Can Muslim Celebrate Father's Day

Can Muslim Celebrate Father’s Day

Can Muslim celebrate Father’s Day

Many people wonder that Can Muslim celebrate Father’s Day. Now, let’s take a dip into discovering they can celebrate Father’s Day or not.

Which Date Is International Fathers Day?

Can Muslim celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is held around the world to honor the contribution and sacrifice that fathers and father figures have done to the lives of their children. This special day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. Although it is honored on a wide variety of dates worldwide, many countries celebrate this day on the third Sunday in June.

When Father’s Day Come In 2021

Can Muslim celebrate Father’s Day

If you have no idea for creative and thoughtful gifts and ways to celebrate (while complying with social distancing), don’t worry. Father’s Day falls on June 20 this year, which still leaves you with an abundance of time to prepare. Make sure to check out the best gifts for dad if you’re striving to find the perfect present for him that isn’t a tie.

Can Muslim Celebrate Father’s Day

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Can Muslim celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a social and family event with the aim of celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. So, there is nothing wrong with such social and cultural events in Muslim, provided that they don’t promote un-Muslimic values. Everyone including a Muslim should show love, appreciation, and dutifulness to his parents.

How Do Muslim Celebrate Father’s Day 

Here are a few ways for Muslim to celebrate Father’s Day: 

Cook a delicious meal 

Can Muslim celebrate Father’s Day

It’s the month of Ramada, which really provides a newfound appreciation for the favorite dishes. So, take this opportunity to show your cooking skills. I guess that any dad would love foods with large amounts of meat and potatoes – something hearty and tasty. Your dad may enjoy finger food such as kebabs, samosas, grape leaves, tapas, mozzarella sticks, and more. Whatever food you make, your dad will surely love this surprise from his lovely kids. 

Host a family prayer session

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This is a particular gift for those of us whose fathers or grandfathers have passed away. Invite your family members and friends to your home before an Iftar time and hold a gathering that will fill your father’s grave with light. 

Plan a Ziyarat/Umrah trip

Can Muslim celebrate Father's Day and how do they celebrate

This is a great idea for retired fathers or dads who enjoy a long summer holiday. Get your dad’s passport and begin the paperwork to fly him back to the universal motherland. It can be one or two weeks in Mecca or Iraq. Your dad will definitely excited to receive this wonderful gift. This is a pretty common thing to do on Father’s Day. 

Have a child


Dads love child. Islam is all about making children and passing on the religion. This is the best gift, be sure you’ve planned around 9 months in advance and that you’ve got married!

Recite The Supplication for Parents


What’s better than reciting the Dua for parents either in front of our fathers or even silently in our rooms? Not only does it bless our parents, but it also helps us to be better ourselves as children. The Dua is beautifully written so make sure to read the translation. If you want to impress your dad, why not writing heartfelt and loving messages and put it in this Dua. Your dad will be touched instantly.  


On Father’s Day, show your dad how much he means to you by meaningful gifts and loving messages. Father’s Day is a social event with the purpose of supporting universal values and morals. It’s not objectionable in itself providing that honoring father or parents—is not confined to that Day.

We hope that this post makes you clear on ‘Can Muslims celebrate Father’s Day’. Many of us, who are Muslim can celebrate this special day. Celebrations like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are based on the foundations of your faith: honoring parents. Muslims should join such holidays with aim of promoting noble relations and spreading the beauty of their faith with others.

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