Biden maskless at posh Georgetown restaurant, violating citywide mandate

Biden maskless at posh Georgetown restaurant, violating citywide mandate

Biden maskless at Swanky DC Italian Restaurant Fiola Mare

Originally tweeted by RNC Research (@RNCResearch) on October 17, 2021.

A video showing President Biden maskless is going viral on the Internet. In the video, Biden and first lady Jill Biden without masks, breaking the city’s mask policy for indoor venues, are seen walking through a Washington, D.C., restaurant. 

The maskless Bidens were leaving Fiola Mare while surrounded by Secret Service agents wearing black suits and black facemasks. The president’s date night took place on “Sweetest Day,” a holiday observed in the Midwest and Florida to recognize expressions of romance and acts of charity and kindness. 

Democratic Mayor of Washington, D.C,  Muriel Bowser reinstated an indoor mask mandate in July even for those who are fully vaccinated amid the rise of the delta variant. The Bidens also broke Fiola Mare’s mask policy, mirroring city policy.

Fiola Mare’s own website clearly announces that masks must be worn in accordance with city policy.

“Per CDC guidance and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s executive order, all individuals over age 2 are required to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be always worn while in our restaurants, except while eating and drinking. Thank you for understanding,” the restaurant’s website states.

Biden maskless reflects his determination in beating Covid-19 

Biden maskless at Swanky DC Italian Restaurant Fiola Mare
Biden maskless at ritzy DC restaurant.

The Bidens’ behavior echoed that of Bowser, who has been caught many times violating her own mask mandates. Most recently in September, Bowser was photographed not wearing masks and surrounded by maskless guest speakers when she was speaking during an indoor conference at a convention center. 

Biden seems to show his determination to battle the Covid-19 pandemic when he signs new vaccine rules on federal workers, large employers, and health care staff in order to contain the rise of Covid-19. But said is always better than done. President Biden tends to be really good at imposing orders but not very good at obeying their own rules.

Biden is the U.S President and he is the representative of the United States. He should set a good example for Americans in battling the Covid-19 pandemic, but he disappoints many of his supporters. Why could he violate the rules he demands while others have to follow? 

Everyone needs an answer from Biden maskless 

Everyone needs an answer from Biden maskless 
We need an answer from Biden maskless.

Many people feel shocked and frustrated after seeing Biden maskless. They find it hard to understand why the president could break his own law. Does he pretend to care about the Covid-19 disease? 

A lot of people expressed their disappointment and wonders on Twitter. Most of them need an answer from the president. 

The pandemic is getting worse under Biden administration 

The pandemic is getting worse under Biden administration- Biden maskless
Biden no mask when he left restaurant Fiola Mare.

More than a year since President Biden took office and promised to get America back on track. But currently, the United States is facing an alarming surge in the number of Covid-19 infections and deaths.

New infections have been steadily increasing since Biden announced that  “we’re closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus”. Biden promised to end the Covid-19 pandemic by 2020, but many people feel skeptical about turning his promises into reality.

More than 2,000 Americans are dying from Covid every day on average, a grim threshold this country hasn’t seen in more than six months. 

Covid-19 officially became the deadliest outbreak in recent US history, exceeding the estimated number of US deaths from the 1918 flu pandemic.

There are around 91,500 Americans currently hospitalized with Covid, according to seven-day averages of data from the Department of Health and Human Services. At the beginning of September, that number was close to 103,000.

Biden’s approval rating has declined sharply as Delta took hold across the country. Also, a chaotic and bloody withdrawal from Afghanistan in August and Biden’s policies to solve the pandemic, especially Biden maskless yesterday, make voters think that the country is on the wrong track under Biden.

Many voters choose not to support the president and some even become anti-Biden. In addition to the “Let’s go Brandon” chant, there is also an anti-Biden rap song to express their objection to Biden. Anti-Biden clothing has become popular and best-selling on the market. Here are some outstanding that most anti-Biden have:

What do you think about Biden maskless? Are you surprised to see Biden maskless? Free free to let us know in the comment.

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