Biden bathroom accident in Rome

Biden bathroom accident in Rome

Latest report: Biden falls asleep during COP26 speeches

Biden falls asleep at summi- what do you think?

Biden has always hit the headlines many times for confusing problems. And these days, the title of “Biden bathroom accident” has flooded the Internet. Many people wondered did Biden shit his pants. Let’s discover whether Biden pooped pants or not.  Did Biden poop his pants at the Vatican?

Joe Biden bathroom accident

President Joe Biden bathroom accident
Did Biden poop his pants?

President Biden met Pope Francis on Friday, October 29, during the US President’s official visit to the Vatican since he took office. Biden is the second Catholic president in US history and is in Rome for the G20 summit on October 30-31. The president appeared at the Vatican’s San Damaso Stadium at 12 p.m on May 29.

Msgr Leonardo Sapienza, who runs the papal household, as well as Gentlemen of His Holiness, greeted President Biden and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden.

While Biden was shaking hands with Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza and the lay dignitaries, he said, “Thank you, it’s good to be back. It’s good to be back.” “I’m Jill’s husband,” he added.

However, there are a lot of rumors that Biden shits himself in a bathroom at the Vatican when he had a meeting with the Pope. That made the meeting long unusually and Biden bathroom accident had to be addressed before he left. 

The word around Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a bit of an “bathroom accident” at the Vatican & it had to be addressed prior to him leaving.

I know we joke often about this, but this is the actual rumor going around Rome now.

Did Biden shit his pants?

Diden bathroom accident- Bid Biden shit his pants?.jpeg
Poopy pants Biden-Did Biden shit his pants?

Actually, there is no specific image or video indicating Joe Biden pooped his pants so we couldn’t conclude that Biden bathroom accident was real. Biden bathroom accident is currently just a rumor. But this incident could happen as this is not the first time Biden is said to poop his pants? 

Earlier, it’s believed that Biden poops pants in the meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. On September 22, when Boris Johnson was speaking mid-sentence with President Biden, the White House staff asked the news media to leave immediately. 

Though we don’t know whether Biden pooped himself in the meeting with the British Prime Minister or not, most people felt angry because of the rude and disrespectful Biden’s staff behavior for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

#Biden bathroom accident and #Poopy Pants Biden have taken the Internet 

#Biden bathroom accident has taken the Internet 
Biden pooped pants or Biden bathroom accident Rome-Is this real?

Biden bathroom accident or poopy pants Biden has attracted a lot of people’s attention. Following the rumors, hundreds of the hashtag #Bidenbathroomaccident, #Bidenshitshispants are tweeted. #PoopyPantsBiden has also become a trend on Twitter. Social media users feel ashamed if Joe Biden truly pooped his pants in the bathroom. Many people mocked Biden for shitting himself on social media and Twitter.

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YouTube video

Grapevine says that, “Biden had a “bathroom accident” when he met with the Pope. 💩🤡

Also, Biden: “I just had my butt wiped”

If you voted for this…you may be eligible for free, never used before, psychotic drugs to cure stupidity. (Disclaimer: Never tested…good luck)

Joe Biden is old, senile, confused, and now having “bathroom accidents” while meeting world leaders. I’d say time for him to go, but then we’d be stuck with Hyena Kamala.

I’ll take mean Tweets over a Senile old basterd that craps his pants in front of the freaking Pope #PoopyPantsBiden

Bahahahha! It’s trending! If this is true, something needs to be done. He’s not healthy. Which is what we’ve been saying for months! #PoopypantsBiden

Do Americans support President Biden after Biden bathroom accident?

Biden’s approval rating has dropped sharply over the last several months. After the failure withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the supply chain crisis, Biden’s vaccine mandates, Biden seems not to receive citizens’ support.

More and more people who used to vote for him turn to disapprove of Biden’s policies, especially for many embarrassing reasons he has made. Especially, Biden Rome bathroom is a reason for those who oppose him mocking him.

There is a wide selection of anti-Biden products relating to Biden Vatican poop. Here are some notable ones:

What do you think about Biden Vatican bathroom incident? Do you believe that Biden shit his pants? Feel free to let us know in the comment.

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