Top 20 Best Farewell Gifts For Friends That Last For Years

Parting with a close friend always brings many indescribable emotions. If your loved ones need to leave soon for an extended stay, they are probably looking forward to your memorable keepsake.

When choosing the best farewell gifts for friends, you must decide whether you are leaving temporarily or permanently. The approach to selecting a surprise will be radically different depending on this factor.

Before the final separation, the gift that you make should be very generous and memorable. Such a gift will remind you of your friendship for many years.

This list of 20 best farewell gifts for friends will dig into each aspect, letting you know who should get what. Scroll down to read!

20 Best Farewell Gifts For Friends In 2022

This article presents 20 ideas of what to get a friend who is moving away so that the time you two stay by each other will last forever with beautiful moments.

1. Let’s Go Darwin Let Go And Let Darwin Shirt

Let’s Go Darwin Let Go And Let Darwin Shirt- best farewell gifts for friends

A printed T-shirt is not just a souvenir but also a thing that you can use for its intended purpose. Every time your friends put them on and look in the mirror, they will remember you and relive the already mentioned positive emotions.

As a result, you can get a creative, practical, and at the same time a pretty individual gift for your best friend moving away. It’s easy to order a printed T-shirt with fast delivery. For example, the T-shirt quickly delivers in the USA and worldwide at low-price online stores.

2. The Nice Nurse Practitioner Is On Vacation Nurse Grinch Shirt Personalized

The Nice Nurse Practitioner Is On Vacation Nurse Grinch Shirt Personalized- best farewell gifts for friends

Along with boring souvenirs, a T-shirt with an inscription also has the meaning of the best farewell gifts for friends. It is a piece that is suitable for wearing in various situations.

For example, to cheer up a friend, or vice versa, to smooth out your guilt with the help of a playful inscription. The owner of such a gift immediately rises in mood, even more so, for everyone else. 

It is clearly expressed in the example when the inscription characterizes the individual characteristics. Many people buy a t-shirt with a slogan for themselves and wear it with pleasure because often the saying contributes to a positive mood for the whole day.

The inscriptions on T-shirts can be different and funny. A T-shirt with a description, where funny phrases flaunt, will come in handy for cheerful people. 

It is also suitable for dull people who see only problems in everything. Funny phrases can cheer up anyone. Such t-shirts are ideal for different ages.

If the youth is not only age but also a state of mind, then you can feel it by a T-shirt with an inscription that will cause a cheerful smile from others.

3. Everything I Know In Life I Learned From Friends Mug

Everything I Know In Life I Learned From Friends Mug- best farewell gifts for friends

It is worth considering the option with unusual personalized mugs if it is impossible to decide on creative gifts for friends moving away for a long time.

Such a gift will not only show the attitude towards your friends but will also please them, provided that you applied their name or photo on the mug. 

A favorite service of T-shirts at a low price is the printing of inscriptions on mugs. Whatever company’s descriptions and pictures, you can create a whole exhibition of exciting slogans. 

All you need is wishes for the image and inscriptions. The company’s specialists will gladly advise the most successful combination of colors, tell you how best to position the logo, and answer all your questions.

4. Norway Mug A Friend With Lefse Is A Friend Indeed

Norway Mug A Friend With Lefse Is A Friend Indeed- best farewell gifts for friends

Custom mugs are also among best farewell gifts for friends no matter the occasion because this product offers variety. Gone are the days when the mug was only one shape and made of ceramic. Today, you can buy custom-made coffee mugs that come in different sizes, conditions, and different materials. 

As the name suggests, it’s possible to personalize this product to enhance the recipient’s personality and unique style.

Giving a bespoke mug is like painting on a blank canvas. You will have complete control over what details on the mug and how they should look after that.

5. Golden Girls Coffee Mug Thank You For Being A Friend

Golden Girls Coffee Mug Thank You For Being A Friend- best farewell gifts for friends

Choose coffee mugs as best farewell gifts for friends? Why not?

If you’re having a hard time deciding what to add to your coffee mugs, the following ideas can help:


Print the recipients’ names on the mug if you need a unique gift. You can print the name with icons related to the recipient’s interests.

For example, if you’re going to give a custom mug to someone who loves gardening, add floral prints or a floral wreath to the mug.

If the recipient likes the color pink, print their name in pink font or on a pink background.

Personal message:

You will probably have something to say to the recipient. Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you might want to thank them for a friendship, for helping them complete a specific project, or congratulate them on reaching a significant milestone in their work.


Take some of the recipient’s best photos on their social media profiles and print them into a mug. If you have a picture together, use it in the circle.

When the recipient sees these mug pictures, they will remind you of the fun times you spent together!

6. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker- best farewell gifts for friends

In the 21st century, everyone has a smartphone, and many people think about giving a watch as a going away gift for the best friend. In addition, smartwatches have now appeared, including many functions.

Fitness bracelets (fitness trackers, smartwatches) are an excellent gift for women and men. You can also refer to some smartwatches, and no mechanical watch can replace them.

7. Photobook

Modern technologies are difficult to underestimate. They allow you to make a bright and eventful photo album. 

Such an item has firmly entered people’s lives because thanks to them you can see the first days of a friend’s life, his growth and development prospects. Proper design of photographs and the frames themselves make the gift memorable.

8. Friendship Lamps

 Friendship Lamps- best farewell gifts for friends

These decorative lamps are an ideal additional source of light. It very harmoniously complements the room’s interior, bringing with it lighter. 

But which style you need to choose depends on the room’s design to locate the necessary equipment. If you try, you can find the preferred option for a friend.

9. Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles- best farewell gifts for friends

In the modern world, candles are a source of fire and an excellent decor item, especially with the right product style. If you like any candles, pick them as parting gifts for friends

You can choose a wide variety of products that differ from each other in color, shape, and filler. Your friends can use them as decor for their new home or as an additional functional accessory when performing a massage or warming up.

10. Friendship Bracelet

Best Friend Bracelets- best farewell gifts for friends

This bracelet symbolizes a pure and wonderful friendship between people. Such decoration is of particular importance for real and true friends.

They believe they only strengthen their friendship in this way, as if they bind their relationship with an invisible thread, just as the bracelet itself is woven.

Putting on a friendship bracelet, many people again perceive the role and responsibility of a faithful and devoted friend more sensitively. In this way, you and your friends can refresh your senses and bring people closer together.

11. Hardside Spinner Luggage 

Hardside Spinner Luggage- best farewell gifts for friends

Why not give your friends a modern and practical suitcase as one of the parting gifts for friends? A comfortable suitcase is a real find for a traveler. 

Another essential point to consider when choosing a suitcase is charging a smartphone via a USB connector. This feature makes it convenient, and no need to look for an outlet.

12. Best Friends Necklace

Best Friends Necklace- best farewell gifts for friends

The Best Friends necklaces are the best farewell gifts for friends who are confident in their friendship and want to show that it has stood the test of time. These pendants can be of various shapes and sizes.

A four-piece heart-shaped pendant made of eco-friendly hypoallergenic stainless steel is suitable for a group of close friends. The engraved puzzle heart is available in multiple colors, including black and gold. 

Engraving specialists of the brand will do it free of charge when ordering jewelry. You can choose the font of the inscription, a short phrase, and a picture in the form of a Zodiac sign or other symbol.

13. Personalized Water Bottle

Personalized Water Bottle- best farewell gifts for friends

Present a beautiful and stylish water bottle to a friend who plays sports or remind them to drink water more often. A high-quality reusable water bottle makes one of the practical farewell gift ideas for friends.

14. Keychain

 I'm Thankful for You Bitch Friendship Keychain- best farewell gifts for friends

Add this keychain to the list of best farewell gifts for friends as it is a helpful and convenient accessory. It would help if you chose the pendant consciously, but it is better to approach it creatively. 

A car enthusiast can order an individual keychain in the form of his car number, and a sports fan can give a keychain in the form of a soccer ball.

15. Smart Alarm Clock

Smart Alarm Clock- best farewell gifts for friends

A smart alarm clock is an appropriate and valuable gift for your best friend moving away. Some countries consider alarm clocks a unique offering, as they remind a person of the donor every time they look at them.

With the development of modern technology, many familiar things began to look completely different. Some of them combine the functions of several household appliances at once. 

For example, an alarm clock can now be electronic, quartz, mechanical, and outwardly look more stylish interior decoration than an ordinary clock. 

16. Cigarette Case

Cigarette Case- best farewell gifts for friends

Why not choose a cigarette case as one of the best parting gifts for friends? Admit it, a cigarette case can be a solution for a smoking male friend. This exquisite accessory will appeal to all cigarette lovers. 

The pocket case allows you to carry cigarettes with you. And it will also become a stylish addition to the image of a modern man.

17. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame- best farewell gifts for friends

Don’t forget to add this photo frame to the list of best farewell gift ideas for friends. A digital photo frame is a keepsake gift for your friends. Depending on who you’re gifting the photo frame to, you can upload one or more photos from recent activities you’ve spent together that the recipient hasn’t seen yet. 

You can be sure that a digital photo frame as a gift will have a stunning effect. Everyone, without exception, will be pleased to receive such a gift.

Let your friend know that this is not the end of your friendship for you by giving her some photo frames as the best farewell gifts for friends. You will forever remember those wonderful years spent together in the same city, and this is just another stage of your friendship.

18. 3D Crystal Photo

3D Crystal Photo-best farewell gifts for friends

Let’s see how lovely this photo is! A 3D Crystal Photo would also make meaningful best farewell gifts for friends.

Painting from a photo is a portrait created based on a photograph sent by the customer. You can combine it with a classic portrait or a 3D crystal frame. After color correction of the original photo and the imposition of special graphic effects, the master sums up a specific painting style. 

19. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box- best farewell gifts for friends

The modern fashionista tends to store and place only good things around her. She prefers to buy an elegant jewelry box when choosing a jewelry organizer. 

Jewelry boxes are small boxes of various shapes, with a lid and a lock. Thanks to this, the box protected jewelry from dust, moisture, destructive light, and pollution and saved them from theft. Choose this jewelry box as it will certainly make an impressive farewell gift for best friend.

20. Video Camera Camcorder

Video Camera Camcorder- best farewell gifts for friends

Another choice for best farewell gifts for friends is this video camera camcorder. Give it to your close friends and the camera will let them keep the best moments.

No matter how particular or finicky your friend’s tastes are, this present will undoubtedly bring a grin to their face. And it’s not a stretch to suggest that you’ll be on your way to being the group’s favorite.

More Cool Gifts For Friends

Asides from the best farewell gifts for friends above, here are more interesting presents for your best buddy.


The best farewell gift for friends would be to spend time together. And not just spend it but spend it in such a way that this time will be memorable for a lifetime. 

The possibilities are endless, whether throwing a fun party, traveling to another country, or going to a concert. You need to choose the one that best suits your taste and wallet.

We hope that our advice was helpful to your choice about the best farewell gifts for friends. The main thing is always to remember each other and not let life circumstances change the relationship.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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