Biden Forgets Name of Australian PM's

Biden Forgets Name of Australian PM’s, says “Fellow Down Under”

Biden Forgets Name of Australian PM's, says "Fellow Down Under"
President Joe Biden forgets name of Australian PM’s, calls him ‘that fellow down under’.

President Joe Biden forgets name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a joint press conference between the United States and the United Kingdom. Biden called  Prime Minister Scott Morrison “Mr. Prime Minister” and “that fellow Down Under.” 

Scott Morrison has been called many names, but “that fellow Down Under” possibly last longest with the Australian prime minister. 

Biden Forgets Name of Scott Morrison during historic pact announcement

Biden Forgets Name of Scott Morrison during historic pact announcement
Biden forgets name of Prime Minister Morrison on Wednesday night while unveiling an important nuclear submarine agreement.

Biden announced a trilateral security partnership with Britain and Australia, called AUKUS on Wednesday focusing on technology and long-term stability in the Indo-Pacific region. It will see America share nuclear technology that will help Australia create a billion-dollar fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

“Because the future of each of our nations, and indeed, the world, depends on a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Biden said.

“This is about investing in our greatest source of strength. Our alliances and updating them to better meet the threats of today and tomorrow.”

During the conference virtually on two television screens, U.S President Joe Biden turned to the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to show his gratitude for this cooperation. 

“Thank you, Boris,” he said.

Then, Biden looked toward the TV screen featuring Mr. Morrison and appeared to hesitate. 

“And I want to thank that fella down under. Thank you very much pal,” Biden said. He continued: “Appreciate it Mr prime minister.”

Morrison gave Biden a thumbs up.

Then the US President tried to correct his mistake. He called Morrison by name while reading off his teleprompter.

“As Prime Minister Morrison and Prime Minister Johnson said, I want to thank you for this partnership, your vision as we embark together on this strategic mission,” the U.S. President said. “Although Australia, the UK and U.S. partnership — AUKUS — it sounds strange with all these acronyms, but it’s a good one, AUKUS — our nations will update and enhance our shared ability to take on the threats of the 21st century just as we did in the 20th century: together.”

#BidenForgetsName and #ThatFellaDownUnder became a trending topic on Twitter

Famous Australian news outlets such as The Australian and Sky News grabbed the gaffe and #ThatFellaDownUnder flooded on social media like Twitter. Twitter users rolled out their best jokes and memes on POTUS.

Morrison did not acknowledge the slip-up but praised the agreement as “a forever new partnership for a new time between the oldest and most trusted of friends.”

Biden forgets name of Prime Minister Morrison
Biden forgets name of the Australian Prime Minister but ultimately addresses Morrison by his actual name.

“This forever partnership … is the greatest initiative to achieve the goals (of stability and security of our region) since the ANZUS Alliance itself.”

“It has been the product of great patience, of great determination, of a deep relationship forged between our nations and indeed, the personal working relationships we have been able to forge between leaders.”

“We’re opening a new chapter in our friendship,” he continued. “The U.K., Australia and the U.S. will be joined even more closely together, reflecting the measure of trust between us.”

Biden forgets name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a joint press conference
President Joe Biden is unveiling a major nuclear submarine deal when he forgets name of Prime Minister Morrison.

The new vessels will not be provided with nuclear weapons but will use nuclear-powered technology already used by the US and UK.

Mr Morrison said they would be built in Adelaide and would not need a civilian nuclear capacity, since the submarines would use reactors “that do not require refueling for the life of the boat”.

He revealed that over the next 18 months the three countries would work together to “find ways to determine the best path forward”.

“This will include an intense examination of what we need to do to exercise our nuclear stewardship responsibilities here in Australia,” he continued. 

According to Mr. Morrison, the world was “becoming more complex, particularly in our region, the Indo-Pacific”,  and the future of the geopolitical area “will impact all our futures”.

Defense Secretary Greg Moriarty said the task force would form several working groups with the US and UK. The announcement is supposed to be faced with some retaliation from China, who are possibly see it as an attack on their regional influence.

Small mistake could leave a serious influence

It’s embarrassing when someone forgets your name while talking to you. Why could Biden forget the name of the Australian prime minister? This is also an important conference. Biden must have prepared for this historic announcement, but he made a big mistake. Biden is infamous for being forgetful and confusing and he has hit the headlines once again for the same reason.

Biden is the representative of the United States. However, Biden makes America look like a fool in the eyes of other countries.  

Joe Biden is unfit to be the U.S. President. Since he was inaugurated to be the 46th U.S. President, Biden has made many mistakes. It was not the first time he make America look faithless.

The withdrawal of American troops has declined the credibility of the country as well as made it eclipsed on the world stage. After the last American soldiers took off from Afghanistan, a large number of high-tech U.S military equipment and weapons fell into the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban even held a military parade in the southern Afghanistan city of Kandahar, showing off American-made Humvees, armored SUVs, multipurpose trucks, any various U.S-made weapons captured when the group won the Afghan soldiers and took over the country. The Taliban also flew a captured Black Hawk helicopter decorated with a Taliban flag fly over the event.

If Joe Biden still remains in office, what would America look like? If you think Joe Biden isn’t unsuited to be the U.S President, show your opinion with one of these shirts. These political shirts will help you spread your message to everyone as well as help them rethink the present president.


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