22 Best Cheap Gifts For Boyfriend That Make Him Happy

Not only ladies like to receive gifts. Your lovely man also deserves the enjoyable pleasure. If you still do not know what to give a guy inexpensively, armed with valuable tips from this article. 

You can easily pick up romantic, original, helpful, and cheap gifts for your boyfriend. When thinking about what you can give a guy inexpensively, remember that the essential thing in your gift is attention and sincere feelings.

The selection of cheap gifts for your boyfriend on his birthday offered here meets all these requirements. Keep reading, and you will find the answer!

How to choose cheap gifts boyfriend

Picking birthday gifts new boyfriend may seem easy. Then you start looking at things like how long you’ve been dating, his real interests, your budget, and suddenly it’s a lot harder. But finding the right birthday gifts for boyfriend doesn’t have to be rocket science – in fact, we believe there is some step formula for success. Here’s how to choose birthday gifts boyfriend that you need to keep in your mind.

#1. Shop for birthday gifts boyfriend according to personality

One of the factors when choosing a birthday gift for a boyfriend is personality. For example, if he is an introvert, you can refer to presents such as books, handmade photo albums, or art prints. Whereas for extroverts, you should prioritize gifts like T-shirts, sportswear, or jewelry.

#2. Choose a birthday gifts boyfriend according to your preferences

Everyone’s preferences are different. Therefore, first, think about the kind of guy he is, find something special that aligns with those interests. Only then will your present be more meaningful to the giftee. Different age groups have different interests, so you need to pay attention when choosing a birthday gift for a man that is his age. 

#3. Pick birthday gifts boyfriend according to his work

One of the important factors when shopping for birthday gifts boyfriends is based on his work. For example, if the recipient is an office worker, you can refer to gifts such as watches, shirts, belts or leather wallets. Meanwhile, if he is a chef, you should prioritize gifts such as kitchen tools, cookbooks. Similarly, if his work is more artistic, then you should give preference to a camera, or a travel bag (because he has to move a lot).

#4. Give priority to creative birthday gifts for men

Every birthday gift you give your partner will be a way to show your care and affection for that person. A creative gift, made by you, is sure to make him feel extremely excited and touched. So, you should not ignore this criterion when choosing birthday gifts for men.

22 Cheap gifts for boyfriend on a special occasion

Here are some more thoughtful boyfriend gifts for under 30 dollars that you can refer to:

  1. Personalized I Heart My Boyfriend Shirt
  2. I Love My Girlfriend Shirt Personalized
  3. Personal Stalker I Will Follow You
  4. Kelly And Ryan Christmas Mug Live With Kelly And Ryan
  5. I Love Cumming Mug I Love Oral Sex
  6. Peel-Off Face Mask
  7. Scythe Board Game
  8. Beard Care Kit
  9. Portable Coffee Maker
  10. and 13 more…

1. Personalized I Heart My Boyfriend Shirt

Personalized I Heart My Boyfriend Shirt

In online stores, there is a massive selection of cool t-shirts for you to order. Such inexpensive gifts for your boyfriend have several advantages.

First, a T-shirt is easy to match, and it is difficult to make a mistake in size here.

Second, T-shirts will always come in handy: for recreation, sports, or walking around the house.

Finally, you can choose how to express affection to your boyfriend in this t-shirt.

At T-Shirt At Low Price, you can order any print, with any pattern or some excellent inscription, at a glance which will lift your spirits.

Such a T-shirt, donated by a loved one, often becomes a favorite piece of clothing that your man will want to wear as long as possible.

2. I Love My Girlfriend Shirt Personalized

I Love My Girlfriend Shirt Personalized

What to give a man? We recommend a simple, versatile, inexpensive solution for all occasions. Now in every man’s wardrobe, there are T-shirts. 

For example, if your man is fond of hunting or fishing in the summer, it would be beneficial to give him a 3D T-shirt on this topic. Perhaps he is a fan of some rock band, and we also have a lot of such T-shirts. 

He bought a motorcycle or is a fan of a car brand. And we have t-shirts for bikers and motorists. He makes martial arts or bodybuilding a great selection of the most awesome American t-shirts here. 

In general, in the T-Shirt At Low Price store, you will find cheap gifts for your boyfriend, a men’s T-shirt for every taste.

The most important thing is that a t-shirt as a gift is precisely what a man will never be extra, there are never too many t-shirts like fur coats!

3. Personal Stalker I Will Follow You 

Personal Stalker I Will Follow You- cheap gifts for boyfriend

Giving a T-shirt to your boyfriend is the right choice because this item has in the closet every member of the more vigorous sex. Moreover, summer is ahead, and such a gift will come in handy for the upcoming hot season.

First, decide for what purpose you want to give him a T-shirt, for everyday wear, going to work or training. Then it will be easier for you to decide on the best gift. 

If you want to find original men’s t-shirts, the online store T-Shirt At Low Price is an excellent option for such purchases because here, you can find a massive selection of models at the most affordable prices.

For your boyfriend to like the gift and turn out to be helpful, and not go to the far box so as not to offend you, when choosing a T-shirt, you should pay attention to some factors, such as color, material, size, and style.

When choosing a T-shirt for a guy, could you pay attention to what color he prefers? If you want the gift to please and not cause a lot of incomprehensible emotions, it’s better to opt for a calm, timeless classic.

For your boyfriend to be comfortable in the summer, the material does not irritate the skin. So choose products made from natural fabrics. 

The best option for the summer will be organic cotton and knitwear. Do not think that such t-shirts have a boring design; modern stores offer many models.

4. Kelly And Ryan Christmas Mug Live With Kelly And Ryan

It is necessary to give a mug, but you need to know the reason for the gift and some features of the recipient’s character. The original design of the mug will be a worthy gift, but not for significant dates or holidays. 

A small gift, even if it is just a souvenir mug or cup, should cheer up a person, tell about the emotions of the giver and express a good disposition towards the recipient.

5. I Love Cumming Mug I Love Oral Sex

Funny I Love Cumming Mug Sex Jokes

Mugs for two are cheap birthday ideas for him. It is a practical option for daily use. Usually, we do not pay attention in everyday life from which mugs we drink water or tea, and the main thing is that the drink is tasty. 

Take advantage of this fact and buy mugs with cool designs or original shapes, etc. Mugs for a couple are the most common option. 

You can find cups with inscriptions and drawings on various store topics, such as bold and funny, touching, etc. The simplest are paired heart mugs.

6. Peel-Off Face Mask

Peel-Off Face Mask- cheap gifts for boyfriend.jpg

This Peel-Off Face Mask considers all the structural features of men’s skin. Masks also have a sebum-regulating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect on them. 

The bamboo charcoal extract exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis, and the skin acquires a fresh look. In addition, bamboo charcoal extract slows down the growth of unwanted hair.

7. Scythe Board Game

Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game- cheap gifts for boyfriend

The board game will be the perfect gift for your beloved man as well as enjoyable, bright, and varied desktops for every taste are perfect for congratulating him.

This game depicts European society in the 1920s. There was a period of instability. The snow is still darkened by the ashes of the first great battle.

The capitalist city-state known simply as “The Factory,” which fuelled the conflict with massively armored mechs, has shut down, drawing the attention of numerous neighboring countries.

In the game, you need to work the land and explore the mystery factory while leading your faction to victory while defending your area from other factions’ mechs.

8. Beard Care Kit

Beard Care Kit- cheap gifts for boyfriend.jpg

A beard gives a man self-confidence and allows him to look convincing, achieving success at work and with women. 

So, the need for care products arises almost immediately after he grows bristles. With this gift, he will feel your care and love you more.

9. Portable Coffee Maker

Portable Coffee Maker- cheap gifts for boyfriend.jpg

It’s an excellent decision to choose a machine to prepare as a gift for a connoisseur of real coffee. The coffee lover will have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of their favorite drink without leaving home.

10. Sorry My Heart Only Beats for My Freaking Awesome Girlfriend

Sorry My Heart Only Beats for My Freaking Awesome Girlfriend Shirt February

Bring a smile to your important man’s face with an awesome shirt conveying a touching message he would like to send to you.Yes! His heart only beats for you and he loves you so much! 

The pretty and meaningful shirt is among the cute and cheap gifts for boyfriends that will surely melt his heart!

11. Solvers Shirt Boyfriends Tee

Solvers Shirt Boyfriends Tee

Another item to add to the list of cheap gifts for boyfriends that make him happy is this Solvers shirt. Simple but really cool, Solvers Shirt will truly make a perfect gift for your sweetheart. The beautiful tee is always ready to help you express your love to your lover on many occasions.

Especially, the Solvers shirt is not just for your boyfriend. Both of you can wear them as pretty shirts for couples. Put on the same shirts and let all the other people see your love for each other!

12. Hair Styling Gel

Hair Styling Gel- cheap gifts for boyfriend.jpg

Not only women but also men strive to look great in modern society. During personal care, the representatives of the more vigorous sex use male hair gel. 

The first thing that experts recommend when choosing such caring cosmetics is their composition – the more natural components, the better the remedy.

13. Headphone Eye Mask


This eye mask covers the entire face and has a unique nose shape that efficiently blocks light and prevents light leaking. Block light to improve your sleep, allowing your lover to listen to music without the use of extra headphones, allowing him to fall asleep faster.

14. Video Recorder


A video camera is a universal gift for any holiday. However, you need to know how to choose a video camera to bring joy to its future owner.

Buying such a camcorder is not a problem. The choice is enormous, and the prices are affordable. All cameras come in beautiful boxes, equipped with colorful instructions, and almost each has its own original “feature.”

15. Set Of Tools


Have you decided to give a set of tools to your boyfriend, but you don’t understand anything about it? Now we will help you.

If a man does not yet have tools or has old and ugly ones that are unpleasant to work with, give him a starter kit. These tools will be enough for most simple tasks around the house.

Present such a basic set, and over time, your man himself will gradually expand his collection with what he needs.

Most often, tool kits help you solve many diverse tasks. Therefore, most of the sets are universal. With their help, your boyfriend can fasten a cabinet door, fix a faucet, hang a picture or a sconce, see something off, assemble furniture, work with wires, tighten nuts.

16. Multitool

Multitool- cheap gifts for boyfriend

It is unnecessary to carry a suitcase of men’s tools with you. The 21st century offers us small and compact multitools.

A multitool is several tools in one design or, in other words, a multifunctional item that has everything: from scissors and bottle openers to knives and ballpoint pens. 

A real man always likes a multitool with him, like a samurai carries his katana. 

17. Seat Covers For Cars

You need to either give something that the guy likes or buy something expensive, such as velour or seat covers. Creative seat covers, for instance, in the form of a panda or superman, can pleasure a man who has a good sense of humor.

18. Leather Cigarette Case 

Leather Cigarette Case -cheap gifts for boyfriend

In the case of a gift for a smoking man, you do not need to rack your brains. A few brief hints about his passion for smoking or habit are enough information to buy the right gift. As for smoking, you can also come up with at least a few cheap gift ideas for your boyfriend right away. 

In addition to a regular lighter, a cigarette case is a great idea. It allows your man to store two dozen cigarettes elegantly and not in a crumpled pack located in the back pocket of his trousers. 

19. Dumbbells

Dumbbells-cheap gifts for boyfriend

Dumbbells are flexible, effective, and practical strength training and muscle-building equipment. It’s necessary to determine the nature and aims of the workout before purchasing dumbbells. 

Therefore, the choice of weights, the number of pairings, and other issues will be easy to address. It’s critical to remember that the look of dumbbells is secondary; the most crucial consideration is their quality and performance.

20. Push-Ups

Push-Ups- cheap gifts for boyfriend

Is sport your boyfriend’s profession or hobby? In any case, it has a special meaning for him, so inexpensive birthday gifts for him should be of high quality, professional, and on topic!

We are sure that he is dreaming of these push-ups. They can help strengthen the lower back and core by activating the abdominal muscles correctly. 

Push-ups are a quick and efficient strength-building exercise. You can practice them without any special equipment.

21. Sports Bag

PUMA Evercat Contender Duffel Bag-cheap gifts for boyfriend

In choosing any gift, you should prefer something valuable and practical. One of the gift options can be a sports bag or a backpack with wide handles.

Today, sports bags have ceased to be exclusively an accessory for athletes. These accessories are becoming fashionable. 

The primary purpose of a sports bag is to carry all kinds of things for sports training. However, due to its durability, this practical and stylish item will appeal not only to lovers of sports life. 

It is helpful for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. It is loved by outdoor enthusiasts, as men’s sports bags are ideal for travel and trips.

22. Sports Bottle

Sports Bottle- cheap gifts for boyfriend

During training, your boyfriend may lose water. So during intensive sports, it is necessary to restore water reserves without waiting for the feeling of thirst to appear. And today, a sports water bottle helps your man in this.

Having spent a small amount once, your beloved guy does not have to run to the store before each workout and spend money buying water. Pour it into a fitness bottle, and he can run to training.

Awesome Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

In addition to these cheap gifts for boyfriends, here are other popular presents to express your love for your man.


Now you have the necessary information to pick up cheap gifts for your boyfriend. Use our advice, and you will find precisely what he would like to receive.

Do not forget that the best gift for your loved one will be a meeting between you two. Create a romantic atmosphere, prepare a delicious dinner, put a carefully selected gift for your boyfriend, and you will have the most memorable night.  

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