Biden Jan 4

Biden Jan 4 – Biden Sets January 4 As Vaccination Deadline For Large Companies

Biden Jan 4 – The new rule will cover 84 million workers, who will be required to be fully vaccinated or tested weekly.

Biden Jan 4 – Biden sets COVID-19 vaccine rules for businesses

The new rule – Biden vaccine mandate executive order – covers all private sector businesses with at least 100 employees, requiring them to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested weekly starting May 4. The new rule will affect about 84 million workers – roughly two-thirds of the nation’s private-sector labor force. It details a plan President Biden announced in September, demanding emergency powers over workplace safety.

In a separate measure that will impact an additional 17 million workers, nursing homes and other health care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funds must make sure all employees are vaccinated by January 4. , with no option for testing. President Joe Biden has previously imposed vaccine requirements on federal workers, a group that totals more than four million people, and companies with federal contracts. (The group’s deadline has been pushed to January 4, from early December.)

Biden Jan 4
Biden Jan 4 – Biden Admin Sets Jan 4 Vaccination Deadline for Big Private Employers

Specifically, the announcements include:

  • By December 5, employers must comply with most of the new mandate’s requirements, such as ensuring that unvaccinated workers wear face masks in their workplace. Employers must also choose whether they will require vaccinations or get tested weekly before this date.
  • By January 4, employers must make sure workers are vaccinated or begin weekly testing of unvaccinated employees.
  • Also on January 4, the vaccinated workers were required to be fully vaccinated.

And the administration is considering going even further. The Labor Department said it had opened a 30-day comment period on whether it should extend the rules to smaller businesses.

“While I would have much preferred that requirements not become necessary, too many people remain unvaccinated for us to get out of this pandemic for good,” Mr. Biden said in a statement.

Reactions from businesses ranged from favor to alarm, with trade group the Truckers Association warning that the regulation would prove to be “disastrous” as it could lead to an “exodus” of truckers during the ongoing supply chain crisis. But Jim Frederick, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor at OSHA, said the agency believes most of the workplaces will comply with the new requirement.

How will non-compliance businesses be penalized?

Biden Jan 4
Biden Jan 4 – How will non-compliance businesses be penalized?

Penalties for non-compliance can be very high. OSHA will fine businesses nearly $14,000 for each employee who doesn’t follow the rule. But it can be up to 10 times that amount if OSHA determines that the violation was willful or repeated.

"We know that the vast majority of workplaces will be in compliance," Frederick said. "In those cases where OSHA does have to come and work with a workplace with non-compliance, we assess the situation and the gravity or severity of a citation issue."

Employers must provide information about the total number of fully vaccinated workers to their employees or unions, which the agency believes will aid with compliance. Employees and unions can use this information to put pressure on companies directly or as part of a basis for complaints.

Who is affected by the government mandate?

The new Biden vaccine mandate executive order covers all private sector businesses with at least 100 employees. The new rule will affect about 84 million workers – roughly two-thirds of the nation’s private-sector labor force.

Biden Jan 4
Biden Jan 4 – Who is affected by the government mandate?

You might think this happened, but in fact, Biden never signed any executive orders. He just threatened to do so, which costs an untold number of people their jobs.

A lot of companies, such as The Daily Wire, are refusing and will sue the Biden admin over what is honest-to-God the craziest violation of rights I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Only tyrants act this way. 

At least 40 US Senators are opposing the ruling. 

"This rule is unconstitutional overreach by the President of the United States, pure and simple. Individual freedoms and the rule of law are too often an afterthought with this administration, while broken promises continue piling up. We all want to put this pandemic behind us, but the decision to vaccinate is an individual choice, and should not be mandated by the federal government. The federal government does not have the constitutional or statutory authority to take this action, and to make this clear we will be exercising our Congressional authority to overturn this rule with a Congressional Review Act Resolution." - Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK)
Biden Jan 4
Many businesses refuse Biden Jan 4

By the way, this comes as Covid cases are trending down.

Covid is not an existential threat to America. It is primarily a health threat to the elderly and those with immune problems.

  • Labor shortage caused by totalitarianism and welfare? Now that is a problem.
  • Confused supply chain leaves store shelves empty? That can have some serious consequences if it gets worse.
  • A surge of more than 1.7 million illegal immigrants into the US this year alone? We’re talking about generational impact.
  • Spending trillions of dollars when the US nears $30 trillion dollars in debt? That could be the end for us.
  • Appoint a transgender admiral while China tests hypersonic nuclear weapons and befriends Taliban leaders at Asia’s strategic land bridgehead? We’re doomed.

Republicans, many large businesses as well as many US citizens disagree with this order. They express their views in some special ways such as wearing anti-democracy, anti-Biden shirts. Here are some samples you can refer to:

How about you? Do you think this new Biden Jan 4 rule is too harsh and abusive? Let us know your thoughts about this news in the comments section.

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