30+ Ideas For Best Gift For 4 Year Girl That Will Inspire Them

Chances are that as time goes on, parenting your 4-year-old gets easier and easier. So why has it become more difficult to give her gifts? Maybe it’s because you’ve spent several years buying her presents and it feels like she’s got it all. Your little girl’s 4th birthday is coming up? And you don’t know how to prepare a special gift for her. Don’t worry, we have some of the best gift for  4 year girl, continue reading to find plenty of ideas.

4 Year Old Birthday Gifts She’ll Want to Play With Every Day

When it comes to shopping for the best gift for 4 year girl, there are a million different ways to get it right – but to stick with the best gifts, we’ll start off with our top 30 toys for 4 year old girls.


1. Funny T-shirt

Are you still looking for the best gift for 4 year girl, this T-shirt is a good choice. A special design for your child –  Featuring the funny quote “ Sorry, We’re late, I was being a Little Shit” with a smiling poop icon make it protrusive and extremely cool to put on.


2. Art set for kid

Let your child explore their creativity with color when they choose from a variety of colorful markers included in their new art set.  These art set markers are the best gift for 4 year girl, they are short and wide, making it easy for little hands to grip and use. Our transcendent formula makes it easily washed.


3. Bath bomb

Bath bomb is one of great gift ideas for 4 year old boy. Each of bath bombs for kids with toys inside, watch for which toys inside after fizzing. These are a gift within a gift – when the bath bomb fizzes out, they have a lovely thing to remember what is become one of their favorite toys.


4. Bath towel

Hudson Baby animal face hooded towels are made of 100% woven cotton terry and are the best gift for 4 year girl. The bath towel is large enough to cover a child’s head to toe after swim or bath time. Our colorful bath towels are perfect for toddlers and babies.  


5. Bracelet for baby

This is one of the perfect gifts for 4 year old female, these bar bracelets can be customized with a name, birthday, or a short message. Extenders also come standard so as your children grow older, they can adjust the bracelet to fit their wrist size, making them cute gifts for your 4 year old daughter.


6. Cup of cereal

These best gift for 4 year girl will keep little girls energized on the go with individual-size cereals that slip easily into backpacks and school lunchboxes. A cup of  cereal contains  whole grain, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It provides a   perfect meal to help children get the nutrition they need.


7. Desk for baby girl

No more worrying about paper sliding around when your 4 year girl is trying to create her masterpiece! Each homework desk and chair set features a classic timeless solid wood legs design that is sturdy and safe for the kids. What perfect birthday ideas for 4 year old daughter.


8. Dinosaur Clock

This is one of the best gift for 4 year girl. The dinosaur clock uses eco-friendly material which feels comfortable and soft. This alarm clock is easy to use, the light is adorable and the alarm sounds really nice.



9. Fleece booties

These boots are made with high-quality fleece material so it will keep your baby’s feet warm and comfortable. Our booties wrap around your baby’s foot and fasten in the front with velcro closure, so they are easy to put on, fasten and stay on. Our fleece booties feature non-skid soles to prevent your baby from slipping and falling when they start to walk and run. Undoubtedly, these are great gift ideas for  4 year old boy.

10. Nurse Shirt Freaking Awesome Nurse She Is My Grandma

Still looking for the best gift for 4 year girl, this shirt is a good option. With the cute design and the funny saying, your kid will be cuter than ever when wearing it. It is made of 100% cotton so she will always-comfy be all activity day.


11. Goody Kid Headband

This could be one of the cute gifts for  4 year old girl. Perk up any hair look and take on the day with these adorable Goody Headbands! Available in bright, fun colors and prints that bring a smile to any morning.


12. Handle Rolling Backpack

The preschool fashionista needs to sport this adorable handle rolling backpack at school. Rolling backpack with double skate wheels. The zippered main compartment opens to a large storage opening, and two mesh side pockets. Fabric handle at the top and telescoping pull handle. Bag made of durable polyester with a metal telescoping handle and heavy-duty plastic stand on bottom to keep the bag standing. These may be great 4 year old birthday gifts.


13. Helmet

This classic helmet is one of the wonderful 4 year birthday gifts. It is made to fit heads with a circumference of 48 – 54 cm. The chin strap and inner part are adjustable to ensure a snug and secure fit as your child grows. This helmet meets the US Safety Standards for Bicycle Helmets. Aso, it comes with an easy-to-use safety lock keeps the helmet in place.


14. Hip glasses

The frame of these glasses is embedded with 6 tiny rhinestone crystals on each corner, adding spunk and fun to any outfit. The crystals are designed to reflect the light, making your eyes sparkle and twinkle. These glasses are designed for children, particularly girls. This is the best gift for 4 year girl because whenever your daughter wears these glasses, people won’t be able to resist her glittering charm! 


15. Piggybank

These gifts for a 4 year old keeps her coins and paper money safe throughout the year. Introduce kids to the basics of money concepts and encourage them to practice counting and math as they add and subtract coins. This lovely bank sits perfectly on any desk or bookshelf. Adding money or bills is easy. It has a magnetic trap door to keep and remove the savings. Janod not only makes beautifully designed toys, but we also promote learning through play.


16. Plush dog

This soft plush brown dog is one of sweet keepsake toys for 4 year girl– part loveable toy, part birth stats keeper. Choose your lettering color, and each dog will also come with a matching cute unicorn costume. 


17. Picture book “One fish two fish red fish blue fish”

Great books for little girls learning to read. The illustrations are superbly fabulous, and the rhyming text anarchically silly. This is a book to teach children about the way words sound, and all the fun you can have with rhyming. Incidentally, it will help children learn to read, as they see how similar sounding words look similar too.


18. Picture book “How to Catch a Mermaid”

It is an amazing book for a 4-year-old girl. Many claim to have caught a mermaid, but can you? Perfect for mermaid lovers, summer reading, and gifts for kids ages 4-7, this funny mermaid picture book is brimming with fun steam-based traps and offers an irresistible under-the-sea adventure that parents, educators, and children will love! Filled with plenty of laughs to go around, this under the sea adventure is a birthday ideas for 4 year old daughter.


19. Plush baby blanket

Minnie’s smiling face adorns the blanket in shades of black, pink, and white that will easily coordinate with your little princess’s room. This cute and cuddly Minnie Mouse blanket measures 30″ x 36″ so it is ideal for any age. Perfect as a room decor item or take with your daughter when you’re on the go! This could be an amazing gift for 4 year old girl.


20. Sun hat

Little girls love to play outside so this sun hat is a stunning gift idea. The toddler sun hat made of breathable material, quick-dry, lightweight, and packable for easy on the go. Not only does it provide SPF protection, it also has an adjustable drawstring so you can adjust the hat size.  


 21. Mickey mouse lamp

Are you looking for birthday ideas for 4 year old daughter? Mickey mouse lamp is the perfect choice.This custom lamp features Mickey Mouse napping on a creamy yellow crescent moon. Fully sculpted and the coordinating lampshade has a gray background with outlined stars, moons, and Mickey’s famous ears.


22. Wooden Dollhouse

This dollhouse makes the best toys for 4 year old girls. Wooden dollhouse set to round out the pretend play experience and give kids more engaging options for screen-free fun. And the house came without color so you can paint it over.


23. Play makeup set 

This could be a great gift for 4 year old girl. This substance feels like real makeup. Your little girl will think she’s putting on real things just without the mess! The makeup can be easily washed, non-toxic and fit for role-playing. Your little girl and her friends will think that they are in a spa.


24. Karaoke microphone

Purchase these toys for your little girl who thinks she’s a rockstar! She will love it!  It’s user-friendly, surrounding sounds  and  beautiful color. This kids’ karaoke microphone will bring an amazing singing experience together with your daughter at an indoor or outdoor party.

25. Fairydust And Horses Shirt That’s How I Roll

Giving the shirts is never wrong when it comes to the best gift for  4 year girl. So, for you to have more choices, we suggest another super cute t-shirt. The tee featuring the image of the horse and the fairy with the dust spreading, as well as the quote “Fairydust And Horses That’s How I Roll” make it a perfect shirt for your sweetheart to wear.


26. Umbrella

This umbrella design allows your little ‘character’ to keep an eye on her surroundings while protecting herself from the rain. With an easy-grip handle that fits perfectly for kids, it makes this clear Bubble Umbrella easy to carry around, they can even use it hands-free!


27. Toddler digital camera 

Obviously, thís toddler digital camera is the best gift for 4 year girl who loves technology.It will give her the freedom to take her pictures without the worry of your phone or expensive camera breaking.  It’s a great little camera that can take selfies, has face filters and picture frames, games, and can play MP3. 


28. Personalized night light

These could be the best gift for 4 year girl. The soft light can be created comfortably. It will help your little girl to feel relaxed and safe at night time, to help them fall asleep quickly.


29. Kids balance board

Those are special gifts for the active girl. Using a balance board helps develop the vestibular system, support the muscles for correct posture and help your kids be more aware of the body, improving their balance and coordination.


30. Magna Tiles

These toys are the best gift ideas for 4 year old boy and girl. The original 3D magnetic building sets engage young minds by fusing math, science, and creativity. Create flat or 3-dimensional shapes with this set. This toy is perfect to help your child develop important math, science, spatial and tactile skills.


31. Little Girl Jewel Rings in Box

Designs of 24 rings that will make your little girl mesmerized: sunflower, butterfly, fake gem ring. Usage of vibrant colors and lovely designs, no duplication, shown as a picture. The ring comes in a cute little box that makes the set the best gift for 4 year girl.


32. Tri-Scooter

The kick scooter is a great way to get your 4 year girl up and moving, and is ideal for helping to develop coordination, balance, and gross motor skills! Your little girl will enjoy hours of fun outdoors with this easy-to-use toy. This could be the best gift for 4 year girl.

Best Gift For 4 Year Girl She Will Love

Check out our gifts for a 4 year old collection if you want more ideas.

Final Thought

There are so many amazing toys or useful gifts for 4 year girl on the market. Tshirtatlowprice hope this guide to our 30 favorite options helps you pick a wonderful gift for your little girl. Whether you end up choosing a T-shirt, an amazing toy, or a great picture book, your baby girl is sure to enjoy the lovely gift.

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