy Easter 

YouTube video

It’s Easter! Baby Shark visits Pinkfong’s Easter egg party to see if he can find his favorite Easter egg. Let’s have fun with Baby Shark and his friends!

#15. The Bunny Hop 

YouTube video

The Bunny Hop By Pevan and Sarah is one of the fun Easter songs, an easy to learn Easter song for children.  Use this dance video as a brain break in your classroom or at home with your kids.

#16. Hippity Hop

YouTube video

The song wants the kids to join the Easter bunny and its friends as we count the Easter eggs. This is Easter music for kids to practice numbers, colors and counting. This is also a great exercise that will keep the whole family moving!

#17. RISEN – New Easter song by Shawna Edwards

YouTube video

RISEN is a new Easter song by Shawna Edwards, written for a children’s choir. It’s a simple, upbeat piece of music that tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This is one of those Easter songs for church kids that you need to listen to.

#18. The Bunny Song

YouTube video

Yancy and Little Praise Party present the Easter bunny song. This is a fun song for kids to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

#19. Hosanna Rock

YouTube video

Hosanna Rock is a new children’s song for Easter by Yancy and Little Praise Party. The song is about celebrating Jesus coming to earth, the promise of him arriving again and the joy that is found in a relationship with him. The perfect children’s easter song, Easter activities or Sunday school music.

#20. Here Comes Peter Cottontail

YouTube video

The Easter Bunny has many names, including the famously catchy “Peter Cottontail.” This song is an essential part of any children’s Easter song collection, as well as an opportunity to teach kids about rhyming words. 

#21. VeggieTales: When I think of Easter Reprise

YouTube video

If you need Easter songs for church kids, I’ve got the one for you! VeggieTales “When I think of Easter” is a great way to share the meaning of Easter. In the song “When I think of Easter”, the veggie characters are talking about what Easter means to them. 

#22. Five Easter Eggs

YouTube video

In this video, Juny and Tony teach children about the Easter bunny, eggs, and the Easter holiday. They also sing a song. It is an educational video for children.

#23. Easter Special 

YouTube video

Little ones will love watching this music video and learning all the children’s Easter songs. Sing and dance to the tune of “Easter Special” and enjoy other Easter songs for toddlers, cute, happy, funny.

#24. Jelly Beans in My Tummy

YouTube video

Kids love jelly beans and they’ll love this song too. This is a perfect example of how you can use music and rhythm to teach math, spelling and vocabulary.

#25. The Bunny Hokey Pokey 

YouTube video

The bunny hokey pokey is a song made popular by The Singing Walrus. It is a fun Easter version of the classic Hokey Pokey song, perfect for Easter songs for toddlers, as well as English language learners. The video features cute Easter bunnies doing the actions of the song, which helps children learn and remember the words.

#26. Magical Easter Sunday – with Surprise Easter Eggs!

YouTube video

“Magical Easter Sunday” is a super simple music original kids song that teaches all about Easter. It’s designed especially for Easter songs for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten aged children.

#27. Easter Masks Song

YouTube video

JJ loves to pretend he is a bunny. He even wears a mask that makes him look like one! The rest of the kids at school are all wearing masks too. What will they dress up as? Watch this video and find out!

#28. Five Little Bunnies Song for Kids

YouTube video

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Follow the five little bunnies and count along from one to ten in this cute children’s Easter song. Five Little Bunnies is a super fun Easter-themed version of the classic Five Little Monkeys children’s song.

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