Charming Christmas

Charming Christmas: Meet the cast and filming location

Christmas will not be complete without some interesting Christmas films. And while there are a lot of out there, it may be hard to choose which ones to watch. Today, we would like to introduce to you one of the best filmed by Hallmark Channel – Charming Christmas. Let’s get to know more about the film and start to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! 

What is Charming Christmas about?

Charming Christmas is a made-for-TV Christmas film with the participation of Julie Benz and David Sutcliffe. The movie is based on the novel The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus by Carly Alexander and it was officially premiered on the Hallmark Channel on November 8, 2015.

Charming Christmas movie

In the film, Meredith Rossman plays the role of the uptight heiress of Rossman’s Department store. She has made every effort to run her business her entire life, even not spending any time for Christmas or romance, despite her parent’s chagrin.

However, when Rossman reluctantly accepts to play the role of Mrs. Claus in a store, her life has some unexpected turns. The time Nick, the new store Santa Claus, appears and becomes her companion is exactly the time Rossman gets a little holiday magic of her own.

Thanks to the support of the charming store Santa, Nick, Meredith gradually rekindles her love of Christmas, the story, their employees, and especially begin a new love with Nick. He is mysterious, kind to the kids, and always there when you need him.  One certain thing is: from the moment Meredith wore the magical Mrs. Claus dress, her life would never be the same! 

Meet Charming Christmas cast

Right here, we will get to know more about the two main actors in the Charming Christmas movie: Julie Benz plays the role of Meredith and David Sutcliffe plays the role of Nick.

Julie Benz as Meredith

Anytime she appears on the screen, Julie Benz always captivates famous actress is best known for her work on Showtime’s multiple Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated hit series “Dexter” as Rita Bennett, the title character’s tormented girlfriend, a role for which she won a 2006 Golden Satellite Award for Best Supporting TV Actress.

Julie Benz as Meredith

In “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,”  one of the most critically acclaimed and cult classic TV series of all time, Benz plays the role of an innocent schoolgirl who was actually a fanged demon and Buffy’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) nemesis. The series was known to be one of Time magazine’s 100 Best Shows of All Time, one of TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. Also, it was voted #3 in TV Guide’s Top 25 Cult TV Shows of All Time. 

Benz also made a lot of special guest appearances on different hit TV shows such as “Supernatural,” “CSI” and “Law & Order.” The actress has a wonderful career and she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and precious dog children.

David Sutcliffe as Nick

The good-looking actor was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He attended the University of Toronto. He was later bit by the acting bug, which he pursued professionally after graduation.

David Sutcliffe as Nick

Audiences may know much about Sutcliffe through his role as Christopher on the Emmy Award-winning series “Gilmore Girls”. In that series, the actor played the role of the father to Alexis Bledel’s character and ex-husband to Lauren Graham’s.

Where was Charming Christmas filmed?

Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Dundas, Ontario, Canada – where Charming Christmas was filmed

The famous Hallmark movie was filmed in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Dundas is a community and town in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It has a nickname called Valley Town due to its topographical location at the bottom of the Niagara Escarpment on the western edge of Lake Ontario. 

Charming Christmas: Review

Follow us to discover what audiences thought about this famous Hallmark movie and decide if you will choose it for the upcoming holiday season or not!

Charming Christmas

A review gives the movie 7 out of 10 for the rating points. The story is considered to be light-hearted and it can really warm the heart without going into the over-saccharine territory. The acting is well above average, with Benz being very engaging once her character became easier to warm to and expressive. Every bit as good is charming David Sutcliffe and the two have genuine and natural chemistry together. The two characters actually grow, Benz’s character does become easier to warm to and Sutcliffe’s is not too perfect too early. The supporting cast is also good.

Another person doesn’t hesitate to give Charming Christmas 10 out of 10 for the rating points. “I am not unfamiliar to Hallmark Christmas Movies. And as I started this movie I first thought Julie Benz was miscast. I’m sorry but I thought ‘she’s too old’ or ‘not warm enough’. But I kept watching and yes it is formulamatic Hallmark. Yes it tugs at your heartstrings as should! But early on Julie Benz won me over.”

Another audience says: “Julie Benz is about 43 in this movie playing a 30-ish Meridith, but it was just fine. David Sutcliffe as Nick is about 46 and I didn’t realize it was him playing Rory’s dad on the Gilmore girls about 10 years prior. Julie and David were great together. The kid was also great.”

For many other people, Charming Christmas is their favorite one for the Christmas season. Will it be your choice for this upcoming holiday?

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Sometimes, happiness comes from little things! This Christmas, just spend time with your family, eat delicious dishes and get cozy on the couch to watch Charming Christmas. That’s perfect for a holiday!

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